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As you'd expect being BSN its a great product.When using multiple supplements its hard to tell which one is giving you that advantage over another but the benefits of BCAA's are simple, it gives your muscles energy to help them build, recover & maintain.If your on a cut & trying to stay lean its also very beneficial because if you're cutting calories or doing long training sessions your body will be in a catabolic state, so due to the lack of calories/energy your body will start breaking down tissue for fuel which does includes fat but most importantly it also attacks your hard earned gains, but by drinking AminoX your body will opt to use the amino acids as an energy source rather than using the muscle tissue as a fuel,this is the easiest way to explain how BCAA's can help maximise muscle recovery & muscle growth.Normally i'd take a pre workout about 30 minutes before I go to the gym & then drink my AminoX towards the end of my workout while I'm there.I do personally feel it helps give me a boost while i'm training, especially when i'm getting towards the end of my workout & starting to get tired, even if I'm on a rest day or feeling sore I drink it as it will help me keep my gains & lower recovery times.This time around i decided to order the larger 1.15kg tub in the Green Apple flavour, mainly because I had issue's with the 435g tubs & the size of the opening, I just found it hard to get my hand past the opening to get a scoop when the AminoX was getting low, thankfully this larger tub fixes that.Also being the bigger tub you get 70 servings from the tub if you use a level scoop mixed with 225ml of water over the 30 servings from the 435g tubs, each serving will give you 10g's of Amino Acids.I thought the Green Apple had a really nice tangy apple taste which wasn't overly sour or sweet, i've only got to try two of the flavours so far (Watermelon & Green Apple) but i think the Watermelon flavour might just have the edge over the Green Apple, both taste really good & are refreshing to drink and both offer exactly the same amount of BCAA's per serving but I think the Watermelon for me is just slightly in the lead on taste.Both the Watermelon & Green Apple AminoX's mixes up with the water extremely well and only takes about 5-10 seconds to be fully dissolved and ready to drink.While mixing AminoX there is some pressure build up in the shaker cup from the bubbles but its nothing major just make sure u got hold of the lid while your shaking it, I personally just shake it for a couple seconds pop open the lid to release the pressure then shake again & then its ready to drink.On the whole i'm really impressed with this product & will be buying it again in the future.
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I get really bad DOMS in my legs whenever I do squats. Like really bad. It usually kicks in full about 36 hours after my workout and lasts for at least 3 days. I get very mild DOMS everywhere else, only my hips/thighs are affected adversely. Sitting down or standing up (chair, couch, etc) requires the use of both arms and a lot of grunting. After my last leg day I was so sore for 4 days that I was seriously considering cutting way back on squats or eliminating them all together. I did some research online and saw that BCAAs can help and figured it was worth a try. I've tried almost every supplement under the sun and believe the vast majority of them are snake oil so I was very skeptical about trying BCAAs.I did my regular leg day (including squats)on a Wed afternoon, including doing higher weight and more sets than I did the previous leg day that left me sore for 3 days. This product arrived on Thurs afternoon just as I was beginning to feel the effects of DOMS in my legs. I was worried that my weekend was going to be spent shuffling around like an old man. So I opened this package and took a dose in the evening. I woke up this AM and after taking my regular hot shower realized not only did my legs not hurt worse than when I went to sleep, they actually felt better. Not 100% normal, but better than when I went to sleep. I took another half dose this morning (Fri) and am now typing this at noon and can say my legs feel 100% normal. No pain, no soreness, no tightness, no DOMS.I am well aware of the placebo effect and how it works. But I do not believe for a second that it could have this much of an impact on me physiologically. My legs feel completely normal 48 hours after a leg workout. That has never happened in my entire life. I've done more leg days than I could possibly even attempt to count and I've always been significantly impacted 48 hours after a normal (not light) leg day.I'm a convert and will continue to use this until I see a different results.Oh and the watermelon flavor tastes just like a Jolly Rancher of the same flavor. It does contain an artificial sweetener, which I wish it did not, but you cannot have everything. The flavor was excellent, just a slight artificial sweetener after taste, and it dissolved easily in a cup of water. It does foam up a little before it settles down too.If anything changes (good or bad) I will update this review.Update Dec 2020 - I tried a different brand recently and boy was that a mistake. The flavor was horrible. So I switched back to this brand and can say the flavor is great.
