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Stupidly, I did not read all the reviews prior to purchasing, but in a way it was just as well as it would likely have influenced me not to purchase, and to be honest, they would have been right on the first one I received!The first one, I did not test prior to camping properly, I simply put the batteries in, checked to see if it would light up, popped it into the bag for the camping trip. Whilst using the light, I was massively impressed at the amount of light this unit gives off, absolutely perfect. However, left the tent and returned a while later and the light was off. Thought nothing of it, maybe auto turn off after a period of time, went to turn the light back on and realised how HOT the entire unit was.Now,was this because of the amount of LED's present? (should not be, LED's emit heat, but should not be that much!).... I dont know, not an engineer, but opening the unit, I suspected that the circuit board & capacitor installed may be the problem.Took the unit outside, moved the batteries around and tried to switch on to note that the heat had probably damaged the on / off switch most likely expanded the plastic making it sticky and not activate properly.When I managed to get the light to work, noticed that there was a difference in the number of the LED lights that were working, some were dull, others really bright. Switch it off, then back on again, all lights come on, then flicker somewhat. All the time I am 'testing' you can feel the heat in the unit increasing again.Was it the batteries? Well I changed them from rechargeable to standard alkaline, got the same effects, So again I suspect it is to do with the circuit board/capacitor....batteries removed, device placed in the storage box - thats going back!Now, what was I really concerned about was the amount of heat, it was nearly too hot to handle at times, and had posed a possible threat of fire/melting, if anything potential burn to the children if they handled the unit.I returned the unit to Amazon, and received a replacement - thought might as well see if the same problem exists (or others) and would test it out.Upon opening I immediately noticed that the circuit board was a different colour, being a dark green (the faulty one was all white - I think). Placed the batteries in and am currently testing, So far using for about 4 hours over two days, I have had not heat build up, the LED's are all still working. Used different batteries with different mha (between 1200 & 2900) ratings, and all is still working just fine. (if this changes I'll update the review)It does not appear to be as bright as the first (faulty) one, but that could be because this one is properly regulated for using the power from the batteries (capacitor issue in the faulty ones?)I think that these lights are perfect overall for the tent we have, as they spread the light out a bit, rather than being too concentrated with the beam.I strongly recommend that if you get one, test prior to camping, place rechargeable / normal batteries in and run the unit if for a while and identify if you have a faulty unit that is overheating, LED faults, or the on/off switch fault.
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I didn't read the reviews until I'd already ordered a couple of these. So, I was a little apprehensive after I'd seen people saying the ones they received were fake! I don't think the ones I received are because the packaging was exactly as I'd seen Vango stuff in the shops.I agree that being able to get at all the wiring when putting batteries in isn't very good (1 rating star lost for that) because you could accidentally damage something and as the wires are so thin - a repair would be tricky .Some other reviewers have said that the 48 led isn't much brighter than the 24! I tend to agree. However, that said - they work as described - all of the led's work,providing plenty of light to see what I'm doing when hung up in my tent with the little karabina that comes with them. I've only been on one camping trip with these, so I can't comment on battery life other than they were used for 3 nights and there's no noticeable dimming. - but led's aren't normally that power hungry really!Overall,I'm happy with what I've bought and I would buy the same again - if you want to take that as a recommendation!
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the light itself isn't the best build quality, it's basically 2 bits of plastic that fit together, when you take the back off, you can see ALL the electronics inside, takes 4 x AA batteries and gave a decent light on 24 LED when i tested it in my completely dark bedroom, 48 LED mode didn't really offer much extra. will probably seem even better once my eyes have gotten used to the dark when camping.NOTE this is the genuine VANGO product not an imitation as some reviwers have alluded to and i am happy with the product, not sure so much about its durability but will hold up for at least a few trips i think, the biggest issue is the waterproofing, which is nonexistant,if you think you might get the product wet you may have to spend a little time sealing it up and there is a hole for hanging it on a screw on the back panel, and you can see through it to the battery. gluing a piece of plastic to the inside of that hole and adding some rubber tape to the outside rim would probably solve the problem.very happy for the price though great if you're on a budget and can't afford a great lantern.
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I've now got 6 of these lamps on my boat. Some have been there for a couple of years. The main problem that besets this sort of lamp is a poor switch, which packs up quite soon. The Vango lamps don't seem to suffer from this , and all the switches are still working well. The lamps arrive well packaged and quickly, and I've never had a problem with either the lamps or the seller. Well recommended for bright, long lasting light. You'll need 4 x AA batteries, and I can highly recommend 7dayshop for these. The rechargeable ones seem to last forever, and are a great price.


This light is amazingly bright. It really surprised me. We have bought several more expensive lights for camping in the past and not been very impressed with any of them, frankly. You'd need a couple of these in a large tent and you'd be able to read at night without any problems. Not used them enough to comment on battery life yet, and they're maybe not theist robustly built product you'd ever buy, but at this price, who cares!


This is a really good light for a tent - has two levels of light (inner ring or inner & outer ring). Normal alkaline batteries lasted nearly twoo weeks with about 2 hours use each evening.Would be a really super investment - unlike the cheap alternatives which are sometimes unfinished products.Vango - if you read these - how about a power adaptor for those campers who get electricity?


This light is amazing, it throws a really good light which can light our whole tent which is a large Amazon 800. Haven't used it enough to know how long the batteries last but they haven't run out yet after two long evenings. Its really lightweight and easy to hang. It was so good we bought more for our sleeping pods. Great product.


This thing gives off some serious light, pals! I am stunned by it's brightness. If you need a light for inside your tent, this is the way to go. It has three brightness settings, all of which are brilliant. It's lightweight, takes 4xAA batteries, just all around, really great!


This is my third purchase of the light disc. They’re lightweight and bright, and easy to attach to my tent roof. I’m a guide leader and bought two for our first aid tent and our store tent. I recommend them to everyone!!


Couldn't believe how bright it was, works perfectly, will get another one i think, we only used one ring of the light rather than the two, and we left it on for two nights both with the same brightness, love it..........


Nice and bright and practical.One of them didn't survive a week in a scout patrol tent, at least some of the LED's failed and the central clip insert, use to hang it, broke - scout applied too much force though


I bought this to go on my outside umbrella I thought it clipped round but there is a hook that I used .It is very bright at night with two settings would recommend this product .


Brilliant product in terms of the light, but the hanging hook is very flimsy and breaks easily. It can also be a little difficult to unscrew to change the batteries occasionally


Have not used it for camping yet but tried it out in the conservatory and really bright. It will be perfect for the cooking area and thinking about buying another one


Used for evenings/nights for event tent, very bright and effective, would definitely recommend, I have 1 in each corner and its extremely bright, delivery quick.
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