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Each 47g sachet of this sports drink powder provides 169kcal, 42g carbohydrate (22g sugar), sodium 240mg and magnesium 56mg. The good feature for me is the high caffeine content of 140mg per 500ml prepared drink (the 47g pack makes up 500ml). This caffeine level is equivalent to approximately two 250ml cans of typical energy drink.The product dissolves easily with a little stirring and stays in solution without any sedimentation forming as with some drinks. The flavour is described as citrus and the pack logo shows a lemon and lime, suggesting that is the intended flavour. The ingredients state 'natural flavourings (lemon/lime)'. I found the taste pleasant and sweet,as is expected due to the high sugar content.A good drink to stay hydrated and for a caffeine boost.
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i had these a few years ago for the gym.. could find them for awhile then came up on amazon same great taste and same job. i have fibro and chronic pain now i needed something to help with my physio but monster started not working and giving me headaches. so i got these. brilliant for physio. one a day and only in daytime.


I rely on theses before a long bike rise, I use them too help me wake up and get out, by the time your well into your ride the caffeine has kicked in. Fast delivery


This is not quite what I received. The packet has changed from the one advertised but it still works if you do a lot of cycling and need a caffeine hit.


Use these all the time. Really work. Give me that kick before a fell race. And that alive feeling while running


Ideal for long runs and certainly helps in nutrition first time used these and found them really good


Use product for cycling taste good and boost energy


great product, tastes good


very good




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