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Finally a mattress that allows you to sleep on your side, it certainly does not equal the comfort of your cozy bed but it is closer to a comfort worthy of the name. The finish is good and the anti-puncture kit is quite nice. If the weight of this mattress is a little higher than my previous ones, it is because it has in its carrying case the famous inflatable system, very practical, no need to empty its bag sometimes badly stored to find the inflatable bag. This SEA TO SUMMIT is also less noisy than my EXPED SYNMAT and will tend to slip less because of its more "eye-catching" velvet fabrics. Remains the price, quite expensive, fortunately at a very good price on the TREKKIN site,130 euros instead of the 170 euros observed in general. The delivery was a bit long, but I think this is due to COVID 19 and the delays that have accumulated. In short, I recommend the site and the mattress.
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My search is over! I'm ultralight backpacker and have tried lots of mats over the years, especially ultralite options from Exped (failed at the valve), Thermarest (xlite - great but noisy and easy to roll off to the side, and hard to deflate quickly, and it gets moldy) and Sea to Summit (loved their UL mat overall, but it was too thin to keep me from bottoming out when on my side and moving around). Sure, the Ether Light XT is a bit heavier, but it is more than worth the weight penalty. I'll now exclusively use this mat, also for backpack travel in civilization when I need a mat to toss on the floor at people's homes.


What setbacks with this site. Mattress arrived a year ago, pierced not holding inflation .... in my living room !!! After having finally succeeded in having an interlocutor in French, I send photos and then return the mattress which comes back to me like a ladybug full of colored patches ... and still not holding the inflation !!! :) We have me promised a refund never arrived and instead I am returned a defective product. I gave up and this mattress is languishing in the back of a cupboard .... at this price it is unacceptable .... Sabine


Product as per technical data sheet. A few grams more than other models but decidedly comfortable, with its 10 cm thickness, for those who sleep on their side Weight controlled with a precision balance, corresponds to what was declared by Sea To Summit. It inflates comfortably effortlessly with its practical bag. It deflates quickly and impressively by opening the valve completely! I confirm that RValue has dropped 3.2. Tracked shipping and punctual delivery as per notice.


Well the seatosummit either xt in large is an awesome product I can recommend this mate best mat sofar supper comfortable and got it from trekkinn what awesome company they delivered on and was the product I ordered so I will be using this service again thanks so much guys you can see in deepth review on my YouTube channel Northeast wildcamper Thanks again Bryan


Nice thick sleeping mat. Is perhaps even more comfortable than a normal bed. With the pump bag the mat can be inflated very quickly and the mat stays nicely dry inside. The mat is also nice and warm to sleep on. No problems with cold from the ground. Very small on the roll and nice and light. A big improvement on the self-inflatable mat that I had before.


A couple of weeks in a row come to sleep on top of this and I am very happy. It has a lightweight and compact footprint, and sleeping comfort is best in class A. The first platform that does not become sore. The only minus comes from the soundproof surface. Coating when you could still get it done this would be perfect!


Just tested once in a tent (temperature of 11 ° harms me) and I was not cold. Very comfortable and easy to inflate mattress. It is light and quite small when folded. Convenient for those who sleep on the side. I took the size Large which is perfect for my size: 1.90m and 84kg. Smaller would have been too small.


I have two exped mats 51cm wide(narrow) . I needed something wider after I upgraded from a Bivy(narrow) to a TarpTent moment Dw(wider). Haven't been out yet but first impressions are really good. Stuff sack/pump bag is dead handy. Light weight and it comfortable to lay on. Seems very well made.


Great! You can lie on your side without touching the ground, which is what I wanted to achieve. Folded, the mattress is light and small in relation to the comfort level. It sounds a lot when you turn around But it does not matter to me. Smooth and hygienic with the integrated pump!


It is simply perfect, very comfortable, almost like sleeping at home, easy to inflate, very resistant and silent to move over it. The space it occupies is almost nil, very good investment. The custom and dispatch service was very efficient.


This is a really good Mat. We had the precious skinnier model of the sea Ros unit mats and this is much better and much more comfortable!! It’s the closest thing you’re going to be able to have while camping ultralight!!


Tested immediately, what a super mat. As a side sleeper always struggling to find a nice mat, but this one is great! Only the delivery time of 2-3 days to the Netherlands is incorrect, I had to wait a week for it.


Extremely comfortable mattress to sleep on, didn´t feel even a bit of cold coming from below me when sleeping on a Finnish forest floor in a tent. Extremely easy to fill with the stuff sack that comes with it.


It is the best by far, people who have trouble sleeping like me and had stopped camping for bad nights, now with this, one can go back to camping and get a comfortable and warm sleep. I recommend it 100%
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