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The Regatta Napa 7 Mat (Pepper) inflates to around 7cm thick and is comfortable to sleep on. To inflate the mat you just undo a valve which sucks in air automatically. No power required. For best results, lay the mat out flat and undo the valve several hours before use.To put the mat away, undo the valve, and roll the mat allowing the air to escape via the valve. The mat comes with two elastic bands to keep the mat rolled up, and a matching cover to protect the mat in transit. I recommend.


Really comfy, but a bit bigger than I expected - slightly longer and fatter than my old rollmat.Takes a while to inflate - looks like it's done after a minute but leave it an hour to finish slowly inflating before you tighten the valve. Once fully inflated I can even lie on my side without feeling like I'm touching the ground.Surprisingly easy to roll up, air comes back out easily and you don't have to fight against it trying to unroll again. It then easily fits in the supplied bag.


After years of camping on various airbeds that look incredibly sung and cosy, but usually deflate leaving to a very uncomfortable night, I decided to try these much less comfy looking mats due to the reviews. I have to say they were very easy to use and definitely the most comfortable few nights sleep I have had in a tent. There was no top up required over 3 nights. I did cover them with a sheet as I imagine they would be very slippery otherwise.


Super mat ,.it inflates on its own,but add a few puffs of air yourself for great comfort when sleeping on the camp bed ,.i found it very comfortable to sleep on..highly recommended for that little bit of luxury,..its ok sleeping on a camp bed on its own when one is a teenager,.but when one hits 61 then this is a definite must,..after a night on this mat i was ready to bag a Munro the next day.


Brought this item based in the many positive reviews. This item did not disappoint. The mat inflates well and is very comfortable. My only criticism will be that it is very difficult to deflate and roll back into the straps provided.


Great buy! My son aged 10 said it was very easy to use and very comfortable.It also deflated easily and went back in the bag no problem.The quality is very good has a good thickness to it even when deflated.


Couldn't feel the ground and stayed inflated the whole night. Was slightly slippery with my sleeping bag, but otherwise perfect!


Have no chance to use at camping but checked on hard floor at home. Comfortable deep sleep.
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