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I love this lantern. Originally, I loved the little Moji lantern - cheap and bright enough to light your table when hung from a tree branch just over the table, but then discovered it was really only good for overnight trips because the batteries wouldn't last longer than a few hours in a single evening. So, I thought I'd get the new bigger one with AA's instead of AAA's. But the more I looked at all the different lanterns at the store the more the kind of pudgy Moji Charging station grew on me. :) But eighty bucks seemed a bit much. Amazon had it for $60, so I bought one and now I love this lantern. Forget it as a charging station, it is kind of a waste when there are much more compact chargers with way more energy available for much less cost.But the capacity and brightness of this lantern as a lantern is terrific. It can light up a good chunk of campsite (more than my 'packable' coleman gas lamp did - at half the size) and do it for a few evenings - just on the lithium ion battery alone. I've never even dipped into the 4x AA's that are the reserve. Now I use it as a worklight, too, not just a camping light. Wherever and whenever you need a portable light, this lantern is there for you. Minor quibbles are that it doesn't seem to work with one of my 2 amp USB chargers, but others work fine and if you knock it over there's nothing to stop it rolling away. It's bigger and heavier than the original tiny moji of course, but it has the same nifty split ring hanger and you can still hang it from a somewhat beefier branch, but since it's brighter, you can hang it farther away. And it really is best hanging. The advantage to this over some of the stand lanterns is the semi-sphere light pattern. You can set it on the table in a pinch, but if you hang it, you get an even light everywhere below without lighting up the trees. Great area light when hung.
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My son ( 13 yr old ) asked for this for his birthday and got it a couple months ago. He loves it and so far it has worked as expected and has had no problems. However, it has not been used yet outdoors on one of his outdoor/overnight hiking trips, which will have to wait till summer.


Amazing! I don't know how I managed without it! Not only is it great for camping, but also bedside table as lamp and charger and 101 other uses.


Perfect for a backup light and cell phone charger for coastal living. Will work well for camping too


Very good product, has proven itself very well


A wonderful lantern
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