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I bought this to use on my COBB BBQ. This unit does NOT fit exactly, but it does the job. The major design fault on the Cobb is that the standard grill plate lets all of the fat run into the Cobb and collects at the bottom next to the coals, meaning you can't clean it until the Cobb is cool and by then the fat and grease is cooked on. This grill collects the fat and grease in a ring underneath the grill plate and stops it running into the Cobb. So you can remove and clean the grill while the coals are still hot and as it's non-stick it cleans up much easier than trying to clean the Cobb. The only issue is: The lid on the Cobb fits over the outside of the standard grill. However,this grill is about 10mm larger diameter than the original grill, so the lid lip does not seat over the outside edge. Instead it just sits on top of the grill. I haven't found this an issue and it is so much easier to keep the Cobb clean by using it!! As the original grill, the grill shape is domed so sausages etc have to laid outside to inside, you can't put them on sideways, they just roll off!! Note, this is exactly they same as Cobb grill. I've used it about 6 times and non-stick is still as new.
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I'm very sceptical as a rule, but can't resist a gadget !!!!! despite what the other mixed reviews say, i think this is fab..best loin chops i have ever tasted..gammon/bacon done to perfection..steak, succulent..chicken like a marshmallow..fish,peppers etc gorgeous..such a simple thing that has already proved it's worth...I had big doubts about "smokeless" but is is...a little steam but that is obviously coming from the water in the channel...all the food i have cooked so far does have that authentic bbq flavour...no spitting over my cooker and so easy to clean...i do not use oils and nothing i have cooked has stuck..i do use home made oil less marinades sometimes...i could go on but i won't,in fact i am aggrevated that i can't find any negatives (cos i can be a moaner)..had i been disappointed with this product, i would have been just as truthful....go on, buy one, you won't be sorry..much much quicker than grilling...and if u live near sutton coldfield. pop in...kind regards all Anita Daykin
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Amazing grill, I wanted to use this hub grill a few times before reviewing. Having now done so, well it's just amazing. Last night I cooked six belly pork and six chicken pieces on it to absolute perfection. You will need to remember water must be poured into the bottom section as this will prevent smoking fat that will drop into the under tray. Heats up really quickly on the camping gas hob and cooks well on low heat, which means low gas use too. Without this item in my camping kit, i would be lost. I can cook so many more types of food on it and it's so easy to clean. It's light and takes little space up. It's non stick too. A true gem of a buy and I was so sceptical, but it really does work well.Great buy.
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I bought this to cook Korean bbq which I really enjoy making at home! For years I’ve used a George Foreman which was okay but annoying to set up and clean for table bbq - I already had this camping stove and decided to give this bbq plate a go. It fits perfectly into the groves of the stove which keeps it sturdy on top. I kept it on a low heat and it didn’t smoke at all as some people have said. Only reason for four stars is that is very thin the top plate so I don’t think I’ll get lots of life out of it. I also don’t love the dome shape as makes your actual cooking surface really small. Worked well for bbq for 2 people, might be a push for more.


I have been craving samgyupsal and don't want to go out so I bought this one. It was way beyond I have imagined.To use: Just place on top of a gas stove. Turn on to high heat, when it looks hot, turn it down to low heat then start placing your meat! No need to put oil. If you don't turn the heat low (or med), it will start to produce smoke (though not a lot) and the oil from the reservoir below will start to boil and can hit you.To clean: remove the oil first from the reservoir then scrub. Honestly it was quite easy to clean.I have used it twice and I am 100% pleased by it.


Used on a recent camping trip. Seems reasonably non stick for bacon etc. cleans up pretty easy. Only the centre bit gets hot enough to cook, so the actual usable surface isn't that huge. You need to rotate things around from the edges to the middle if you have a large volume. Didn't use it that much, but will update if I have further comments.Obviously no good for some items, like eggs, pancakes. But fine for burgers, sausages and the like.


I feel compelled to write a review. This is awesome. I ordered it yesterday and in anticipation bought some Chinese marinaded pork strips. It arrived so thought I’d try it out on the kitchen table. Kids actually left their Xboxes when they smelt it cooking!! We sat round using non stick tongs and I didn’t get much of it! What I did have was really good. It’s so easy and quick. Cleans up well.


Great peice of kit, left the BBQ at home. Cooked sausages, bacon, burgers and even warmed through some pre cooked potato wedges in foil at first then finished them off on the hub. Perfect thinking about getting a couple more for presents for family who camp. Easy to clean, just read the instructions, I did spray a little olive oil over the hub but only a very little amount.Very pleased


Having experienced table BBQs in restaurants in Korea I had always rather fancied a grill 'dome' for cooking kalbi or bulgogi etc, and an authentic dining experience. Found this and tried it with our little portable gas cooker - works perfectly! Cooked some Korean-style skewered scallops, tungshimgui, onion & garlic cloves. Will definitely get more use.


This is amazing! So versatile. Cook meat & fish with little or no oil ,- healthy! Even toasts bread; reheats piittas & tortillas in no time Easy to clean. Used on a standard gas hob - notches don't fit pan stand so need to be a bit careful but worth the effort. Can't wait to use it when camping. Highly recommended.


This is great. The fat falls into the side holes and I cooked a great breakfast with it. Just cook it nice and slow on low heat and you should have no smoke. Foods that are round can roll off so be careful. If you want to fry an egg with it use an egg ring. I can't wait to try Japanese and Korean BBQ recipes


Really good add on to the hob for grilling when camping and doesnt take up much space in the boot. Didn’t give 5th star, because it doesn’t fix on the hob, so if it’s knocked or hob isn’t sufficiently level, it can slip. But, very good, easy to use and easy to clean.


Brilliant for camping for one or two people. Did bacon, mackerel, salmon fillets, kebabs, pepper and toast -all excellent although the kebabs didn't cook evenly because of the curved surface. Disappointed to find out that Aldi had an identical one for £4 though.


Great little grill suitable for a small family. If cooking meat may need to clean it after a couple of batches as it gets sticky especially if you marinated the meat, burnt bits form and stick to the fresh meat. It’s quick to clean after each batch anyways.


Perfect for what we needed it for. We now have korean bbq nights almost every three days! Highly recommend! Bonus that it's easy to store and easy to clean. It's also very lightweight and portable, perfect for when you wanna kbbq in the park or beach!
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