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Basic but useful. I have several of these, used them regularly camping or hillwalking when a fire is not allowed or possible. Occasionally just used them for convenience as they can be lit, used and cool down whilst you eat or drink your meal. No clean-up, no worry about properly extinguishing your fire, no mark on the environment. This is a great light weight item. Lighter than a trangia and no need for a stand or screen. Refill tabs are cheap and I've even just used twigs with it when I wanted to use the stand with a fire but didnt want to leave a burn mark on the ground. All in all this item is inexpensive and useful, not much can go wrong with it(theres a reason many military's use this style of stove)and its also lightweight and versatile
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Although i use my much larger gas stove for camping this little wonder is simple yet amazing and ideal for backpacking etc because its so so compact! Its upper face is about the size of a wallet and i found just one fuel block will heat up a can of beans.However the fuel burns for about 5-6 mins and produces a very large flame so don't use it in a tent! I must dissagree that i found it does produce a slight smell when cooking but its easy to ignor.I got mine for a measly £2 in a trespass shop and would recomend it to anyone looking for a lightweight stove good enough for boiling tins or water.-Tom


I took this handy cooker and some extra "bricks" with us on a days fishing on the beach in Ayrshire. I dug a pit roughly 2ft x 2ft and 1 ft deep level at the bottom. Centering the cooker in the hole with 4 hex brickettes i was able to boil 2 litres of water in 5 minutes, enough for 4 pot noodles and some cups of tea.The design of the cooker allows for safe transporting and fast placing for when you need it. I found that i could pick up the cooker only 5 minutes after i had finished the cubes off. I now make sure ive got cooker and fuel with me every time im going out for the day.


Although this unit feels a bit flimsy and cheap, it does exactly what it needs to do and so is a bargain.The fuel tablets that came with it surprised me having a good ten minute burning time and giving out sufficient heat to boil both a small kettle and a canned main dish.It won't last very long with heavy use but is perfectly adequate for occasional overnight trips or weekends.Recommended.


Absolutely superb very light yet solid simple to use fits my kit well easy to pack in pocket great for days out or keep in car in case of emergency but it's better than than that it's my go to no need to Pfaff around with gas cannisters I use small ethanol burner and it works perfectly I strongly recommend this super stove


I bought this item coz wanted to go back to my childhood.Delivery took only 3 days from ordering... excellentThe stove itself is quite sturdy seeing it was very cheap.I have now used it and it does what it's supposed to. So if your looking for a solid fuel stove.....buy it...5 stars


Love these things. They are very small and compact, easy to carry. The fuel tablets burn long enough to boil some water and can be stored in the thing while it is closed up.Would recommend for anyone who is after a small open stove, good enough to boil water.


Pumped out loads of heat from the four blocks I used and was easily enough to boil a large pan of water. Only concern is that it doesn't work with pop up pans as the flame cannot be controlled not to come up the side of the pan and scorch the silicone.


This little camping stove did a great job and we would recommend to anyone who is backpacking or a short camping vacation. My only suggestion is that the instructions should advise you to place the cooler on something to lift it from the ground.


Great little product, used this to cook and boil water for 2 of us for a camping weekend festival and it was fab only thing I will say is we got through a lot of fuel so it's a good idea to buy spares


Just used it for the first time to make a cup of tea. Amazing little thing just used one of the small cubes to boil a kettle and it was piping hot cant wait to cook on it very pleased


Prefer this to the Fire Dragon as you can easily Stowe 8 he I blocks inside when not in use. Been using these for decades and will continue to do so. Arrived in very good time.


Compact light weight and with a few basic modifications this stove can be very versitile.Fuel tablets are cheap and effective all round a good deal in my book.


Perfect cooker ++Quality is great, weight is low and its doing the job perfectly.Recommend it to everybody tht needs a foldable cooking system.


Nice little stove but it was covered in grease when it arrived, a bit of an unpleasant surprise. Apart from that, I'd definitely recommend it!
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