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This stuff is absolutely essential for maintaining gains! I have been a natural bodybuilder for the past 7 years and I've done several bulk and cut cycles during that time usually I make solid gains in the bulk phase and in the cutting phase I would lose plenty of weight but always lost lots of muscle mass in the process. Diet was always dialed in well and workout programs were excellent. I had always heard about how well BCAA worked and god knows why but I never gave them a try...Until this year I had put on awesome gains and my my holiday to Florida was coming up so it was time to cut down, this time I was more determined than ever to keep my gains during the cut phase so I gave these a go hoping they would help even if a little.I did pretty much the exact same workout/diet plan as the year before but added this and some vitamins to my supplements. After 8 weeks of dieting I lost 15lbs and I can honestly say in the 1st 2 weeks I actually gained muscle too. I monitored my Bf % and weight and I was getting heavier as my bf% went down! this had never happened to me before.. Starting to feel stupid bout not using BCCA before, As each week passed I dropped my calorie intake to speed up the fat loss. at week 6 I had almost completely stopped loosing weight but my Bf % was still going down so I was happy and by week 8 I was eating a very low amount of calories (1500) at 195lbs and Body fat hit my target goal of 7% I couldn't believe it! I had never had a cutting cycle with such good results I lost 15 lbs went from around 18% bf to 7% and I lost hardly any muscle at all I actually looked bigger than pre cut and thought my girlfriend had been spiking my meals with Dianabol or something!Due to how everything else was so similar to previous years apart from having this product, I am sure that this is what got me the amazing results! So now I will never do a cut phase again without it! And will probably get some for the bulk phase too to see how that goes!it also tastes very nice in watermelon too, easy to drink unlike so many other supplements!
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Decided to subscribe with my latest order of the fruit punch Amino x as I really do rate this product and notice the difference if I workout without using it. I'm really really happy with the results I'm seeing and this is the only supplement I take apart from vitamins.I use this for both cardio and weight training, I take it 15 mins before working out, drink only water during and then take this again post workout. I prefer to do cardio/HIIT workouts in a fasted state, the Amino x gives me the energy to push much harder and complete longer workouts which has meant my fitness levels have increased nicely (today I did 25 mins HIIT followed by 1 hour Les Mills body pump plus 10 mins of (fairly heavy)weight training & plenty more energy left in reserves, whereas 5 months ago I struggled to finish just 20 mins HIIT).With weight training I can lift a fair bit more, for instance I can shift an extra 20kg when squatting. It isn't a placebo effect either. One workout I honestly thought I had drunk the Amino x before heading out the door, got to the gym and couldn't shift my usual squat weight at all, I didn't understand what was going on until I got home and the drink was still sitting in the kitchen. Now I never forget!The fruit punch tastes really nice, the powder itself tastes like dip-dabs sherbet! I make it weaker than instructed as it is very sweet tasting (and I do have a sweet tooth!), so if trying this for the first time I would recommend using less powder or more water (I use less powder, about half to 3/4 of a scoop depending on what workout I'm doing. It still gives me the energy I need and the tub lasts longer.) I haven't tried any of the other flavours to comment on those.In conclusion, I'm aware I would have naturally progressed over 5 months training regardless (only consistent in last 2 months) but I'm certain the progression is more significant than it would have been without the Amino X.
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The ingredient is great, and I do love the extra ingredients in there such as sodium to replenish your electrolytes and the endurance agent. I don't know if the endurance content does anything or not because I usually take a pre workout before. I usually swig on this during my workout. I take supplements hoping I get the most out of my weight lifting regiment, and I usually don't care much about the flavors. However, this watermelon flavored BCAA drink mix is horrible when it comes to taste. If I didn't have strong tolerance, it would be undrinkable. I have tried many watermelon flavored BCAA, pre-workout, and workout supplement drinks, but this is by far the worst. If it had less grams of aminos,I wouldn't have given it 3 stars instead of 4. This has 10 grams compared to other amino drinks that usually has 5 or 6. If the flavor really matters to you, I would stay away from this watermelon flavored BCAA drink, because it's that bad. Even the cheap MuscleTech amino supplements taste way better then this watermelon flavored amino drink. I've tried all sorts of BCAA supplements from cheap MuscleTech, Body Fortress, Muscle Pharm and to the more expensive ones like USP Labs Modern +, Evlution, Xtend, GAT etc, and this is by far the worst when it comes to flavoring. Be warned if you have a weak stomach. Also, be careful with it when you're mixing it and opening the top of your bottle. I opened the top of my bottle quickly, and it popped. The drink shot everywhere and several feet above my head after I vigorously shook the powder in my bottle
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First let me start off by saying I've been using Optimum Nutrition Amino Energy for over two years, but recently decided to give this a try since lately I've felt that it wasn't giving me that extra boost during my workout. I ordered this in the Blue Raspberry flavor and to me, it tastes like a sweet tart so no complaints there! Im a female that has been lifting heavy for about 4 years now and currently weigh in at 126 lbs. As far as mid-workout energy goes, HOLY CRAP! I noticed a major increase in strength as soon as I sat down and completed my first set of leg press; it felt like ten pounds?!! Upped a 45 on each side and it still felt like nothing. Craziness. So here's the downside (for me anyways)After about 20 minutes of my workout, I was pretty sure my heart was going to explode. Resting pulse was 160, taken manually by myself (I'm an RN.) I actually dumped out the rest from my shaker bottle and switched to water. I noticed the more I worked out the faster my heart rate got so I called it quits for the day. Bummer.All in all I'd say this product is awesome, I'm just going to need to dial back the scoop size to find a good amount for me where I don't feel like my heart is going to explode! Haha That's where I preferred the Amino Energy from Optimum Nutrition because it gave you a chart on the side to show you how many scoops to use for the type of result you wanted. This stuff just states "one scoop". I'm sure I'll grow to like this stuff just as well once I figure out my scoop size!
