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On the whole, I would say this is a good protein bar, considering the amount of protein, price and flavour.I am type 1 diabetic and follow the Keto diet to have better control of my blood sugar, so the fact that this bar is just 11g carbs is brilliant. For the protein, 11g is also a good amount for the size of the bar and it's not glaringly obvious like some other protein bars (this bar is softer in texture, not like a chewy brick like some other brands!)The price isn't bad either, it fluctuates but I managed to purchase these when they were on offer for £23, making each bar around 76p. The best price I've paid for any protein bar.The only thing I was entirely sold on is the flavour.The coffee taste is nice when you first bite into the bar, but there is a very strong (unpleasant) after taste that makes me want to brush my teeth afterwards! It's a shame because the taste is okay when you are eating it, just the aftertaste lets it down.So all in all, I would probably buy these again just because the low sugar/low carb aspect and the low price is great, and a funny aftertaste is a small price to pay.
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These are great bars. My primary reason for purchasing, and trying these was the low sugar contents, also, that they're quite small. Some protein bars can be big bulky bars that just taste heavy and dull. These are chewy, taste chocolatey, and are small enough for 3 or 4 bites to be enough. They're perfect for me, as a post-ride snack to ensure I'm recovering correctly and consuming enough protein. It's also good to be able to get bars for less than a £1 each. 30 bars for £27 (at time of this review) is a pretty good deal in comparison to some of the other ones. Also, being PowerBar, you know you're getting a quality product.Would definitely recommend if you want a smaller protein bar,that isn't too heavy, and not too sweet.
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I was nervous about buying something like this online due to the price and unknown tasteNow I've eaten a few of them, I'm happy to report that they taste fine. Chocolatey enough to satisfy my cravings in place of normal chocolate, but with much less sugar and fat.As others have mentioned, they are more chewy than hard and are big enough to fill a dessert shaped hole.I'm using them as part of weight loss and weight training and they seem brilliant for both.


Very tasty snack alternative although not too filling. I made sure to have atleast one or two aday to try and cut out eating crap and eat clean, but clean is so boring and sometimes tasteless deepening how much time you can put into meal prep. These allow you to enjoy part of the day when you're not eating veggies or meat or during your 8 hour arm workout. For more gains ensure to have protein shakes between each bicep curl set.


These bars are nice and have a good protein percentage, but they're very small at 30g (most protein bars are in region of 60g). These are more cost effective alternatives. Price aside, the chocolate ones are great and taste more like a chocolate bar than a protein bar.


The chocolate brownie Protein Plus bar is delicious! Chocolatey and chewy without any weird protein aftertaste! Only approx 100 calories with 10g of protein so I would eat 2 if looking for a bigger protein hit! Would highly recommend these.


For my protien diet plan which i just started on January 2021. i really like the flavour but little bit more sweet for me. Overall worth to buy. Little bit more gummuwhich give me more chemical based texture.


Use this now for a year after competitions or heavy training. Is tasty, easy to get away and gives new energy. I am very satisfied. The price at this webshop is now also very attractive.


I dont know if the properties of these are as healthy as they advertise but they taste pretty good and if i end up looking like Arnold Schwartzenneger then they definitely are!


Really enjoy it for my day trips on a bicycle, or just when going to the city. They taste better than the ones I had before, and makes you satisfied for a couple of hours


Note: very low protein content, you'd need to eat two post workout. Okay as a high protein snack. Not many vegetarian friendly protein bars out there - this is one.


Great taste, perfect for post training, or providing that sweet fix when you fancy some chocolate but need to stay on track.


Delicious , suitable for vegetarians,and low in sugar and calories.. a perfect healthy snack. Would definitely order again.


Ideal after exercise bars, not too heavy but nourishing, with a good taste of chocolate. Fast and timely product delivery.


Nice flavour but I prefer the larger, fluffier textured bars. Still a nice treat after a workout though and decent value
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