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Looks like a good product. It was almost perfect for me, but will not nest what I want to in it. I wanted to use the 700 as my pot, nest the snow peak 600 mug in it as my bowl, and then use the H450 nesting mug for drinking hot beverages. The 600 ALMOST fit, but did not. It went about 3/4 of the way in and that was it. If they made this a 750-800ml pot by increasing the diameter, it would have been great. Looking at most of the other pots, it does not look like I will be able to make them work either if I want a lid. To get one that it will fit in, I would have to get one that uses a pan for a lid which is not what I am looking for, since the pan would not be used and would add more weight than necessary.I am ok adding extra weight for convenience, but not for something that has no use. The lid this one has is good. Some people complain about the tabs, but it does not seem to be much of an issue. The strainer hole seems to be a good idea and the hook on the back allows you to put your thumb securely on it to help strain without getting burnt. The handles wedge together, somewhat, and keep the handles from flopping about. It makes it easy to grab if you were to have it on a stove. All in all, this would have been perfect if I could have fit that 600 inside. The 450 would have fit, but that was a little small for me to use as a bowl and would have made any cup smaller than I would have liked as well. If you intend to try ultralight and were going to eat straight out of this or a bag, this could definitely be a good choice.
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Pricy for what it is, but I've tested a few other similar TI mugs, and this one is the sturdiest of the lot. Have been using it heavily for a while now and just wanted to give out my thoughts. Incredibly durable piece of gear. I could take or leave the little 'lips' on the lid. Also, regardless of what you have heard, the lid is indeed titanium (email to SnowPeak and also according to their website), it is just heavy. At first I hated the little 'dongle' tab hanging off the lid, but I have found it to be genius after using it. It really is useful. As far as packing it up, I usually end up putting the lid in the bag first (with the dongle tab thing facing up) then put the cup in with the opening on top.Then inside the cup I put lighter, fuel cubes in a baggie, one of those collapsible bellows things (like a metal TV antenna), Emberlit Fireant (yeah it fits perfectly), some coffee/tea/sugar-packets, a mini scrubber, TI spork, some tin foil for emergency windscreen, some TI tent stakes, and there is still room left over in the bag.For what it is, it is expensive. But at the end of day, it is extremely durable and probably the last mug in this size you will ever need to buy (your not going to break this thing under normal use, it will outlive you). I ended up picking up the 1400 too because of how impressed I was with this mug, and for use with multiple people.
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**UPDATE**Have used this for over a year and I still love it. It's perfect for solo travellers (or 2 people max. at a time) or to boil water for your dehydrated meal packs for two. It's enough water for 2 cups and a little more.There's measurements on the inside, making it easy to pour the right amount of liquid for your dehydrated food pack (although depending on where you're from you may have to do your conversions), Markings are in 4, 8, 12, 16 oz. and 0.2, 0.4, 0.5 (meaning 200mL, 400 mL and 500mL).It's construction is ultra light. I've dropped it and banged it and still no dents. My only complaint is still the lid: with the pour hole pointed down, hold the "thumb handle" as you pour,it's awkward but it works.I've taken this with me on multi-day kayak trips, day hikes (nothing like being able to have a hot beverage when you reach the top of a snow peak – literally).It fits the small canister and my BRS stove, lighter, small salt/pepper and folding spoon. Make sure that your SnowPeak is dry before putting the canister in as the canister is not rustproof and may leave a mark in your cookware (still easily scrubbed away).
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I have only used it at home so far, instead of the normal ceramic mugs I always end up chipping and breaking, and it's perfect. I read the discussions about single wall vs double wall titanium mugs and was worried that boiling tea might cool down too quickly. Not a chance. Straight from the kettle and into this mug, it is still piping hot 35mn later with the lid on, and still very hot 20mn later without the lid. Perhaps liquids cool down faster when camping in cold temperatures or when the mug is only half filled, but at room temperature this mug keeps liquids hot longer than an ordinary ceramic mug. And since it's single walled you can even cook in it when camping. Light, elegant, impervious to rust,volume measures etched inside and excellent at keeping liquids hot. It's brilliant.
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This is the first piece of titanium cookware I have owned, and it's amazing. It weighs NOTHING! I mean, absolutely nothing! Perfect for my bugout bag, where every ounce counts. It is large enough to hold my Esbit folding stove, 2 boxes of solid fuel tabs for same, and several packets of coffee, tea bags, creamers, and bouillon cubes. But not quite long enough to contain my titanium spork. If I ever have to actually grab my go bag and escape, I can remain secure in the knowledge that I will be able to heat water for a drink or my Mountain House meals, without adding anything to the weight of my bag (and not a lot to the volume). Wonderful little kit for hikers, campers,or anyone who likes to have a hot drink on the go.
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I've been wanting to buy the 700 for so long I should have just bought it a long time ago. It was always just out of my price range at the stores around here so I never got it and settled with a couple stainless steel sets instead. What a mistake. You can't go wrong with stainless steel, except when it comes to weight. Lately I've been going the Ultralight route so I got this thing for just over half price compared to any store around here. My only possible "complaint" would be that The Lid Is Made Out Of Stainless Steel. Not a big deal for most but it's good to know. It'll hold a whole box of mac & cheese or a pasta side easily and the measurement marks on the side work well for mountainhouses.
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Solid build, worked well and allowed water to boil pretty quick. I used it to boil water, and make coffee (bought the snow peaks lip protectors). Did the job well. I was also able to fit a small fuel can, fuel can stand, and an msr stove and close the lid which made it convenient to pack. Only gripe is I wish the markings for measuring were more visible, and I wish I stepped up to a screw top snow peak so I could try cold soaking, otherwise decent camp gear that is simple, efficient, and lightweight.