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As you'd expect being BSN its a great product,I normally drink this throughout my workout at the gym & feel it helps give me a little boost, especially when ur getting towards the end of your workout.I personally went for the Watermelon flavour which I think tastes great, it has a really nice refreshing taste which isn't overly sweet. I haven't had chance to try the other flavours yet so i can't comment on which is the best out of them all but I'm back for a second tub to restock so i'm going try a new flavour this time round & update this when I've tried them all.One thing I will say though it mixes up with the water extremely well, only takes a matter of seconds before being ready to drink,while mixing it there is a little pressure build up in the shaker cup but nothing major just make sure u got hold of the lid while your shaking.On the whole i'm really impressed with this product however there is one tiny bad point well for me at least, I just find on the 435g tubs its really tight on the opening & I cant get my hand past my knuckles so now that I'm almost out of my AminoX I'm struggling to get the few scoops out, could of done with a slightly longer scoop or a wider opening on the tub but other than that I love the product & is 5stars from me
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Soo Yummy! I've been using the Blue Raz, which was a bit tart for my taste, but still drinkable.I ordered the Watermelon after someone said it was like drinking Jolly Ranchers! It really is! I drink this during my workout for the recovery aspect of it. Not for endurance, I have a pre-workout I use, so it would be unfair to say which one is doing the job.I've always been a gym rat and struggle with recovery because I have Fibromyalgia. I refuse to let something like that control me, and I stay very active. I've had to learn to adjust things to help in recovery, as it is a huge issue for me. One of my biggest aids has been taking a recovery drink. I had been using Amino Energy and it was doing a good job for a while,but I didn't like how much I had to take, 2-3 scoops a day.I've always loved BSN products and finally gave Amino X a try and I have been very happy with it. I still have bad days of recovery, which has nothing to do with the supplement, its just something I'm plagued with, so don't think this will be the cure all end all if your struggling with Fibro. But I have felt the benefits and feel a huge difference when I don't take a recovery, and when I do. I will keep purchasing this item. Super tasty!
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Oh How I LOVE THIS!!! This is by Far my favorite BCAA to use and I've got atleast 8 different ones on my counter. I like to switch it up because sometimes you need more than 2:1 or a 3:1 ratio. I read on bodybuilding.com that they used this because it was effervescent and works faster, so I decided to first try the watermelon because reviews said it was delicious, though when it comes to my supplements I care more on the actual working effects. This watermelon is tasty and taste like just that. I then just got the Green Apple and I'm liking it, even though normally I'm not a green apple fan. I just had to switch it up from my Blue Razz and Fruit punch flavors (i have about 8 in these same flavors).I like how this fizzles. The only Complaint I have about this product is that the company does not state what ratio of aminos this has, though the blend it solid you do get energy and recovery is quick. I like to drink mine pre-intra & when I'm doing Intermittent Feeding/Fasting. I tried researching the ratio and found one site said 3:1 and my supplement store guy who is trustworthy said he hear it was 6:1. Either or it does work especially doing an IF 3-4 times out of the week to stay lean and cut.
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I have tried Aminos in powder and it was disgusting. This stuff is actually rather tasty. After trying those powders I was only marginally expecting a decent tasting product and that was based on the brand name. I love the BSN products because they seem to work and they generally taste good if not always great. Everyone has preferences so that does factor in, but the flavors generally match up.Like all other BSN products I have used, this product is worth the 5 star rating and of excellent quality.The reason I say it's 5 stars is the excellent taste, kind of like any juice powder you buy to make your water taste like something other than water and not watery flavored crud.It also doesn't kill my stomach to drink like every other brand has. There is a chance with aminos that you can have "distress" in your stomach and I did not with this.The product dissolves well and turns into something I want to drink rather than HAVE to drink.This product is not going to make you "bulk" or get "roid rage" but if you are looking for a much needed supplement to enhace your workout and want something that does not taste like chalky fruit water, then this is the product you should purchase.
