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I researched a lot about camp pots and came to the conclusion that this would be a good starter for my purposes.Since I don't have space for a microwave in my home, small pots and ovenproof enamelware was my mainstay for reheating food. An enamelware plate on the floor of the oven can get stuff hot pretty fast!Unfortunately, though, I found myself scratching up my bowls by using them on the stovetop and stirring in them. Hence, I got this to use at home, and to bring out to camp with my wife when we needed 2 servings of rice or some ramen or whatever is accompanying the meal.Overall the pot is pretty nice, but a little thin for my taste. The bottom has already warped after a few weeks and it now "buttons" in and out,similar to what a snapple cap does after the seal is broken. It is also a little bit smaller then I would have imagined, but it's perfect for single serving entrees or 2 side servings (a can of soup would fit very comfortably in it).Thanks for the read!
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Down through the years I have accumulated a large collection of outdoor cookware, having never been totally satisfied with any one of them. Until I got this one. I found it to be the perfect size for solo cooking and have used it almost every day since I bought it. It is very versatile and can be used for boiling water, cooking in and eating from. All of which I found it well suited for, both in the quality of it's stainless steel construction, it's features and in it's size.The bale handle will also stay up if you gently bend one of the retaining brackets outwards a little.I have been very pleased with this product and would happily recommend it.


Ideal, sturdy, well thought out, useful at the campsite, perfect with alcohol stoves, camp fires, the "Firebox" or most any other wood burner. Mine is busy getting its "woods fire patina" right out of the box. It's just about the perfect size. You may be struck that it's small, but it handles a meal for one or even two people. It is light enough to back pack and you can nest a lot of items in it on a hike. Works just as well in a base camp on a Coleman stove. I had admired them in the catalogs for years, glad I broke down and bought one. In spite of the quality construction; it is not overpriced.


Purchased this by accident but decided to keep it. Best mistake I have made. We use it in the house all the time for hot chocolate and hot tea. It also goes on every camping trip and has replaced my titanium pot for backpacking. It is not as thick as my msr pot but it weighs less and is still plenty durable. Can be used as a cook pot or kettle. The long fold out handles are awesome and don’t get to hot to use when heating with MSR pocket rocket or whisperlite like my snow peak titanium does. I cannot tell much weight difference in it and my ti pot but I’m not a hiker that counts ounces either.


Just the right size for solo trips...not too big. not too small. Great for boiling water for coffee, tea, etc. Also great for making a small batch of soup or stew. Easily fits in a small rucksack and weighs only 8.9 oz. Can also nest a cup inside as long as it's not greater than about 3'' in height. Interior of kettle has a nicely finished satin texture...FAR better than the rough-brushed interior of stainless cookware coming out of China. I love this thing so much that I'm going to buy at least one more to keep on hand as a spare.


I just purchased this and want you to know there are only three possible improvements...1) A notch in the bail like the GSI has...2) Insert pans and lids like those on the 12 cm Zebra pot should be offered, as an option. The Zebra insert pan and lid work on your kettle, but who wants to buy an inferior pot just to get add-ons for yours?3) A lid hinge, as on a mucket. Perhaps it could come apart for optional use, like the lid hinge on an ammo can?As it is, it is excellent, but it could be even "excellenter"!


This is awesome as a pot/cup. Large enough to cook soup/stew meal... but small enough to use as a personal cup when needed.Solid handle, that compacts well- what more is needed.The only reason I gave 4 of 5 stars, was that it is advertised at over 5" wide... but the inside diameter is actually 120mm (4.72"). I discovered this the hard way, as when it arrived my 4.9" stove would not fit inside... I wish the description was accurate.(The box shows the outside dim to include the widest part at the handle "wings".)


Although slightly smaller than I had anticipated, this is an adequate pot/kettle, which I mostly intend to use as a backpacking pot for boiling water on my Clikstand. When you pack away, the kettle will easily contain the windscreen and trangia stove, but not quite the Clikstand; just another inch in diameter would have done the trick. Maybe they need a full 1L kettle one size larger.Still, this kettle/pot is just right for the trail and seems to be well-manufactured.


Just about perfect for one-person hike. It holds about 0.9 liter upto the brim. The bail wire is useful for hanging. I bent the tabs in wide "V" to keep the bail wire erect. The handles are long and far above the flame, so it does not get too hot. The lid is shaped, so that you can put coal on it to cook from both top and bottom. The lid handle is heavy gauge, so it will last and last. Trangia Mini T28 fits inside so lovely, with room to spare for other things.


Quickly becoming my favorite pot. Perfect size, imo, and the weight surprised me. Very light, at 250 grams, or 8.82 ounces. I like the way the lid is made. It allows you to place hot coals on it for a Dutch oven. Also, the insert pan, and lid from a 12cm Zebra pot fits it perfectly. The handles give you something to hold onto while the pot is still hot, to eat out of. Very happy with this purchase.


Well built and it does it's job perfectly. I bought this for backpacking and while it isn't quite as light as a titanium pot it is more than light enough, and has the added ability to be placed into a fire. The handles stayed cool while it was on the camp stove, and it boiled enough water for freezer bag cooking. It is certainly priced right and will probably last longer than I will.


Despite a few minor design flaws (swinging side handles, lose fitting lid, no graduation markings) this is currently my favorite little pot/kettle. I have a S.S. 900 pot enroute and it might bump this out of the top spot but, for now, it’s #1I’ve bought a few of these for myself and as gifts. If I buy more of something, it means I’m happy with the product and it’s worth the price!


This kettle is well made out of solid stainless steel...not flimsy stuff. The welds are all very positive and clean, especially around the spout. The design is perfect for a person who likes making cowboy coffee in the field, but may occasionally need to cook something else. The only thing to consider is that this is NOT a huge pot It is best suited to a one-person kit.


Just got this little doodad Friday. Headed for the woods Sunday cooked up a little lunch on the trail. Works as advertised. good solid construction. I normally use the stanley boiler but was looking for something a little shorter and larger diameter with a bail handle to make it a little easier to eat from and clean. So far liking it very well.


I like that this pot is wider and will hold the can of gas for the stove. Take note that the fat can is all that will fit in this pot, not the stove, matches, etc. (we got the smallest gas can Walmart had, so don't know if there is a smaller one available.) Nice pot and using the spout makes pouring water into meal bags easy.
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