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Have tried a lot of different brands what all in one way or another are pretty vile. Either they do not mix well, are disgusting or they are really thick making it a chore to chug down. My worst one was a well known brand and supposedly was chocolate hazelnut. What it actually tasted like was chocolate mold!This brand actually make dam tasty and I mean tasty shakes. My and my misses favourite flavour, hell even my 9 old year old has tasted it and loved it, is Lemon Cheesecake.Easy as pie to mix too.By a mile and then some this is my favourite brand and flavour on the market. Recommend...Chocolate Cookies and Cream 10/10. Reminds me of those little white chocolate mouses we munched as kids!Lemon Cheesecake 10/10. A close fight with cookies and cream but slightly wins!Chocolate 7/10. Funny really as though not bad nowhere as good as the above 2.Coconut 6/10. Whilst the taste is coconut and actually contains decimated coconut it has to be mixed really well or the bottomportion of the shake tastes a little funny not matching the top. This is using a nutribullet.Strawberry 9/10. Tastes just like a strawberry milkshake! Knocked down to a 9 as there is a slight sweetener aftertaste.I will keep updating my review with my opinion of flavours as I experiment with them.I write these reviews to help Amazon customers make informed decisions before they buy. I buy these protein powders at my own expense. If this review helped please click "helpful"
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I bought this upon recommendation of my personal trainer. Chocolate Coconut is my favorite flavor of the range, so rich and satisfying, even when mixed with just water.It takes a bit more shaking than, say, Chocolate Hazelnut, but the flavor more than makes up for that extra bit of work and I find the texture more interesting.And if you want a smoothie feeling, albeit with slightly more calories, coconut or almond milk are the way to go.Highly recommended!


Three words 'delicious, perfect protein'Have tried many brands and find Scitec to be the best. It is about personal taste and some ppl like their protein thick,this isn't a thick protein nor watery. It is of good consistency, great flavour and full of all the essentials nutrients (and then some) which we look for when training, post workout or in between meals. Highly recommend.


Fantastic! This by far surpasses any other protein mix I have used. Mixes with ease,to a smooth creamy drink.I chose chocolate and chocolate it is,no nasty, pasty after taste,so I know every last scoop will be used( I have thrown others in the bin) It does advise to take after a work out and travel's well in a mixer cup.I will be purchasing more of this brand.


The best protein shake I've used so far, mixes extremely well, no lumps and not powdery, and tastes incredible, I had the strawberry chocolate and I never got bored of the flavour! Just ran out of my first tub, and it genuinely felt like I was never gonna run out of this stuff, it lasts ages, incredible value for money!


Everyone banging on about the flavour. It does what it says, delivers a great hit of protein pre/post work out..If you want a great tasting milk shake that has nothing to do with protein or working out then go buy one, otherwise pick a flavour and suck it up, this stuff works


Okay, this is simply the best tasting protein I've ever tried, it also has additional digestive enzymes that other brands not always include. Can recommend and will definitely order more when I finish current tub.


The best tasting whey with water. I've always mixed my Whey with milk to enhance the flavour but this stuff is excellent tasting with just water. Great for decanting into smaller containers to take out and about.


Did not receive the correct flavour but was offered a voucher, fortunately the strawberry flavour I received is very good.Great customer service and would purchase again


All the chocolate ones in this range are great but the peanut butter chocolate one is something else. Mixed with water, it tastes great. Mixed with milk, it’s incredible.
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