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Cleaning the wax off the glass chimney not easy and lead to my dropping the original to break on the floor. For a portable outdoor light source, I should think a non-breakable, heat resistant plastic chimney would be better - the key is "heat resistant". To clean, scrape with edge of something to get the gross amounts of wax off. Best solvent for ordinary wax left was acetone from the hardware store. Other tip is to freeze the chimney for 15 - 20 min. before chipping off the wax. And, of course, heating it to melt, then wipe off excess. Still needs solvent to clean thoroughly, however. Online purchase costly with shipping & handling fees. Only option if don't have a suitable outdoor recreation store that carries this scarce commodity.Love the Candle Lantern when camping - just watchout for the HOT top of the lantern when using.
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I love my cho candle and use it all the time when I'm wild camping. I dropped my candle on a concrete floor and broke the glass.I ordered this as a replacement. I was very pleased. the glass is to the same spec as the original. it arrived who I may and well packaged. it was easy to fit, but there are YouTube videos out there if you struggle.My cup candle are now back out in the boonies par giving my bush craft skills.


Glass was a 32nd inch too big. Lantern needed a tiny adjustment with Dremmel tool to fit. Could be quality control issue with manufacture not sellers problem. All these glass replacement seem to come from the same place. Made in USA.


I ordered two of these, one to replace a damaged lantern glass and another to keep on hand. The glass chimneys that I got look to be original ones (L-GL-UCO). The new chimney fit perfect. I'm very happy with my purchase.


It fit like it was made for the lantern. Oh wait it was made for the lantern. Just using up words to get the review published. Seems to be as well made as the rest of the lantern. Not expecting any issues with this.


The chimney on our 30 yr old candle lantern broke. Not many companies make a replacement part for this. Found one on Amazon.com and it fits. Not as thick as one 30 yrs old but enables me to keep using the lantern.


I think I have at least one of every candle lantern made by UCO. The original is my favorite. I've got 2, one of which is a brass one. I broke the globe when I dropped it... Maybe while drinking:-/


Just what I needed!! I was a little confused about how to replace this at first but I realized you just have to remove the little top piece on the lantern and it will slide right in.


Used the replacement glass for the first time in sub-zero temps in the UP in Michigan. Worked flawlessly. Helped brighten a cold winter night in our tent.


Replacement for my 20 yr old lantern. Fit just as expected. Good to know that some things don't need to change, it works as is. Packed well.


It's the original part. While it would be nice if they made it out of tempered glass, they don't. If you need it, buy it!


I could not get exact measurements so I will provide them along with some pics. 3 3/16" high by 1 11/16" in diameter.


I think this is identical to the original it fits just perfectly nothing more to say to satisfy your requirements


It fit fine thought it took a few minutes of maneuvering to get it in right. Have to be careful.. It is glass.


found this replacement globe for my old brass candle lantern. always with me on my backpacking trips.
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