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My biggest concern with a product like this is the caffeine. Don't get me wrong, I am a coffee drinking superstar in the morning but products like this can have crazy amounts of caffeine or other stuff that makes your head itch and leaves you talking to yourself in a corner, in public while only wearing a robe. Ok, I may have exaggerated a bit but that is how products like Hydroxycut and other pre-workouts made me feel.First, the taste. Yes, it is excellent. I do have to say that I mix one scoop in a 32 oz water bottle instead of the 6-8 oz they recommend and over time just added a second scoop if I was feeling particularly lazy that day and didn't want to go to the gym.I read another review that said there was carbonation in this.Not sure what they were drinking but it certainly wasn't in mine. The other thing I was worried about is acid in the stomach. Some days, I pop Alka-Seltzers like Chiclets but this has not caused any issues.The really nice thing is that I can take this in the evening, go to the gym and still fall asleep easily. It is a quality product and really helps tons with energy and recovery. Now, I just have to figure out what flavor to try next!
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This product is perfect for me. I’m new to the supplement world but I’m getting back into running in my mid 30s now. I’m currently running 6 plus miles at a moderate pace and I’m increasing my miles almost weekly, shooting for a marathon. In the past I have experienced knee and muscle pains after a run that have almost put my running to an end. I have started eat healthier and have added this supplement after my runs and sometimes before I go to bed. I really feel like this gets me re-hydrated. It has salt and potassium along with BCAAs and most importantly no caffeine. I like caffeine but I don’t want this to be a pre-workout, plus caffeine is a diuretic and will do the opposite.Some have said this product it too sour and sweet. I have the watermelon flavor and it taste great. I think the problem people are having is because they don’t add enough water and possible drank it while it was bubbling. The easy fix is to do what I do. Add ice to a shaker cup with about 20oz or more of water and shake for 15 seconds, burp the shaker cup and wait a minute for it to settle. After it settles it’s good to go. This drink is something I truly look forward too after I run.
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Before this I had used BCAA tablets and they had given me a little boost. But then I decided let's try this and see how it goes. This stuff actually works. My whole entire life I've had to have breakfast-a proper meal before heading out the door. I would NEED solid amount of food an hour before a workout. Yesterday I decided due to a breakfast date at 9am, I will test this product and see if it really does give me enough energy to workout. I had my mandatory coffee and at 6:30am I was buzzing. I felt so alive! I managed to up my lifting game and I did a full workout on just this and coffee. I felt like it had suppressed my hunger for the rest of the day. And I didn't feel weak after working out either.I would highly recommend this! Trust me yesterday it got put through a rigorous test. In terms of taste, I bought cherry cola, it tasted like normal cola I couldn't find the cherry....tbh I'm not even a cola/cherry cola fan I bought it because I thought it will be different. It was a nice change from my unflavoured impact whey protein. I'm going to try the watermelon next! Also not being sexist I am a woman, so don't be afraid as lady to purchase this!
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Finally. I found a replacement for the old formula "After Glow" in watermelon. I loved how After Glow helped my recovery phase and allowed me to get back at it the next day. I have struggled to find anything that even resembled the flavor and recovery until now. Like others have said, this is no magic powder but damn if it doesn't help you get back into the gym quickly. Anyone who has busted out a leg work out and struggled to sit down, get up or walk up stairs afterwards knows the pain and sometimes length of a full recovery. This stuff has really helped minimize that struggle to sit on the throne the next morning. The watermelon flavor is really tasty if you like watermelon Jolly Ranchers too!It can be a bit strong with the directed amount of water so I usually add a little un-flavored creatine and fill my shaker cup the rest of the way with water. Cuts the flavor just enough to easily sip through the work out. Not that it is bad uncut though.Being stuck overseas I can't thank Amazon enough for the product support and quick delivery. I received this about 7 days after ordering which in my humble opinion is pretty darn quick for snail mail.
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Ordered this product due to some intense exercise in order to help reduce soreness and muscle fatigue. I was very skeptical about recovery drink products prior to ordering and honestly expected nothing besides a placebo effect at best. However, both my boyfriend and I noticed consistent and remarkable differences in muscle fatigue and soreness after using this product. It's not a magic pill that will make everything feel easy or have no soreness or fatigue, but it definitely makes things a lot better. Taste is kind of tart watermelon, similar to a jolly rancher as others have mentioned, but not quire. It has a tingle of carbonation to it and we did not have any issues with foam when we stir in the scoop.I did have an adverse digestive reaction the first time I used it,but not since. We tried one other recovery product from another company and were not impressed by the chalky taste that made me gag. This product is far superior in taste!My boyfriend, who is very rarely impressed or enthusiastic about products, is a big fan of this recovery drink!Great taste. Effective.
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