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I bought this for camping and have found that its pretty good. The construction is of a good quality, the winding handle is sturdy and doesn't feel like its going to break off as you whizz it around. The handle on top is useful but perhaps some sort of hook would have been more useful (for hanging it up in the tent). The charge lasted really well, I had it on for about 45 mins before it started to dim. Although not bright enough to read by its easily bright enough so you can see what your doing. Would have given 5 stars if it was brighter, but having said that free light that lets you see whats what without having to worry about flat batteries is great.


Amazing gizmo! Living in an area prone to power outages having a wind-up lamp is perfect. Easy to use, lightweight and small, the winding handle folds out and you get about 20m of light after about a couple of minutes winding (although I ahven't had need to test the duration since I bought it). Winding basically means turning the handle which is easy to grip for an average person, and it's no problem just sitting there3 watching the telly turning the handle every so often to keep it charged up!Has 6 blue-white LEDs which are very bright, certainly better than candles or battery lights which can run flat just when you need them.


This is an OK value for money item. Easy to charge up with a short wind and seams to hold a charge. But not powerful enough to light a room just for local lighting. Much smaller than I emagined it to be. The LED bulbs tend to glare at you and you have to look away,as they are quite bright. Not an item to sit and read a book with. But handy for an emergency light


This does exactly what we bought it for. When wound up it seems to last for ages although after a while it gets a little dim. Not something you can use to read by but great never the less.


ready for power cuts. ideal.
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