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I bought this bench in 2012. It was used for a team of 9 and 10 year old soccer players. The nylon fabric wore out rather quickly, and the carry bag is not good at all (it wears out very fast and is uncomfortable to carry). However, the price was much better than other offerings and it did the job for 2 seasons. I felt that the seat should have lasted much longer so I contacted sklz about it. Their customer service person was exceptionally prompt and helpful. She was very honest about the reported problems with the nylon fabric .She said they had remedied the problem with their supplier and could either offer a return or replacement. So, while the product itself was a 2 or 3. they way made up for the problems by dealing with it honestly and fairly. Very uncommon for many consumer facing companies today. Regarding the poor carry bag: until they re-engineer this, plan on using 2 cargo straps and a luggage shoulder strap unless you just want to carry it under your arm.
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Coach had trouble keeping the girls focused on the game. Sitting on the ground left them cold/wet or put them too close to the clover flowers. I got this bench figuring we could loan it to the team on game days & use it for family outside of games. It worked great to keep the girls warmer, drier, and facing the game. My kids used it as a lounge in the yard and trips. Two drawbacks I found: 1) description says it seats 4 adults or up to 6 kids but each girl insists on a full seat so the 6 seater might have been a better choice,and 2) the girls started picking at the stitching and one section seemed to loosen rather easy on day 1. A little lecture on how they'd lose use of our bench if they started to destroyed it helped with the 2nd problem but not so much with the first. Choose the correct bench size for your team to avoid that problem.
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Easy fold out and fold in, which I was not expecting. I have permanent wrist injuries so I was expecting a lot of difficulty trying to set up and fold up. Not so. It stood on its own while I unfolded it and was very stable as my 7 yr old son played around it. It did not tip, flip, or injure him and that's saying something. Folding up was even easier! Sliding it into its carrier was simple! The long adjustable shoulder strap is perfect. I can easily slide it on my shoulder without straining my wrist or torquing my hands.I highly recommend this bench to keep your kids or adults off the grass and in place vs. little ones running and tumbling during their game! In addition, my sons grass allergy is now tamed, off the field. Now, if I could find something to keep him from rolling during the game.
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I use this for my Soccer team (3-5 year olds). It helps a lot to have all the young ones together on a bench rather than spread across the field. It has held up nicely so far through 3 seasons. I carry a little screw driver with me because on occasion, a screw will come a little lose from the kids bouncing on it. I presume this problem wouldn't exist as much with older kids because they would sit a little more still :)I ended up buying this on a low-point of price around $38, though,I think even at the $60 it is worth every penny. The bench holds 4 people easily and at the age of my team, I get 6 on there with no issue. The material is what I expected and will hold up for awhile. Setup/Take down is a breeze....less than 10 seconds.
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This bench is very solid and the team loves it. I like that it's quite compact and light (for what it is). It doesn't have a back, like some of these benches, which I view as a plus due to the very compact size you get when folded.This bench seats only 4. For our team that's fine as we only have 5 subs and that's only when everyone shows up. Some benches seat more, so just something to take into account for your team size (more to the point,the number of subs who'll be out at any one time).As with any of these style benches it's a snap to unfold and fold and slips easily into a quality carrying case.One of the best features is that this bench fits perfectly under the
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Purchased for a team of under 8 footballers. Comes in a heavy duty bag with shoulder strap. Not too heavy so can be carried for significant distances. The bench is a great design, open and closes with ease; no fighting to get it back into the bag after use either.I wish we'd brought one for the team months ago. It gives them somewhere to sit when on the subs bench, so they can watch the game and don't get distracted or bored, and they're no longer getting wet and cold from sitting on the grass either.Helps keep them focused and ready to play.
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As a family with four boys we are always running around to watch their sporting events all year. I needed something quick to assemble that was easier to carry then four chairs. This bench was the perfect answer! I always have people coming up to me asking where they can get one. I use it with the sunbrella and it fits pefectly. If I push it all the way the under the sunbrella I do have to lean forward to fit(as an adult, the kids don't have to)but that is a small price to pay for the convenience.
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I've used this bench for several years now - and I'm still happy with it. Not only does it store away into a small space, but it's so perfect for sports games, barbecues, concerts on lawns, even for extra seating if you're hosting people at your house. Easy to clean. My canvas has started to rip, but I've taken this baby through rough treatment and I've been doing so for MANY years. Love it, would gladly buy another.


I choose this after having spent time waiting to go on pitch. Its so easy to put up and collapse.The other members of the team like it at half time and can support four grown males no problem.The seats are wide enough for adult bums with the supporting bars just in the right place not to cause discomfort, apart from laying down then you will feel them poking you but only on the edges.


We use these every weekend for travel soccer. The bag for one has ripped but the other two are holding up well. The screws come loose on the seats. I would order an extra set from skillz in advance. They were Only like $6.00 for 3 or 4 extra screws and bolts. You will need them. I think all of the portable benches have the same problem.
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