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Remarkably comfortable, & much more stable than expected especially once I got used to it. After a couple of undignified up-endings (the dogs thought that a great game!), I remembered to keep my legs stretched out - or to tighten the side straps if I wanted to sit with my knees bent & feet drawn in. (I then had to remember to slacken the straps again if I wanted to stand up, or the seat remained attached to my rear & I looked as though it was swallowing me!!)A great seat for sitting comfortably in the tent on a wet day; also good for taking on a ramble as it weighs very little & comes with a detachable shoulder strap. Perhaps it would be better if the strap attached so that the seat hung the other way up,to stop rain getting into the bit you want to sit on - but if the ground is wet you probably don't want to be sitting on it anyway. (The seat can also be useful on cold / wet / grubby public benches, however.) The back pocket is great for a book & a pair of specs; or for a small water bottle & snack. Watch out if you put the dog-biscuits in there then sit down, though: it's at convenient nose-level for even small dogs, & you may become popular with a number of passing canines!Rather over-priced from this seller - but I had previously ordered two from another seller who sent me one but "forgot" to include the second; at least this seller still had a few in stock & actually managed to deliver it. We've already used our seats for a camping trip, a day trip, & at a local outdoor event - much more comfortable than just a picnic rug. The green blends nicely with our tent or the environment - but is not obvious if you accidentally leave it lying outside on the grass overnight ... Oops!
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After 7 years giving it daily use in the gardens of my city every time I walked my dog, I can confirm that this chair has incredible resistance. I have sat down, reclined, with a greater or lesser inclination depending on the slope of the ground, to read, draw, rest ... and nothing, this chair holds everything. The straps adjust the inclination of the backrest easily and are the same as always, the backrest and seams too. I measure 1.72 and weight 65-70 kg, but we use it two people, and it is compatible with other sizes without a doubt. I recommend it, a real quality product.


good and sturdy looks like it will last a long time - looked to have a thicker cushion to its construction than other similar products useful to have both handles as well as a shoulder strap and feels light weight - does not take the place of a real chair but gives a surprisingly good amount of support when sitting on the floor for open air concerts/open aire cinemas/park picnics/sitting on beaches etc


Comfortable chair has strap to carry over shoulder. At 800g Outwell chair is a bit heavy - highlander chair for comparison is only 350g but has less cushioning and can fit in a rucksack. Be careful not to rock on the chair - the stitching is not strong enough and the pole will pop out even though I am only 63kg. Got it exchanged it no questions, but just be careful.


Chuffed to bits with this. It provides good support and is easy to adjust whilst sitting in it - for example, if you have your legs outstreched and are in more of a slouchy position, you can quickly and easily tighten the straps to sit more upright and draw your legs into a 'W' position. It's absolutely brilliant.


Excellent just what I needed for festival. I was envy of my group of friends as no folding chairs allowed and I sat comfortably and at times cwtched my baby grandson rocking gentle to the music. Easy to fold and carry with pocket for bits. A success thanks


Just returned from 15 day teachings from His Holiness Dalai Lama. Sat on floor the whole time. I can't tell you the number of people who asked me where did I get the chair from! Fantastic, compact. I could put my drink in the pocket. Packs easily.


I bought a pair of these chairs two years ago and I'm crazy about them. They make the difference whether you can really relax on a picnic, camping or a concert. Uses them a lot and they keep amazingly good.


This was great on the beach as a seat though actually worked much better upside down as a head/shoulder rest! Light and easy to carry, definitely got lots of envious looks and kept me comfortable.


This chair was so brilliant, it got stolen at a Christian camp. No ill feelings towards the perpetrator - but I will be definitely buying a new one before next year.


For the beach holiday top, fits in the suitcase. Towels and suncream can be transported very well with an extra bag. Very practical the possibility of being shipped.


This chair is very comfortable due to the somewhat thicker upholstery and yet it has remained light, It has a good quality and good handability, very pleasant.


I love these seats... totally reccomnend then. We have been taking them to the park, gives a decent amount of back support for a short period.


The article is very convenient e.g. in the park, so you do not have to sit on the floor and bend your back :) And is easy to take with you.


Good quality, used all weekend and seams were fine. Friends bought a cheaper version and their seams split before the weekend was out.
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