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Over the years I've bought a quite few 1kg pouches of these PhD protein powders in varying flavours. Initially I was loath to provide a review for something so subjective as taste, but after buying yet another pouch in yet another flavour, I thought I'd try and help give an insight into what these various powders taste like.In general I mix 25g with 300ml of semi-skimmed milk and that's all that's needed. Any less milk and I find it's a bit too thick and doesn't drink too well. I mix them with a variety of other things too, which I'll write about more below.Vanilla Creme - I don't like this powder. I find it very sickly sweet, mixed with anything but especially with milk. I've tried it stirred into porridge,into quark and Greek yoghurt, and none of them have really tickled my fancy. I was able to finish the pouch but just through holding my nose and chugging my shake down. In my opinion it tastes nothing like vanilla... it tastes vaguely like a very sweet custard, very artificial and not particularly pleasant to drink... maybe a little bit like evaporated or condensed milk.Chocolate Mint - Heavier on the mint than on the chocolate. Quite nice mixed with quark/Greek yoghurt, not particularly nice in a milkshake. There's a very noticeable aftertaste of mint which I find fairly unpleasant just with milk, and it doesn't particularly lend itself to blending up with anything else (kale and spinach anyone?). Mixed with quark/Greek yoghurt tastes vaguely like less chocolatey Aero peppermint bubbles and makes a really nice snack.Strawberry Creme - This one tastes best nice blended with milk and fruits... strawberries in particular (no surprise there). It's a little bit tart but still plenty sweet and I find it does taste quite strawberry-ish. It's the one I find is most "true" to the describing flavour. I've mixed it with porridge in the morning (super-pink porridge) and also with Greek yoghurt and it's very tasty. Makes a good "fro-yo" too.Chocolate Peanut - I love this one. I mix 15g of flaxseed, sometimes some ice if I've got it available (otherwise I blend it and chuck it in the fridge before my workout) and blend it together as set out above. The only way I can think of describing this flavour to you is... it tastes like wafers. Again, nice thick consistency... gritty with the flax (but I like that) otherwise smooth just mixed with milk.I've tried it with water and it's OK, much less flavoursome than with milk (and I don't really like the taste of milk).Banana - You know when bananas get so ripe you can smell them from another room in the house? that's what this tastes like. I don't like it - I like my bananas still a bit firm and a tiny bit green - but if you like the flavour of banana bread and things with an artificial, very sweet, banana flavour then you'll probably like this.Belgian Chocolate - Blended with milk I don't find this tastes very much of chocolate, perhaps I was expecting too much (being a massive fan of chocolate) but I found it very vague of chocolate when mixed just with 300ml of milk. A little bit like chocolate milk (which I don't enjoy). It's very nice mixed with porridge for a hit of protein with all the carbs for breakfast, and tastes more chocolatey... since you're expecting a much thicker mix, it's really pleasant to eat.Cherry Bakewell - Another really, really nice one. Does it taste like a cherry bakewell? no. Not really. If you're expecting a sweet glace cherry with marzipan flavour, you'll be disappointed... but it does taste incredibly good. It's slightly tart (reminiscient of cherry wheels/laces, if I'm honest) with a gentle sweetness behind it. I've only mixed with milk thus far, but there's no need to do anything more elaborate with it when it's so good with milk.I've yet to try the chocolate orange, or the white chocolate, but I'll update when I do.Lastly I should say that PhD now - they didn't when I first began purchasing from them - do 50g sample sizes of various flavours and I'd recommend buying these (from the phd-supplements website) to try out before you take the plunge for a 1kg/40 serving pouch... or worse, a 2kg tub... and find you don't like it.
