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I bought this to replace my sea to summit self inflating mat, which I hadn't really managed a good sleep on.First of all, this is pretty expensive, I forked out for it because a good nights sleep, and lightweight and packable are the most important features to me and I will pay extra for these-whether the price represents good value will depend on how durable this turns out to be long term .So far I've had good sleeps on this mat,it inflates on both sides which means you can fine tune the firmness, and if you punctured the bottom then you may still have an intact bit to sleep on.This model includes the pump sack, this does work well, but often in practice I just blow it up.Comfort really is excellent on this,and it is significantly better than my previous mat. I sleep on my side, front and back and all of these work-it is bloody noisy changing positions though, but as I wear ear plugs this is only a problem for my fellow campers !I bough the regular version and at 6foot 2 and broad shoulders and 110kg this mat is sufficient. The only minor issue I have is that when layong on my back my elbows don't have anywhere to go so end up sleeping with my arms folded.All in all I am really pleased with this and would buy again. I'm now often the one who has slept really well when fellow campers report a bad night's sleepIt packs down very small and is easy to deflate and put away, and is nice and light
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This earned top marks from Backpacker magazine, and after months of use I can only agree that this is the most comfortable, lightest weight camp mattress I have ever used.I bought this to take and use in Africa, while deployed to Mali as a UN observer. It was a great choice! Super comfortable. I've paired it with the sea to summit inflatable pillow and air steam pump sack, and love the set. All the items made it through Africa, and have accompanied me and my boys on more enjoyable camping.I absolutely love this thing!


Once again my purchase arrived very Quickly to my address here in the UK. I haven't used this mat on a trip outdoors as yet but my 1st impression is that this piece of kit is AWESOME.! It packs down to half the size of my old Thermarest and is very light. Once fully inflated it's extremely comfortable to lie on. I am really looking forward to giving it a proper trial on my next camping/backpacking trip, and will give a follow up review afterwards.


The best investment for my slumber even beyond getting a high quality sleeping bag. I am 6'3" (75 inches), with a normal male frame & it fits me just right, if you like a little wiggle room I would suggest going up in size, but if you are around my size & prefer being more compact, this does the job perfectly for my needs. So glad I got this, it adjusts easily & it feels like sleeping on a basket of marshmallows.


I loved this pad. Took it backpacking to havasupai in the Grand Canyon and spent the extra money because I wanted a good night's rest. It was the best money I could have spent. So comfortable I wasn't even sore the next day. Highly recommend. It was about 40 degrees at night so it wasn't incredibly cold, but I stayed at a great temperature all night.


Jury still out. Inflated and tried it on floor and it felt fine. Leaving for a month long backpacking trip in Wyoming on September 10th, 2017. May update and adjust stars when I return


I had reservations about how comfortable a pad could be and blowing it up without a pump, but this pad is remarkably comfortable and only take 6-7 breathes to inflate. It is amazing.


Once I figured out to not inflate it all the way I have been able to sleep pretty well using this product. If you toss and turn, be prepared for a loud night.


Slept much better on this than on my Thermarest Pro-Lite Plus, which gave me pressure points on my hips and not enough support under the knees.


Super comfortable. Packs pretty small. Easy to inflate. The dual chamber is nice peace of mind on the trail.


Immediately tried it from the box. Super comfortable and dimensions were accurate. Can't wait to test it


more comfortable then my bed. this one is a bit heavy but not to bad at all for the comfort level.


Worth every penny! So comfortable, easy to inflate and very portable.


great brand and quality.great sleeping the outdoors.
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