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Bit of a gamble this one. Sometimes you receive the UK made CNP powder (in the black tub) and sometimes you get the American made powder in the blue packet, it doesn't seem to tie in with which one they picture in the product description either which also chops and changes. As far as ingredients go they are the same but the UK version is vastly superior as far as taste and mix-ability are concerned. The American powder has a really artificial colour and taste to it and is on the lumpy side when mixed.The UK version is thicker but smoother and has a much better taste. I wish amazon would stock the UK version only or at least send the same product consistently.Overall I would give the UK version 5 stars but the American version only 3. If you're after the black tub UK version I would recommend you order from somewhere else.This is for strawberry, haven't tired the others.
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I struggle with most proteins. I've been using myprotein for years and get terrible gas and bloating if I have more than 2 shakes in one day - slow digesting proteins like casein were impossible. CNP's unique blend of enzymes and digestive cultures put an end to that and I am able to have 3 or 4 shakes a day for bulking. I use pro peptide at breakfast and night and pro-mass immediately after gym (unless cutting in which case I use pro whey). Great product, it literally feels like the best quality protein I've ever put in my body.


Second time I've purchased now with no issues. Great product, I take Peptide last thing at night and this lasts me over a month.I had the Banana flavor first but found it quite sickly (only my preference) so I've opted for Chocolate this time. Didn't realise that it was going to be sent in a fill-up bag rather than the tub, but it really doesn't bother me.


Tired of the often sickly chocolate flavours, it was great to find a range, and in this case nice flavour of banana, which has turned the intake of protein from a chore to something I actually enjoy- just about to order my second tub and I like the fact it's a British company and that a lot of successful British sportsmen and women use the products


Nomaly I didn't write reviews but this have to be the best protin my experienced and low cabs and Cals mix 2 or 3 scopes with water don't bloat u and I mix nice and thick whith water and taste good go for the bigger tub better value for money can have befor or after training or befor bed slow and fast relies protines


I have always used this brand as all the others make me physically sick. A little difficult to mix but not too bad. Great tasting flavour. I get decent results out of it, there are probably better around but this has more natural ingredients which makes it easier to digest.


Mixes reasonably well in a shaker, though needs more than a couple of shakes. I have Banana flavour and it has a good taste. Also have some Whey Protein (which CNP do and is also good) for quick release and recovery.


This protein was recomended to me by a friend and boy was he right. I have noticed some of my goals have been met in a short time since switching to this protein. It mixes very well and tastes great.


I am rarely compelled to write a review, but now is the case.Mint Choc tastes AMAZING. And that's not something you'd expect from a protein shake. Much potential to become my favourite drink.


Not only does this product taste great (i bought the mint Flavor ) But it mixes better than the cheaper brands I have used previously.Would definitely recommended this


Treats my GI tract well, have had 'digestive' issues with other shakes. Tastes good and seems to be working. I use it as a post workout shake. Vanilla is my fav.


Mix well, high quality blend of 3 different proteins, including whey, egg and milk. The price is definitely reasonable. I always use it as a meal replacement


This was a really good price for the amount you get, and it works really well too.Also as an added bonus it tastes really good whether using water or milk!


I have used CNP for years and have tried countless other products but this just can't be beaten on flavour and ease of use. Love this stuff!!


This tastes amazing, enough said (other than i can feel it working when used with a balanced diet and i've tried quite a few supplements)
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