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Being a big fella, I struggle to get enough protein in without devouring 2 dozen eggs or £20's worth of steak a day. Though I prefer not to eat "un-natural" foods, from a budgetary and practical stance, I have little choice. I researched the market on protein powders, and the prices can vary dramatically. PhD have a good name, and the price seemed reasonable, so I gave it a whirl.The primary thing with any of these (for most people, I expect), is what do they taste like. Well, the vanilla is lovely. Really, lovely. No peculiar after-taste, and that is a big plus if you're knocking one back as soon as you wake up. I only drink full fat milk, so for those interested, the macros come out like this (200ml full fat milk,plus one scoop of this stuff):230 calories8.8g of good fat11.2g carbs (8.2g net carbs)26.8g proteinOne, or at the most, two of these a day has me comfortably hitting my protein needs...plus you don't have to cook it! It mixes easily, I just use a standard shaker, put in the milk (or water), a handful of ice, and the powder and two or three shakes and you're done. I always use ice, as it keeps it cold (drinking cold stuff burns more calories), and the ice helps break up any lumps that may have formed.I have tried 4 flavours, though some of the others are available at better prices elsewhere (google it). I order of preference:1. Vanilla (this one) and banana.2. Strawberry (quite sweet, I let the ice melt a bit to dilute it)3. Choc and mint (not as sweet as the strawberry, but does have a slight after-taste).Your taste may vary, but you can't go wrong with the vanilla for starters. Being available on Prime is a plus.The packaging is cumbersome, so I just got 4 little plastic tubs from Wilko, each holds a weeks worth plus the scoop (you get one in the pouch, and each is exactly one measure).You can't go far wrong at this price.
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I chose the chocolate cookie flavour protein. Taste wise, it's not too bad, I was able to drink it mixed with water without any trouble and it was fine. It has enough flavour to it and doesn't taste too fake. Mixed with milk I would almost say it can be a little too sickly. I tried it with cereal and wasn't a fan but that's personal preference I suppose. Either way, taste wise it's not bad I wouldn't be worried.As for results, I have spent the last 6 weeks taking it on week days only, having a shake mid morning, mid afternoon and then after my 5/6 O'Clock gym session almost always mixed with water.It's cut my appetite by basically being a substitute for meals.I have been focusing on chest,abs and shoulders and I can see I have gained mass and cut fat, nothing too extreme but the muscle has definitely built. I've had this paired with a pretty decent low calorie diet although drinking a lot of alcohol on weekends had probably countered this a little. I have been working out at minimum 4 times, usually 5 times a week, my muscle seems to recover quickly and I don't fatigue as much as I possibly should which is a definite plus.I've finished my tub and I'm going to try a different brand this time; mainly because having compared the nutritional information of this Whey with some other brands I feel I there are others with better nutritional specifications to be had.As far as this whey goes, I would say it does what it says on the tin, it hasn't blown my mind but I have built muscle so I would say it's a success although paired with a good gym routine and diet most protein powders would probably have done the same. I've given this 4 stars as it does the job, good recovery, good growth and it tastes good. It's also very good value being a large tub compared to some other brands yet the price is still fairly low.
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As mentioned in the title, this is a supplement that works for me, after trying out different products in the past they all gave me the runs and never benefited from those products. It helps me hit my daily diet targets. I take a normal serving for pre-workout and a super serving for post then finally a normal serving before bed. I only had the chocolate cookie flavour so I don't have much of a knowledge for the other flavours but I've been recommended vanilla and banana which I won't hesitate to purchase in the future.Mix ability is outstanding it never clumps up for me. Its smooth all throughoutTaste is not what I expected its more like coconut but it isn't.I can't really describe it but its delicious regardless (according to my house mates and myself). A friend of mine, whom isn't into fitness, sometimes wants to purchase a serving off of me 'cause of the taste.Effectiveness is also outstanding due to me never experiencing the runs. Also my recovery time improved.I'm currently on a low carb diet (as of March 2016) and the carb content in these are fine for me. It is actually great for weight loss.I am delighted to say that I became a loyal buyer of the Phd Whey.Another thing worth mentioning is that the packaging design is well done; it is nothing fancy with all of the crazy colours slapped on to them- it is very professional looking.Will urge people to buy this. You will not be disappointed.
