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As above the one i received is the newer x2 burner, which runs canister gas as well as liquid fuel.paid £120 and as this includes the fuel bottle - pretty happy with the price and arrived next day.Works well on canister gas, although I also have the dedicated trangia gas burner which is slightly better - has a loop over design to pre-heat gas better. The X2 is also harder to light (i.e. by spark from steel) as the single jet is low down in the burner. A long lighter helps.As a liquid fuel burner it took me a few goes to get it right, i needed more fuel to prime than I thought, when the tank is pressurised, the fuel hits the top of the burner and spreads, rather than dripping into the wick.The instructions are a bit basic,they refer to pictures that are missing and there is very little about maintenance and cleaning (perhaps it won't need much..)The big advantage for me was that - unlike MSR - the jet for canister gas and liquid fuel are the same, so it's as easy as unscrewing one and then screwing in the other.For winter I plan to use the liquid fuel for boiling and then changing to gas for a lower heat simmer if needed.It's great to be able to boil milk quickly for hot chocolate!A spare jet would be nice, there is a tool for maintenance, but nothing along MSR lines.
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Have used a Trangia for years on both alcohol and with the gas conversion. The gas conversion was fantastic an I was happy until camping in sub zero conditions....frozen gas cylinders...a real pain to make a cuppa.Meths (alcohol) just too slowThe trangia multi fuel burner solves all of that. it does not boil water quite as fast as the gas unit in warm conditions but in cold its great. Fuel is always available as there is a25Ltr tank on the bike. lol.If you have a trangia then you need to get one of these.


The product supplied by Amazon UK is not the product shown, which is based on the Optimus Nova stove!What it actually is is the Trangia X2 which is based on the Primus stove, and is the newer model with some changes over the older model.The main differences are it can run on gas but is less controllable at low settings, due to the adjustment being at the pump end.


Does not say if it will burn alcohol as my optimus ranger 199 will and will save having to carry two lots of fuel


Great addition. Works very well.


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