This pot is well built and fairly solid. I've had an MSR Alpine Stainless Steel set for +20 years and love it, but wanted something lighter for solo trips. This pot fits the bill perfectly. The handles are nice and are large enough to stay cool enough to hold on to. The lid sits on the pot well and I like the fact that it latches on when pouring. The markings inside are easy to read and this thing conducts heat extremely well. Overall I'm glad I purchased and I would do so again.


Added this to my Ultralight hiking setup. Used to take a Jetboil with me, but when I saw this I decided to buy it along with a small foldable stove that fits onto the fuel bottle comparable to a MSR Pocket Rocket.It’s been on multiple hikes with me and can use it for coffee, boiling water, or whatever else I can throw at it. Can even use it over a small fire. Very happy.


extremely light Perfect for campingNote...do not heat up without any liquids or the container will not retain its color dont worry it doesnt get ruin..you are able to grab it with your hands seconds After it has been on a flameAble to withstand very HIGH heat so very lightweightYou will know the technology behind this titanium its amazing


I got this pot for backpacking trip. It's a perfect size and very light. The fuel canister and little burner all fit inside. But the top was a bit disappointing as others have pointed out. I actually didn't take the top but used the plastic top from one of my Jetboil burner which fit perfectly. Other than that, I don't have any complaint.


Love this mug, only one I use. Holds plenty of savoury liquids, if not all liquids. It even hold solid materials within reasonable volumes.Bought this for far out adventure, use it daily, I even use it to water my pets. It works all different ways, I haven’t found my favour spot to drink from yet, I LOVE MY MUG bra!


Nicely light and excellent pot/mug/bowl for solo hiking; it cools down fast too. I thought I'd need the 'hot lips' but this was not so. The only slight caveat was that it burns easily and the 'snap on' lid doesn't work as well as it could. But I would definitely recommend it for ultralighters


When traveling light, and if I was restricted to one universal 'do it all' cooking/drinking pot, then this would be it. Good quality, weighs nothing, easy to clean ..... perfect. One word of advice though, never put it on the stove empty, or it WILL burn and discolour a little, I love it.


Works great with my new iso stove! The lid doubles as a strainer and speeds up boiling.100g iso canisters fit inside with the stove, and the net holds everything together.After using it on a full day XC ski trip, I’ll definitely keep it in my day pack!
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