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I love this lantern. In the old days, fuel lanterns like these were an absolute must for camp lighting. Nowadays, it is not my first go to for camp lighting with advent of LEDs. If I set my Luci LED lantern out in the sun for a day, it will light up my camp/tent for two or three evenings on that one charge and weighs less than 125g, which weighs less than even the smallest fuel cylinder for this lantern {ASIN: B01IIV1OC0}. It will do this for months on end. Carbon impact for 4 months use - ZERO. How many fuel cylinders is that in a lantern?What I really use this Primus lantern for nowadays is both light and/or HEAT. If it is too cool or cold, fire this thing up inside the tent,and you will be warm and toasty in no time. If I need to break camp at the crack of dawn and there is dew everywhere, few camp tools will dry out the tent surfaces better than firing up this compact lantern inside the tent for a few minutes. A huge plus. You can then break down and roll up a DRY not soggy tent. In cold weather, I suggest hanging the lantern ready to go in the tent at bedtime, then you can reach out of your sleeping bag and fire it up with the built in piezo lighter (it's fast and easy - check the video) and retreat to the comfort of your sleeping bag while the Primus heats up your tent until it is ok to come out of your cocoon.It is a good source of light, but with all of the advantages of the modern solar chargeable camp lights, it is hard not to regularly use them for your light sources and conserve your fuel. Additionally, the HEAT produced from the lantern while helpful, can also be hazardous, so for casual light, I use the solar lantern when possible, especially inside the tent and if kids are around. Inside the tent, use the hanger (maybe with extensions depending on your tent height ) to keep this thing away from the tent surfaces, and that way you can’t tumble it over and ruin your spendy sleeping bag. If the business metal parts of the unit touches anything fabric while in use, it’s flame on!Since I don’t need to squeeze every single photon from this lantern, the compact metal screen on this lantern is a perfect choice for me. Very practical . . . rough handling; no broken glass globes. It comes with a sturdy carrying bag. Make sure to get some spare Primus mantles to bring with you, also, there are many other brands of mantles on Amazon that fit at a better price. If you can do most of your camp lighting with the LEDs, you can really lighten your load burden by carrying less fuel.This has a great compact form factor for me for both car and ATV camping. It is also light enough to use for some backpacking and many backpacking stoves use this same fuel cylinder. Ready for action; the carry bag, the lantern head with mantle, and two spare mantles, weigh in at 157 grams.Adapters allow you to mate this lantern with other less expensive (and heavier to carry) fuel sources if long term use is needed.See ASIN: B00SR6OVOA and ASIN: B00CFPISZW.I am very happy with this lantern, I recommend it, and would buy it again.Sorry about the photo order, you cannot place them so some are out of order.
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Ok, bought it for backpacking, its not "too heavy" if you are going U/L you might just want a headlamp. This lamp is robust and well made. I had an electric lantern along on our recent trip - either " would have worked" but the Scouts seemed to prefer the very bright light from this... it really does light up the entire camp site for board games or whatever. I guess it would be a hand warmer heater as well if you were cold. It has a very nice bag that rolls up and keeps it safe. It has a wonderful wire string to hang it from a branch (should you not have a table to set it on). The bag seems like a must because it has one of those "burn down" elements that make it so bright (like a propane lamp).I was a little worried that the element would not hold up when it was disassembled but it seems to have stayed in tact well. Feel like I have to buy a back element up at some point though. It lights well without matches. It feels about a bright as one of those dual element Coleman propane lanterns (same kind of light profile). So why not 5 stars... it seemed to burn a good amount of fuel the night we used it (over used it?). Anyway if I was backpacking more than just the weekend I am not sure I would take it along due to the fuel usage and weight. Its nice it runs on the same stuff as the stove, and it will be in my camper. But for backpacking - maybe a little heavy with the bag and fuel considerations. I would take it if there are a number of us going - it is a great group activity light. IT is a HIGH quality product all in all. If you were planning to use it car camping I would give it 6 stars, IT IS SO much better than the aforementioned bulky coleman and the element seems more robust. But for backpacking I just like it.