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After trying various protein brands over the years , i decided to give this one a go.First of all, when you buy any supplement make sure the seller is a legit one. Cheap products can sometimes counterfeit . Therefore, be aware of the seller. I normally buy them from Bodybuilding.com, i prefer paying a little extra in order to make sure that the product is genuine. However, when i purchase them from amazon i make sure they are dispatched and sold by them or a reputable third party seller.How back to the product .I never used this particular flavour before, because its summer time i considered that this can be quite refreshing, chocolate + mint. Someone was saying that it tastes like mint cornetto ,which is true. I normally mix it with cold milk and i can say that the taste is pretty good. Mix-ability is excellent as well.The only drawbacks of this product are the fact that it has no inner seal and it can be a real pain to put the lid back every time you use it.I know its a matter of personal preference, but i consider that the fruity flavours can be sickly after some time. My advice is to stick to other flavours, based on cocoa or vanilla. Even the chocolate flavored ones can get silky if you stick to the same brand for a long time. I personally cannot stand the chocolaty flavours from Optimum Nutrition anymore, after using them on a daily basis of the past 3 months.
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Can't big this product up enough. Originally I purchased the Strawberry Cream flavour and it was absolutely disguising! I bought it on recommendation from another supplements website. It was very sickly and I couldn't wait for it to be finished - on the plus side I noticed some very quick gains and decided to stick true to the PHD brand.Next I got this bad boy, the Chocolate Cookie flavour. When I first opened it, it had the PHD plastic safety seal around the lid - but no inner lid sealing the container which I thought a bit odd. When I mixed one up, (I always use water) it was noticeably thinner than the strawberry flavour - but literally a million times tastier!I had a thought that somebody had replaced the whey inside for some delicious chocolate nesquik or something. I have 2-3 a day, an hour before training and straight after, then one later in the day or before bed. It's only been a few weeks with quite a vigorous regime and I'm gaining very quickly now. Cant big this stuff up enough!You could sell it in a swanky restaurant for £10 with some ice cream and the punter would be delighted!PHD products seem well priced for what they deliver, and they are a joy to drink! Don't buy the dreaded strawberry!
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I've used this a couple of times after a run instead of my usual protein shake. When it comes to shakes I usually stick to chocolate or banana flavours and I'd say this is a nice flavour. I've used the super size serving rather than the standard serving size as this suits me better. I've had no adverse effects like a bad stomach which I have had in the past when I've used powders other than my usual one (a leading brand) which is a lot more expensive than this one so I'd be tempted to switch over to these PhD shakes which I can't really fault to be honest.It says it's for mass and strength and aimed at bodybuilders, athletes, team sports participants etc but I'm not sure why.I was expecting it to be really high cals and high carbs and fat when I saw that but the macros look pretty good to me. If you're like me and looking for a protein hit for low cals, carbs and fats then I would recommend this shake. It is very tasty and filling based on my experience of the supersize serving after I've been on a run. I would recommend and I daresay I'll be back for more in the future when my current protein powder runs out.
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It's the first time I've bought PhD Pharma Vanilla Crème Flavoured Whey Eco Pouch Protein Powder. I was looking for protein powder which would be high in protein but at the same time wouldn't have loads of sugar in it. Yet, I didn't want to spend a fortune.. So after big reaserch I've decided to try this one.I do not like sweet things so I was a bit worried I might no like it. But this vanillla flavoured powder is just very nice, not too sweet. And it tastes delicious. I'm drinking it after my workouts, and by mixing it with cold milk it's really refreshing as well. It dosen't have bad taste at the end like some of the powders has. It mixes with milk/water very well,not leaving little lumps etc.Overall I'm really pleased with my purchase. I'm definiteley going to buy another one, probably will try different flavours as well.Great price for 908g and high quality product! Highly recommended!!
