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I am not svelte, but then again not huge, but I managed to snap the arm off a camping chair levering myself out. I claimed it was the age of the chair and long-term metal fatigue, the chair being about 12 years old - my family were less than convinced.As you get older it takes a bit more leverage to get out of a chair, so, to avoid a repeat, I went for a heavy duty, XL version.Now some things are obvious. It is extra large - wider, deeper and with a higher back rest than the average garden chair found in the likes of supermarkets - so if it is bigger when it is open, it is also going to be bigger when it is closed up. Thus, the bag is a few inches wider and longer than the average chair around 90 cms long and 15 cm or so wide.The bag,incidentally, is a decent size, much more generous than the average, making it a lot easier to fit the chair in.The larger size, along with its high strength steel frame, and thicker material also means it will be a tad heavier than the average chair, coming in at about 4 kg, but it is comfortable to carry with the shoulder strap on the bag and, as I suspect camping chairs are hardly ever carried far from the car, weight is hardly a major concern.I have yet to find a camping chair of this type whatever the price or the quality that is difficult to open and close, so nothing new there, the advantage here, as mentioned earlier, is the larger bag making packing it away much easier.As a chair it is remarkably comfortable and sturdy. The steel tube frame seems that bit heavier and more substantial and the finish and quality seem much better than other chairs we own – although, to be fair, a couple of our cheaper chairs have given good service for ten years or more. I just get the feeling this chair is going to outlast me.As far as price goes, even heavily discounted here (42 per cent) it is three time the price of the cheap offerings in supermarkets – and the discount seems a good one as firms on the internet are selling the chair at or even above the £43 RRP.What you get for your money is a very solid and sturdy chair with no real weight limit in normal use – one satisfied reviewer is 25 stone which is not far off double my weight – so in practical terms pretty well anyone can use it.It is a chair which is larger, and more comfortable than the average and, for older people, a chair that gives you the confidence and stability to lever yourself out.It seems very well built and engineered with a high standard of finish and materials All in all, you get what you pay for, it might be more expensive, but it is a far nicer chair to sit in.
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I was really impressed with the service, The site said delivery from May 27th to June 1st but if I paid for express delivery. My daughter's party is no Sunday 28th and we wanted to give her her birthday present early well there arrived NEXT DAY May 236th. I was prepared to be impressed by the chairs partly because of the speedy delivery and partly because i had bought Outwell stuff before and heard good things about the brand. I was not to be disappointed and I was impressed.These are not the cheap flimsy chairs that you get from motorway services these are pretty solid and even I find them comfortable. They are quick and easy to unfold and also easy to get back in their bags.The chairs are quite large and as my son in law is 6'7" this is not bad thing and the feature two glass or bottle holders, perfect for those hot summer days when you are not quite sure whether you want a beer or a cider, also just right for a beer in one and you phone in the other so while you are relaxing with a good book on your kindle app you have the perfect safe place for the phone when you fancy a nap.You can get good folding chairs for less than £23 its true but ones of this quality at this price, worth every penny.
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Great sturdy chair for those of us who are larger and more cuddly. However, I could feel the bars of the chair on the backs of my legs. I’m not sure if it is just shorter people issue as those who are taller might not get this issue. Would I recommend it? Yes, I would because there are not many chairs that I have felt confident enough in to withstand my 19.5stone weight. I feel secure that this chair is not going to collapse and for the couple of hours that I am sitting in it. So, the above for me, outweighs the little bit of uncomfortable I might feel. Beware though when ordering as the claret coloured chair on Amazon had 2 prices showing e.g. £24.99 & £34.99. Obviously, I ordered the cheaper chair,I thought it might be a typo, so was half expecting to get an email saying that but I didn’t and received my chair in the designated delivery period.
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Now I'm generously proportioned and was looking for a chair that would not embarrass me by collapsing. I wanted it for a music festival and decided to buy 4 (for the whole family). Good decision as they are brilliant. A touch heavy to carry if you have far to walk but they come in individual cases with carrying strap so even I managed!Dead easy to put up and fold down, even getting back into the bag is a doddle. Really comfy and spacious too. Buy one - you won't regret it!Only thing to mention is the combined weight of 4 in one box meant the delivery box was very heavy - bit of a struggle dragging it in when delivered!


Very smart, well made and very sturdy. Quality components and materials all round. The frame is made of chunkier tube than I’d expected but that’s a positive not a negative. The chair is also much bigger and roomier than other Outwell chairs I have given it’s an XL but again, that’s a good thing. (Don’t miss the significance of the “XL” in the product name like I did - doh!) If you’re buying a set to sit around a camping table just check to make sure you have sufficient room to get them all in!


These chairs are excellent quality and very sturdy. They have been used numerous times at the beach over the summer and handle 20 stone sat on them on uneven ground with ease. Very wide and comfortable. Bought cheaper chairs from Halfords last year which only lasted one outing before the rivots holding the legs bent and buckled. Fully recommend these chairs for anyone with "big bones"!!


The chair really makes a very stable impression. He is very wide and you have a lot of space. I got him for my mother in law and she is also convinced (since she already had some camping chairs). I'm not that wide, but I'm thinking about getting this chair because you have so much space. It is also possible to sit cross-legged here. And that at the price!


Outwell Catamarca Arm XL Camping Chair - Black/Silver, 90 x 62 x 96 cmBought to replace a cheap one broken by boisterous boys - whilst slightly heavier it is still easily carried and seem very robust - it is also bigger than the old one with enhanced comfort and no problem with the front legs causing any pressure on the legs/thighs - worth the money!


I bought this to use over the summer in the park next to where I live. It's quite possibly the comfiest little chair I've ever owned! I love that it is lightweight and the little carrying bag actually slides over the back of the chair nicely until I'm ready to fold the chair up and put it back in to carry it home. Nice quality chair!


We think these chairs, of which we have already bought several years, are TOP. We bought four more. Very comfortable, wide chair that can handle many pounds! Adapts to any surface. The two bags for a bottle and the other for the smartphone are ideal. Let the summer begin ... also great for the evening around the fire bowl!


Fantastic and comfortable chair which easily handles 19 stone over a long period of time. We use these as gaming chairs so they get a few hours use a day. The cheaper alternatives lasted a few weeks at best but this has been going strong for a few months now. Well worth the extra money. It will last you.


Spent a while looking for a good quality camping chair. This one has two drink holders, 150kg capacity ( am only 90kg but have chubby pals )and very comfortable. It also means it is less likely to break on uneven ground.It is made of much thicker steel than others so does weigh a bit more.


These chairs are so comfortable and really sturdy. I would have no hesitation in recommending them. Although they are billed as extra large I think any size would find them a pleasure to use.They are not the easiest to get back in the bag but with practice, I'm sure this will get quicker.


Bought to replace a cheap one broken by boisterous boys - whilst slightly heavier it is still easily carried and seem very robust - it is also bigger than the old one with enhanced comfort and no problem with the front legs causing any pressure on the legs/thighs - worth the money!


The chair keeps what he promises. Very comfortable and my 135 Kg have not forced the part into the knee. But the stability has its price, the chair is not exactly petite and packed itself, he needs a lot of space. I like the chair so much, I bought it a second time.
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