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I often work nights and am not an avid breakfast eater. Doing a 20 mile commute isn't easy on an empty stomach, so this stuff helps me a lot. It gives you a good boost.Tastes good and mighty refreshing during the summer!. I find the granules don't always dissolve completely, so there is always some left in the last few gulps. Not that's a really bad thing, at the most, its means a bit more cleanup afterwords, getting the stuff to rinse out.


Good product though not as strong as they would have you believe, I find I can use this as a normal hydrating drink without any caffeine crash . Maybe others would feel otherwise , but I am quite caffeine tolerant so for me it is my go to ride drink. Like all of these products the size of the tub is very misleading it is about time these company's were obliged to use a tub that corresponds with the amount of product inside.


Have used this before running events (half up to marathon) but not during. Tastes fine. Mixes well. Seems to work as generally run faster than I do in training but that could also be race day adrenaline! Only downside is cost...but they are all fairly expensive, hence only using on races.


Great fuel for before training it really gets you hyped up to challenge any session...good price to from amazon..been using it for 4 year's now along with normal high five.great for long rides on bike


As a regular tea and coffee drinker, I was sceptical it'd work, but you definitely feel an extra boost. Highly recommended for anyone looking to get an extra kick for tougher training sessions.


Just what I was after and energy drink with the extra hit of caffeine to give that little bit extra, would definitely recommend.


very happy with product and tests good to.Dose what it says on the tin.i have uses xtreme before and it worked for me.


Lovely product nice taste and definitely gives you a boost to do a workout/run plus it's easy on the stomach.


I drink one bottle of this before most rides, provides a nice boost for the start.


No sign of the word Extreme on container.Is this the same energy source.???


Brilliant to train with in the gym didn't find running with it very helpful


Great drink taste nice great for hydration and improving endurance


This is great and really gives you the edge on a long ride.


Good stuff. Gives a boost when required.


Excellent value and service.
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