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By myself, I've always been perfectly content with my headlamp. I bought this thinking it'd be a cool toy for plush backpacking trips with my girlfriend/non-hiker friends. After all, the weight penalty is negligible if I'm already carrying a canister. After using it just a few times, however, I am reluctant to leave it behind even on my solo trips. It creates a lot of natural looking, ambient light. Its a strangely comforting effect, whether I'm setting up/tearing down a tent, eating dinner, getting ready for bed, or packing up before dawn. Much preferred to the blue, shadow-less spot light from a headlamp.One thing that would be kind of nifty would be a way to adjust the length of wire/cable/thing,so you could adjust the height that it hangs down when suspended. Also, to keep the cable from getting as hot, it seems like a non-metallic spacer could be added, but I'm not sure if that would help, and it would certainly add weight. The lantern itself does get very hot. Like, it glows red for a few seconds after you turn it off.Also, down below 15-20 degrees it kinda craps out. It sputters and shoots flames out the top and whatnot, but that's kind of inherent in the design. Perhaps a generator tube could added like on cold weather stoves... that would be pretty cool.*Dropped from 5 stars to 4. After about a year (probably a dozen backpacking trips) the piezo igniter stopped working. It was difficult to light with a lighter or matches until I removed the igniter entirely. This left a space large enough to allow the flame of a lighter to reach the globe.
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There is a stainless steel wire bridle attached on both sides just below the mesh screen ... the bridle attaches to a sliding wire loop 5" above the top of the hot lantern for hanging ... there's an s-hook on the top end.The instruction sheet says to keep the heated lantern at least .5 meters (20 inches) away from combustible materials. That is almost exactly the distance that the bridle and suspension wire maintain between the top of the hot lantern and the hanging point.The bridle and s-hook are visible in the Amazon photos, but not mentioned in the description. Looks like there is one on the glass glove version as well ... I was pleased to discover it when I opened the box.I had already thought of rigging up something similar with a coat hanger, wire or somesuch affair for hanging. This is much better. Perfect.I was able to locate spare mantles, but the other parts mentioned in the instruction sheet may be hard to find ... 1) Jet Nipple 0.12 mm. 2) O-ring & 3) the Piezo igniter itself. The Primus Piezo igniters have a reputation for durability. The maintenance sheet describes cleaning the nipple by blowing through it and inspecting the O-ring, along with checking for leaks with soapy water. Having the back up replacement parts would be wise.
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Saw these butane lanterns on a recent camping trip and knew I had to have one to go with the Jetboil. They only sent the one mantle so I would definitely order more. The mantle was a bit of a pill at first but eventually I figured out which end went on first. (In every video the "big hole" was easy to tell from the smaller top hole. Mine were kind of both squished/stitched together...) Getting the Piezo lighter inside the mantle was not hard. Burning the mantle did set off a bunch of smoke, but no smoke alarms. (Note to self... Check Smoke Alarms!) After burning the mantle is considerably smaller in volume (guessing 40-60% less?) than it was at first.After trhe mantle is primed and the steel mesh screen back on the hard part is over. :) The light is VERY adjustable and VERY bright. I wanted to see how bright and turned it way up and followed a big blue dot around for about ten minutes! BE AWARE: It gets VERY VERY hot. Takes a while to cool down afterwards. I could not be happier!!!
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This is a great little lightweight lantern for backpacking, camping. Easy to light, easy to store in the included case, also protects the mantle. The only issue is the mantle that came with it was damaged and as always with this type of lantern you should never operate it with a damaged mantle, extreme fire hazard.Acquiring additional mantles was a challenge, so I bought a 3 pack once found, these store neatly in the bottom of the case.I does burn hot when bright as all lanterns of this type will, and on full a flame was observed above the lantern, I wouldn't recommend full on, The glass cylinder around the mantle will get very hot, a lower setting is sufficient for light and you will use less fuel.It uses the same IsoPro canisters as my stove so it makes for multi-use from same fuel source. All around great little lantern.
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This is a small little light weight lantern good for light weight backpackers. The light is sufficiently bright and can be dimmed down easily for longer burn time if you like. Unlike the battery type LED lantern, the brightness of Primus Micron Lantern is maintained consistently bright throughout the life of the canister - this is a great plus! The only down side is that it is not safe to be used inside an enclosed tent. Some might even fuss over the amount of heat it generates but this become something positive when you are camping out in a cooler place. I would recommend this to campers who are concern over weight especially in a long hike situation.


