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There is nothing bad to say about the Trangia stove. It is excellent, but...a) It needs an external pot stand. - This is not a big deal you can easily make one out of construction cloth/wire hanger/tin can etc.b) Just about any DIY design you can find is slightly faster and slightly more efficient. (But not as sturdy)This particular set includes an aluminum plate (useful as a plate) and the preheating attachment which works OK, but doesn't hold much alcohol.It is a nice set. Probably worth the money if you are using alcohol stoves a lot, but if you are just going to mess around you are better off making your own knock off out of a couple soda cans.


Important winter burner set. Theoretically, you do not necessarily need the second burner, because each Trangia set 25 or 27 eh a burner is present. But is a good replacement or supplement. The winter is very important because alcohol is hardly ignited in the cold. A little fattening paste or a piece of Espit, and the spirtite in the torch goes off like neighbor Lumpi. The bottom plate is not only a reflector, but it is also a very strong flame , But also prevents the hot Trangia rack from sinking into the snow.


This attachment is really grabby and everyone that has a Trangia burner should have at least one of these things lying around. Dunno about the plate as, even though it is VERY heavy-duty aluminum, it it not lightweight by any means.Having the winter attachment thingy for my Trangia helped me to boil water very fast in a yurt this last winter.


I bought this set to replace my burner in my 27-8 cooking set. This should make the set a year round cooking set in any weather. The demonstrations on the internet showing this in operation were impressive.


This is my second purchase of this product ... enough said ... excellent and works well.


It’s a Trangia, Prefer to use a smaller plate and just use a tuna can lol


Works very wellBase can be used as a lid or an additional plate


Reduces the boiling time by half a really great idea.


Great addition for my camping needs


great simple stove.


rare can be found
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