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Excellent Mug, however it is not 300ml but just under at 284.131ml from bottom to brim but really who fills to brim, the mug appears small but I found it to be just enough so happy with this item, the welding around the handle is of very good quality and the mug is also very lite and almost feels like plastic so great for camping and maybe for use at work. The mug when dropped just bounces and would be hard to dent so no worrying about damaging the mug.I found the insulation to work though does not keep it warm for much longer than a normal mug but the best thing is you no longer burn your hand when passing it to someone so another bonus there and many friends/family have commented on howstylish the mugs are so looking to buy a full set
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These are amazing, like little thermos flasks.The outside of the cup doesn't get hot so it's OK to hold and wont make rings if you put it on a shiny surface.Drink stays hot for ages, we got two for our Campervan we might get more for in the house we're so impressed by them.They are a bit small and do come with a dirty great sticker on the side, had to soak them in hot soapy water for a while to get the stickiness off.


Not a large mug but adequate for a nice cup of coffee after a walk. BUT the sellers must stop putting a sticky label with their details on the mug. Nobody is going to leave it on but once you remove it you are left with the glue on the mug which washing doesn't take off. I had to use my wife's nail polish remover. Not a big deal-but neither would be the leaving the label off in the first place.


I really like these double wall insulated mugs. Made from stainless steel, they are very durable and keep drinks hot for quite a long time.I bought them primarily for use when out hiking. In the colder months, I like to have a fresh hot drink, so will carry a stove as well. With an ordinary mug, I was finding the drink would cool very quickly. These mugs keep the drink hot much longer.


Lightweight stainless mug that keeps drinks hot. Bought to use with a flask so tea didn’t go cold within moments of being poured. It does this well, but it’s listed as 250ml and is nowhere near that. Filled to a sensible level it’s just over 150ml. My 2 year old granddaughter loves it, so it’s hers now and I’m still looking for a lightweight adult sized tea mug!


Good quality construction, apparently hard-wearing; unbreakable by the kids outdoors.Comes with a manufacturers sticker attached with super-strong glue, which remains sticky when label is removed and does not wash off easily - an elementary product quality issue! ...but in all other respects a fine product.


I like that a contribution went towards the Duke of Edinburgh's charity when buying these handsome stainless steel mugs. 250ml is fine, and it appears they are made from double-walled stainless steel. Not too heavy to pick up, perfect also for children or an adult's double espresso. Husband is well pleased.


Perfect for work. Lost count of the amount of ceramic mugs I’ve broken in the workshop. The mug has a double wall thickness, keeping the drink hot but cool enough on the outside to hold without the handle. Mug is not as large as my colleagues mugs but who needs 2 gallons of tea/coffe. Great value for money!


Great mug, slightly small but I just top it up after a few sips. Keeps the tea/coffee hot for quite a while and the double wall stops you burning your hands. Best thing is it doesnt make your drinks taste odd whether you drink tea or coffee from it, the way a lot of mugs do. Certainly recommend this mug.


Just as expected, and quick. They are a tad, or maybe half-a-tad, smaller than the ones I bought umpteen years ago. Good quality, good finish and NOT folding handles- thankfully. The picture showed fixed handles, the blurb boasted folding handles. Luckily the pictures were right.


This product is Great, but the label in a complete nightmare to take off!If, like myself, you are purchasing to customise or need to remove the label to process... choose another Mug without a label on. It would be more cost effective!Otherwise, a nice mug if a little small.


Attractive, strong, good quality, smallish stainless steel cup: Ideal for childrenI ordered another similar product from another seller and it was thinner metal and less attractive than this one. If I were to buy another I would definitely get this one again.


Amazing!Hot drinks stay hot 3 times longer, yet cup on the outside stays cool.Great capacity of around 300-350 ml - perfect amount of tea/coffee.Minimalist looks. Overall great product! Best cup (aesthetics aside) i ever had!


I am delighted with this mug as we go self catering in the Lakes and many times the mugs provided are huge. These mugs are a good size, easy to transport and certainly keep a cuppa nice and hot.


It is a small and lightweight mug.Can be used direct on flame and it is very non stick, so can be a back up to your camp cooking kit if you need to warm up a small ammout of food or liquids.
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