I was sooo impressed with the performance of this lantern. The overall construction seems absolutely solid, the ignition has worked the first time each time I have lit the lantern so far, and the amount of light is perfect for what a person would need camping. On high it was bright enough to illuminate a picnic table well enough for our family to eat dinner, and on low it was just right for small tasks. Taking it to the Boundary Waters in a couple weeks and really looking forward to the addition I've made to my gear! The globe does get hot rather fast, but this is to be expected IMO. Overall I think it deserves a 5 star rating.


I've had every type of light known to man; my fave is my Northstar (frowned on by Mothers of small children - it's petrol don't you know; it'll blow up you fool?); Tilleys lights - the magic of priming them (again frowned on by Mother's of young children expecting these "smelly" things to explode); candles; Petzl headlights; the list goes on. Then came this light - quietly screw the cannister on the bottom; instantaneous ignition; a gentle purr; hang it on it's own lovely hangar and there we have grief free lighting.PS I still use the other ones when like minds are around :)


Works well and is rugged. It is not as bright as a typical larger two mantel Coleman lantern, but still bright enough for general needs and cooking at a campsite. Works with butane canisters as in the product picture, but with adapters it has worked perfectly for me also with propane canisters and the cheap 100% elongated butane canisters that are the shape of a spray paint can. Only drawback is while hiking and driving around, there is a tendency for the mantel to break and need to be replaced each night. I used Coleman mantels when I experienced this.


Love this little lantern. For years I’ve been searching for something like this. One that provides enough light for a campsite without blinding the entire campground. One that fits in your backpack. One that doesn’t break. As with any lantern you have to be careful about the mantle inside but the screen does a great job of keeping it safe, letting light out, and keeping the bugs out. So far I’ve been using the same canister that I use for cooking and haven’t had an issue with running out of fuel prematurely.


Incredible lantern that I have owned twice over the last 20 years or so. This iteration has some improvements like the piezo ignition which works flawlessly so far. Kudos to Primus on that little gem. Also the top is more modern looking and the hang cable is redesigned. The mantle that came with it is a tad large I think, but worked nonetheless. This is a fantastic little worker and I look forward to using it together with my $18 (from Walmart online) Primus Express stove.


This is an incredible little gas powered lantern. It’s very easy to set up and puts off a tremendous amount of light while consuming very little fuel. I’ve been using #51 Coleman mantles as cheap replacements instead of the primus mantles. They are just a little tricky to install, but after a little effort they go in no problem and function perfectly with the lantern. It’s a great lantern and I’m thrilled I was able to get one with the metal cage rather than glass casing.


Great little lantern that puts out a good amount of light and some warmth for those chilly camp evenings! Don't mistake this thing for a Coleman Northstar Duel fuel in terms of brightness, but it does put out a nice light for nighttime table use during dinner. And I defintely like the warm glow vs those harsh white LED lights! My only big complaint would be replacing the mantle. Not too bad to do on a warm night, but it becomes a bit more cumbersome on a cold night.


Perfect camp/backpacking lantern. So far, I've not had a mantle break on me even tossed in my pack and bumped around quite a bit. The absence of a glass globe is really great design thinking, as is the included cable hanger. There are loads of videos on youtube comparing brightness of this to other lanterns, but one of my biggest complaints about those larger coleman lanterns is that they are just too bright.I also purchased one of these
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