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These white chocolate vanilla coconut powerbars are brilliant. Not only is the taste & texture very good, but you are sure to know that it's protein content is doing you the world of good for your training. I have been using these regularly throughout my marathon training (after every long run, and hard session), and thoroughly believe it is what has gotten me through the training injury free (averaging 50 milesish for my 2nd marathon). I do feel that in the past I may have compromised using protein bars,but these have changed my way of recovery for the better. If you like coffee, caramel, and milk chocolate consider the capuccino-caramel ones. They have the same middle texture at the bottom of the bar, topped with a thin rice krispie sort of layer, then a layer of thin but delightful caramel. Both are much better than opting for a chocolate bar post workout! Thanks and enjoy :)
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Delicios Bar, nice and soft with just enough chocolate cover to ensure you can enjoy this bar and won't break your tooth with it.Personally wouldn't mind the ratio to be changed slightly, however still a fairly decent bar.Something to keep in mind - as this is a soft bar keep it somewhere safe( not the bottom of your bag as I did ), otherwise you'll need to scoop out from the package. Not too sweet, however 16.6g of sugar per bar sounds a bit high to me ( and for someone who is watching the macros carefully )Product info is incorrect,shows the 100g value instead of per bar (55g) value.It has 4.3g whey and 11.9g casein and 1g soy protein in this bar.
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Decent price and great taste. Sure the carbs and calories to protein ratio is much higher than in other brands, which might be an issue for anyone who is very much trying to cut them. But for me it is quite worth it, as I have found a snack that I really enjoy eating rather than a tasteless jaw workout.Also the combination of different types of protein increases the chance of processing them.However I have come to find that eating more than one per day did make me slightly bloated where othere didn't as I am not particularly sensitive,hence the 4* instead of 5.
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I tried a few protein bars to consume after my gym workouts and this one is the only one that really helped me 'recover' and regain the energy the quickest. It tastes very sweet but because coconut and vanilla are two of my all-time favourites, I don't mind the sweetness at all. The individual bars are quite soft though so they can easily get squashed up in your gym bag (and its not so delightful to peel if off the wrapper) so I actually put them in a special hard case in my bag for some added protection.Other than that, I really love it!
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This bolt surpasses all expectations. I bought it the first time because I thought: Such a protein bar after a workout does not hurt. I bought it again and again, but not because of the proteins, no. I bought it because of the taste. In my opinion, he has the best chocolate taste that can offer a bar. The consistency is needed at the beginning, if only Snickers and so unnecessary stuff is accustomed. But soon you will not want to buy another.


Very tasty snack alternative although not too filling. I made sure to have atleast one or two aday to try and cut out eating crap and eat clean, but clean is so boring and sometimes tasteless deepening how much time you can put into meal prep. These allow you to enjoy part of the day when you're not eating veggies or meat or during your 8 hour arm workout. For more gains ensure to have protein shakes between each bicep curl set.


These are nice and tasty, if not a little moreish ! quite sweet so I was a bit concerned about the possible added sugar content being high ? Arrived promptly, however, they were quite squashed and a lot of the caramel had melted which meant they were very sticky to unwrap and eat, even after fridge storage. Thought they were a little expensive compared with other Protein bars. I would order again though.


I have tried expensive and cheap protein bars- this is relatively cheap but my favoriteIt comes in a pack of 15, tastes great- soft and chewy, melts in your mouth. ( Tastes too nice actually)It has a thin chocolate topping which tastes like real chocolate.The only drawback is that like every other protein bar I've tried- it can cause a bit of flatulence which can be quite embarassing


These bars taste really nice, like the bottom part of a Mars bar.There isn't a chemical after taste with them. They are covered in a nice layer of chocolate too.Protein content isn't too bad at 17 grams, ideal if you're looking to replace a chocolate bar habit with something a little more nutritious.Reasonably priced when compared to in store prices!


I had previously had the peanut butter power bar and absolutely loved it. This chocolate bar has a different texture and substance in it that it tastes more like a chocolatey marshmallow bar rather than a 'healthy' protein bar. It wasn't bad, it just wasn't anything like the peanut butter ones in terms of texture and taste.
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