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Nice discounted price off of retail price here on Amazon. Arrived promptly. As far as the actual product is concerned - it is almost 80% protein, far higher than anything else I have seen which just fills out with carbs, and tastes great. I personally have tried most of the flavours and like the chocolate and banana ones the most - for me the strawberry and vanilla ones were just too creamy, and while I would normally like that, it doesn't give that refreshing thirst quencher I like after a work out at the gym. Would fully recommend. At 90 servings a tub it is exceptionally economical even if a tub costs more than, say, Maximuscle - in the long run it is so much cheaper.I would rather get my carbs elsewhere from real foods and stack my money into buying high quality, cost efficient protein shakes. If that sounds like you, this product is unbelievable.
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[Banana]I'm not a fitness junkie in any way, but what I can tell you is that of all the protein shakes I have tried (mainstream brands), the PhD ones are by far the most delicious. It's just like milkshake, no weird aftertastes or feeling of drinking something synthetic.I drink all my protein with skimmed milk (red), and this one mixes very easily in a shaker or simply by quick stirring with a spoon.I have not felt any weird stomach issues (like diarrhea etc.) with this brand, which is something that I have experienced in the past with others (particularly precision ... ). I can drink a double helping of this with ease pre- AND post- workout, without feeling bloated etc.If you have issues with other brands,then I would definitely suggest you give this one a shot. Highly recommended AAA***
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I've only used this for about a week now so I can't tell you anything about gains, I do seem to have more energy at the gym, I can tell you the Chocolate cookie tastes great and only having to use one scoop per serving is excellent. I mix it with 2% milk I just used a fork and glass to mix it and the lumps were very minimal almost not noticeable at all, I have a hand mixer now and it mixes completely and it is very light with no stomach problems.In the description it says free mixer while supplies last, Don't expect one I didn't get one, also the lid on mine is a pain to screw back on.All in all this is a great proteinAlso I wouldn't order this online again it's the same price at Tesco and Iwouldn't have to wait at home to get the delivery.
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this whey is fab, very low cal and great taste and texture! couldnt fault it :) i got the vanilla creme flavour and it was lovely. not 'grainy' like some other protein shakes are and mixed really easily without as much shaking as other brands. the flavour is great. maybe opt for a different flavour if you dont have an overly sweet tooth as it is very sweet but if you have then this ones for you! i love PHD proteins as the powders are usually vegetarian and so cheap! do exactly what they say on the tub too. as far as protein shakes go in my opinion PHD are the best of the best. always get great results and my bank card doesnt get as much of a battering either.will be buying this product again :)
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The taste is nice, especially in a bowl of porridge. I've used it for the past 5 weeks (bought a 2kg tub which I've used first) and haven't noticed any real gains as yet. I train 6 days a week, and will be competing next year, so I train very hard. The ingredients sound promising, but I do still ache a lot after a session, so the glutamine and other aminos aren't working too well (maybe at 40 it's just to be expected!) I've noticed much quicker gains with other protein powders, such as Cyclone and Progain, even Sci Mix's standard stuff. Anyway, taste is great, ingredients are good, and I'll see where I am in a couple of more weeks when near the end of this bag.Probably try something different..
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I don't really like supplements but this protein shake tastes awesome with water (almost like a thin home made milkshake with nesquick power) and with milk is even better, though I just stick to water.Using the directed amounts I really would say that you can make some great gains in muscle mass with a good amount of exercise before hand. I have put on 3kgs of weight in the last month and by what i can see, it has all been muscle (I also checked my body fat percentage.Make sure you use this as a supplement though. I eat incredibly healthy with five small but balanced meals a day and at least 4-6 liters of water so make sure you stay healthy and this powder will REALLY help!


I am new to fitness and health. I started working out with a Trainer about 6 weeks ago. This protein powder was recommended to me by my Personal Trainer. I take it twice a day. I was happy to find it online for half the price of most Shops. Item arrived within 48 hours. I wasn't at home so it was unfortunately sent back to the seller. I sent an email and seller was happy to send again... Excellent communication, quick replies to my emails. Absolutely fantastic!!! Item was with me the vety next day!!! Well packaged and well presented!!! Will definitely use this seller on a regular basis for all my fitness and health supplements!!! Thanks very much!!!
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