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This review is for both the Chocolate Peanut flavour and also the Double Chocolate flavour:Last year, I realised that I wasn't eating enough protein, so since then, I've been a bit more aware. I have tried the more natural Trek bars and Pulsin bars, which contain 10-12g protein, but when I saw that this bar contained a massive 30g protein, I was intrigued! Personally, I usually stay away from artificial sweeteners, and I knew that these ones do contain them (Isomalt and Sucralose), but I thought that I would give them a try anyway. I can normally taste sweeteners a mile off, but was pleasantly surprised that these bars don't leave a weird sweetener after taste. I decided that I would just eat one every few days,so as to avoid sweeteners every day.I am currently on a weight loss diet, so planned to count these into my daily calories. The Chocolate Peanut bars have 253 calories, which fitted in fine with my daily requirements. What was surprising, is that these are large bars! They are 75g each, and really fill you up! The texture, taste and look of the bar, is very much like a chewy chocolate bar, and is really satisfying. The other surprising thing is that each one has 9.3g of fibre!I did also try out the Double Chocolate flavour bars, but personally I don't like them as much as the Chocolate Peanut flavour. I preferred the more chewy texture, and also the flavour of the Peanut one.Having tried two flavours, I have now gone back to the Chocolate Peanut bars, and have ordered another box. It's just the sweeteners that put me off, as well as the high price. If you're not bothered by either of these things, then I would highly recommend them. I'm just using them occasionally, so as to limit the amount of artificial sweeteners I eat.The photos relate to the Double Chocolate flavour. The bar shown, is on a side plate.
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Best protein bar so far, I have more recently tried many bars such as Sci mx flapjacks, phd Synergy ISO and power bars and these are so far the best. 30G's of protein is a huge selling point for me as I need quite a few thousand calories to maintain my energy expenditure and these bars go some way to helping me achieve that. They are easily digestible (with fluids) and taste good too, p.s. I always recommend lots of fluids with protein bars as they are simply protein powder mixed with chocolate so you need the fluids to ease digestion.Highly recommend.


Those protein bars have the best nutrients ratio I’ve ever found. Not agreeing with “awful taste” reviews, if I’d be to choose between any popular chocolate bars, and this, I’d choose this one. The only downside, which is quite a bad issue that I (and as I see others as well) fill every room I go with unpleasant smell that couldn’t be reproduced with the weirdest combo of foods (not funny after a time). But if someone can’t go empty itself, this is a 100% solution.


these are the second best protein bars I have eaten, they can even be eaten for pleasure, there are crispy bits in that make the texture nicer than other bars. I am not an expert but to me if you buy a protein bar there should be a lot of protein in it and this bar is half protein, I don't think I could ask for more. If however I was being picky the bar doesn't strongly taste of peanuts


I've tried a lot of protein bars and these are the BEST. They taste like a candy bar, are packed with protein, and most importantly - THEY FILL YOU LIKE A BOWL OF SPAGHETTI! I've lost 10 lbs so far using these as occasional meal replacement bars. I don't feel hungry. AND I have more energy. AND they taste like peanut butter. If I could give these fifty stars I would.


I have been a big fan of PhD whey bars for a while, especially the additional workout you got from chewing them. They were very tasty and dense but never really felt filling enough. This new HT bar is lighter, tastier, less monotinous to chew and really filling. I cant say the protein is any better or worse than other bars but its a damn site more interesting to eat.


Good taste, I was hoping for a "crunchier" experienceThe top part tastes like chocolate and peanuts but the middle filling is a bit chewy and has a flavor that resembles peanuts but it's not quite there. Still they are enjoyable enough and they have a good protein/carb/calorie ratio.Would buy them again... it breaks the monotony of eating only chocolate ones


That's my favourite bar!!! I just love it. It tastes like Mars chocolate bar and is a really good treat after a workout. It is also good for snacking as it is big you can divide it for 2 times, e.g before and after gym.I would recommend it to everyone who is looking after their body and wants to have something sweet and nice.


It does taste better then expected and it is filling.If I eat one bar of it 'quick' I sort of get tired of its taste half way through.But normally I pre cut it into pieces or just go bite by bit taking maybe 10 minutes to finish the whole bar, in this way it tastes good and does the job


The chocolate flavour is very good, they do other flavours too. High protein and very handy if you miss a meal or can't make a shake, while traveling for instance. I use them between main meals if I'm feeling a bit peckish. They're not cheap but you get what you pay for.


loved this protein bar a whopping 30g of protein and only 250 cals , 19 g of carbs with 3.3 g of sugar so not to bad.texture and taste are great , cost is little higher than average protein bars .use these on training days so all good.


Best tasting protein bars ever. If you want a protein snack to keep you going I would totally recommend this. I have tried loads of different bars over the years and not found many that taste good without being full of sugars and fats.


These things taste as advertised which is uncommon in this market but i am pleasantly surprised by the quantity, texture and taste of these barsOne of the better value for money products i'd recommend them without hesitation


These bars are great tasting. They are hard work to chew but no more so than the majority of protein bars.8 Biceps out of 10 for taste7 Biceps out of 10 for ease of consumption.Check out my Video review on YouTube: [...]


I like the taste of this bar, one of the ones with most proteins and less sugar. Perfect for an after workout snack or to pump up my protein intake in some days I can't keep up with the requirements. Would buy again.
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