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This is a high sugar tasty energy bar that I eat occasionally on long runs (10 miles plus) along with gels. There are around 200 calories per bar and it is a third sugar. It is necessary to drink a fair amount of water (e.g. 200ml) when eating this to make digestion easier. They don’t easily fit into a running race number belt and weigh the belt down. I don’t eat the whole bar in one go, rather I eat a third or so every 5 minutes for 15 minutes. I would suggest eating a high starch food rather than this bar before a long run so as to avoid a sugar spike.


Been using High5 products for a very long time, and there is a reason for that, they taste good, very good value for money and able all they work!! These bars give you that energy boost you need when on a ride. Not hard to swallow and you can actually taste the flavour it's meant to be. Easy to open whist still riding and easy to eat. If your a seasoned professional, sportive rider or just on a jolly boys outing these will keep you going throughout your ride.


These bars are quite moist and taste pretty good, they are packed full of fruit which aids when i'm doing long cycles and trail runs.I do find them a bit of a mission to chew but by far easier than some i've come across.One other Con is i find them quite tough to open, which is fine when running but not ideal when cycling.


I bought these as snacks for long endurance cycle rides. Packed with fruit, moist enough to get down without being dependent on a drink to swallow and very tasty. When p&p is added they do work out a bit more than a Mars bar, but really well worth.it. I definitely recommend these.


I love these bars, use them on long bike rides, taste great and are easy to chew and swallow. I have tried others like the banana flavour and the peanut one, but its the yoghurt coating that i think really does it. Really do get a good energy boost ftom them.


Superb value for this amount of bars. I prefer these to the SiS version which were hard to eat whilst riding. These are far more palatable during a long ride. They are moist and easy to open. Would definitely buy this again.


Great source of energy for me about 1 hour before a long run. I use these with a good electrolyte based drink and serves me well. always use High 5 gels too as they seem to be the best tasting.


Found the bars in the race pack very helpful , so bit the bullet and bought this pack. Possibly more than I need but will get through them am I sure.


These bars keep me going on cycle rides, walking on Dartmoor and I use them for travelling, often in preference to airport / train station food.


Use these when cycling. They are tasty and give a good fix of energy when needed. Small enough to easily carry in your pocket during exercise.


Great product just what you need to top you up going down the road. Unlike other energy bars you don't spend half ya time chewing them.


very good bar easy to eat on the bike when out training good solid bar unlike others i have tried good range of flavors i like coconut


I love these bars on long rides. they're succulent and tasty and one of these each hour keeps the hunger pangs at bay


Great tasting energy bars, perfect when out mountain biking.Smooth texture not like some of the nut bars.


As long as you get a good batch with long date thd quality is good otherwise can be rather hard and dry.
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