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Lanterns still have a way to go before they replace the super bright propane and white-gas burning lanterns. Granted, progress is quick and I think in a few years something will come out that will be competitive. I'm referring to the Coleman Nova and Coleman Pinnacle lanterns. I thought this LiteXpress and Even the Fenix 3-18650 battery lantern would match their lighting, but they don't. Comes close, but I'm still wanting a 2000 lumen LED lantern that runs on batteries, D or 18650 cell.Only a few things keep me from giving it a 5-star rating -> there's no hook on the bottom to hang it upside down, and the on/off button seems more of a software on/off than a solid click. This, to me, = parasitic loss,which means I keep the batteries outside of the lantern when this is in storage, making it more of a good emergency lantern than something to be used everyday. Not to mention I'd rather use 18650 batteries as those are rechargeable, and don't need as many of them to provide lots of power. D-Cells aren't cheap, they're heavy, and worst off, they're disposable. Even the rechargeable kind need extra large chargers to match their big size.Kudos on the brightness and durable plastic, but a star off on the little things (like battery source, power button, and no bottom hook)
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Just unboxed it (Aug 2017)It is super bright - too bright to look right at the bulb, 'bright.' The claimed 1000 lumens must be under estimated or other comparative lanterns using 1000 Lumen stats are lying (likely).Heavy duty plastic though-out - no rubber - no hooks. Has a strong- fold away wire handle.Simple on off operation.While most modern lanterns lock you into one color for the LED The Camp 71 has 3. Choose from 3 shades of white - with warm' white/yellow light being the calmest - very nice lighting affect, not harsh like most bright white LED's. Can also us the rheostat to dim the bulb from 100% down to perhaps 30%.A fourth light option is 'flickering candle' setting. - rather nice effect,good by a fire late at night.Classic design - hard clear lens has wire cage covering.Lens can be easily removed if needed, and has a gasket.Uses 4 D cells - no USB - no recharging - no plug in options. I like batteries - they are simple and can be removed when not using the light, to avoid acid damage etc.Designed in Germany, BUT MADE IN CHINA.It is rather pricey - but I think what we have here is a 'last lantern you will ever buy' type product.
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4 stars for its infinite brightness level adjustment and brightness. It does not seem very strong or well made but it does a reasonable job of lighting an area. No method of hanging it upside down, although you can remove the top so it can dangle from a tent ceiling but you have to improvise something to hang it. Great to be able to select colour temperatures. Put a folding hook underneath, coat glass for better diffused light and make it more sturdy and it would get 5 stars. Does it need to be so big? I would give 3.5 stars as it is.


I bought this lantern because of the great reviews I read here on Amazon. I really love the "candle" mode. I was able to use this excellent lantern recently while camping out in Idaho Falls for the Great American Eclipse. I hung it from the upper center loop in my REI Camp Dome 4 tent and enjoyed the excellent illumination this lantern offered. I would only change the battery compartment configuration to allow for rechargeable batteries such as 26650 or similar type of rechargeables.


This is the very best lantern I have ever had. I absolutely love lanterns and this one can't be beat. There are so many options as far as the lighting including the candle light mode. I use that mode almost nightly in my house just for the ambience. It runs for hundreds of hours on that mode so why not use it. I bought one of these and after I received it and found it to be to my liking, I ordered another one. No buyers remorse here. Just a great lantern.


Very impressed with this lantern. It is very well constructed and functional and it looks good too. The light output is variable as per description, but when used on maximum it is exceedingly bright; indeed too bright to look at directly from close quarters.


Very cool product. Used for indoor power outages which occur frequently in my area. For those of us Nerds who appreciate color temperature and brightness (intensity) variability, this lantern delivers exactly what I wanted. I also like the "candle" setting.


Tested this out on a long weekend glamping in cabins. Gives out good general room light and was easy to operate to change brightness. Over 3 days and 2 nights we didn't change the batteries. Went by car so can't speak to carrying this long distances.


Compact, and very bright electric lantern. I collect lanterns and this is among the brightest of any I own. I like the 3 different types of light this is capable of producing.


VERY bright light, I LOVE how it can be dimmed and the variants in the leds!!!


very bright and good style very impress having test it yet in real dark


Great safe lantern. Would highly recommend


Nice light. Can get bright.


Very happy.


Love it!
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