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I'm new to cycling (started March of this year) but I've been some pretty long rides and had my first century in August (doing my second this coming January). During that time span, I've tried various different sports drinks ranging from powdered Gatorade, SIX Nutrition Hydra, E-Fuel to Citomax. Gatorade was too sweet, Hydra was good but had that weird after taste (like you get from diet coke) and E-Fuel and Citomax also had an aftertaste. So I decided to try this drink and got the Summer Citrus.This drink taste awesome, it's sweet but has the citrus twist that offsets it. I also don't cramp with this drink likely because of the Whey Protein. If you're a beginner biker, this should be the drink to try. However, do not by this drink on Amazon unless you can get it below $30 with free or $5 shipping. The $40 or even $59.99 + $18 shipping is absurd. I bought two of these from ChainReactionCycles.com at $23 each and only $9.99 shipping which arrived in 6 days coming from UK. I paid $60 for two at the price of one here in Amazon.
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I'm trying to improve my cycling and nutrition is hugely important. Before, during and after exercise all needs to be considered, sometimes with different products. I tried a starter kit from a different company with three different powders, but didn't like the taste, or the fact that the powders all contained aspartame.I then ordered 1.6kg of Energy Source 4:1 in summer fruits. Unlike many sports drinks it contains protein, which means it can be used as a recovery drink as well as during exercise.It also contains electrolytes to replace any lost in sweat. The taste is good, a bit like a raspberry flavoured ice lolly, but the biggest difference is that it goes down very well, whereas the previous drink I tried always felt as though I was having to force it. It really feels as though it keeps me going longer as well, rather than losing energy part of the way through a long session on the bike.So for a good all-round product, which really seems to keep me going, I give Energy Source 4:1 a pretty solid 4 stars.
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I have been using SIS and fancied a switch for this year after trying a sample. I used it on a ride on Sunday which I rode also last week. Ride prep was the same but the difference was I used High5 4:1. 60 miles later and at the end of the ride I still had a good set of legs on me on the last hill home plus clamed a KOM and PB! A fantastic ride and some may say a lot of veribles, but I am very happy. It can also be used in recovery which I found is a lot softer on the guts than most other products.A great product. Fast delivery and a competive price. 1x happy rider. :)
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One of the few powders that I could drink 6 bottles of during a really long day. The carb / protein mix is designed for intense repetitive training or touring. I find it really useful on rides over 4 hours as it seems to prolong the time before I feel like I am running on empty. For shorter rides I use a bottle of the high 5 carb energy source and then have this in my second bottle. 3 scoops per 750ml bottle. Unlike mojito, this is actually drinkable without any sickness feeling or dodgy tummy!I have a 600km,4 day ride coming up and it will be essential!
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This is a good tasting, effective recovery and training drink. I'm a middle distance runner so get through 250 ml during my run and up to 500 ml after. Unlike the sachets you can get you can more easily measure out smaller portions of the powder for a more dilute drink or a lower volume for (e.g.) a 250 ml running belt bottle.These huge bulk bottles are generally better value than a box of sachets although it does take up a lot of room! And if, like I, are confused by the lack of scoop in the bottle,it's there somewhere. It's a bit like a lucky dip.
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Absolutely no idea about the sporty nature of this. I live with a VERY aggressive form of Multiple Sclerosis and have had to live with stroke-like attacks for around 5 years. The glucose helps my brain regain contr of my body within around 5 minutes. Before this, my attacks lasted for around 3 hours at a time.By the way. When Neurology tell you this is "your journey", what they really mean is they havent got a clue...so "give everything a go...what's the worst that could happen?"...


This product is great it doesn`t taste sweet like most leading brand energy drinks. After a little bit of research I believe that High 5 4:1 is the only product on the market that contains carbohydrate, protein, and eloctrolytes. These ingredients were essential to help me train for an Ironman. Before taking the product I always felt tired and lacked the strength to go into my next training session fully recovered. This product has helped me to train harder, and recover quicker!!!


I’m training for a HM and was finding I was totally wiped out after a long run. I ordered this hoping it would help me recover. I’ve just been out on my longest run and was in a complete exhausted state after. After having a drink if this I actually feel pretty much fine! I’m amazed! I’m going to use it during a long run too now. Going to buy some of their gels too as seem to get on with all the HIGH5 products I’ve tried. Mix with a whisk in a jug to avoid lumps ??


The market place has a wide variety of similar products for cyclists. Over the years I have tried most brands all with some degree of success.Summer Fruits however, is without a doubt the " best " of them all. Easy to mix, tastes very nice, quenches thirst and rehydrates gives that much needed boost after many kilometres of cycling and, the price ( I believe ) is very reasonable too!Highly recommended.


I was using this for several years prior to a break in sport due to serious injury. I am now back in full training and this product is as good as it was before. Great for both during and after training as a recovery drink due to the Whey protien contained in it.Great price from Amazon - seller was quick to turn my order around.
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