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This is the first protein powder I have come across that can be made up into something other than a drink with just milk or water.I buy protein powder is quite often, and use them every day as an alternative to milk at breakfast, and sometimes have a protein drink through the day. Powder can be mixed with porridge, to use the protein content, and make it more interesting. I also make sweet protein pancakes, by using diluted protein powder instead of milk.Most of the uses for prouder of a breakfast type foods, however. This powder is a little different, in that it can be mixed with water or milk to form a type of mousse.Describing it as a mousse is perhaps taking it a little far,but it’s a creamy tasting concoction, that is pleasant enough, and mixes up in a few seconds.The chocolate brownie flavour is not too sweet, and I’ve also used it in coffee instead of cream, to make a very pleasant mocha drink.It dissolves really easily in a shaker, and has a very good flavour when mixed with just water. It has about 23 cal more per portion than a diet version of this type of shake, but that’s not bad at all. I really like this flavour, it’s very rich and chocolatey. I would definitely buy this again.I’ve had no digestive upsets from this, it’s got a good fibre content, a good protein content, and overall is a very good choice. More versatile than other powders, and really worth the money
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This is a nice, very sweet chocolate protein mix, with a thick texture (it takes a bit of blending / shaking to mix smoothly) and a rich, dessert-like taste. I think the addition of oat flour to the powder makes a positive difference to the texture (and to the fibre content - see below!).I've tried many of these powders, and I have to admit I prefer those sweetened by stevia-based products rather than sucralose or aspartame-based sweeteners. This is no exception, although the chocolate taste is still very pleasant despite being a little artificial.It's not the lowest fat protein mix you can get (again, this probably helps add to the texture and tastiness of the product), but at less than 10%,the fat is still dwarfed by the decent protein content (nearly 60%) and for many people using this for gym gains, it won't matter that much (unless you're using it as a dieting aid). It's actually nice and fibrous, too, something I haven't seen so much in other powders - a bit of a boost for gut health.I love the fact that the pack encourages more than using it just for boring old shakes. I can't say I've tried the brownie recipes yet, but I will no doubt have a go at some point!Decent taste, good value per kilo - switch out the sweetener for stevia and I'd give this full marks. More than adequate for your protein needs.
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I’ve tried protein shakes before, and while I’ve dabbled with making alternatives to a shake, they have mostly been so chalky and not terribly tasty that I’ve usually given up and gone back to just having them as a shake.But this chocolate brownie Smart protein is actually really tasty. So, yes, it does work as a shake, but I’ve also tried the very simple, quicker and tastier option that’s printed on the packaging. Put one scoop in a mug, add about 80ml of milk, stir for 20-30 seconds to make sure it’s all mixed in and lumps removed. What you end up with is a rich, chocolatey mousse, not that dissimilar to a cheap powdered dessert sachet. Easy to scoff in a few spoonfuls, very tasty,and my muscles definitely felt the benefit the day after a run.There’s also a recipe on the packaging for protein brownies which I haven’t tried yet, but I will do shortly, as they’ll be great for making in advance.It’s a decent price, it’s flavoursome, it’s versatile and it works. Recommended.
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Flavour is lovely, the one I tried was chocolate and my daughter (who is a chocoholic so knows chocolate very well!) tried it too and we both agreed that for flavour it got 9 out of 10. The poweder mixed very well, once mixed it had a nice smooth consistency and not a 'powdery' texture at all. so 10 out of 10 for that.The only reason I knocked a star off the rating was the protein content. At 18g per serving it is quite low really. Most serious protein powder users would be looking at a minimum of around 23-25g per serving.It claims to be versatile so we tried it to make some cupcakes. They did not rise as well as normal but again the flavour was scrummy and certainly acceptable.I may well be making some serious protein brownies with this and increasing the protein content by adding lots of peanut butter.Overall very good protein poweder for general overall use and increasing protein intake.
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Not sure why people complain about the taste - if you are taking this because of the taste, you are taking it for the wrong reason. Saying that, I found the taste quite nice - really good if you chuck in half a banana/some ice/milk and use a blender.The price is pretty pricy, but that is due to it not being whey based which is very cheap. Wish they did a bigger bag (with a bit of a discount for buying in bulk.The consistency is a bit more "flour" like than some of the other PhD products but still mixes fine - only lumpy if you are not very good at making protein shakes. If you have trouble or are a fussy eater, just use a blender.I've used with Milk and water, I find Milk tastes great,but obviously ups the calories so I use water when I am trying to stay a bit leaner.
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The more protein powders I try, the more I'm convinced that chocolate is the flavour the manufacturers are least likely to mess up. When they try for something a bit more difficult like lemon drizzle cake or salted caramel, the artificial flavourings and sweeteners combine into an abominable taste sensation. Chocolate, on the other hand, seems easier for them to replicate. This powder has quite a rich chocolate brownie flavour that's acceptable to drink on its own or in combination with frozen berries or banana in a smoothie. It mixes smoothly, like most whey, and the protein content is standard for the portions.It hits the spot after a workout and it doesn't need to be downed like medicine.
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I love this protein powder. It's the most tasty of the flavours they do & getting it on S&S makes it great value for money.My major issue is with the scoop provided. It took me a while to realise that 1 serving is 30g but they give you a 90g scoop. Yeah, I should get the scales out to measure actually but if I'm grabbing a quick protein shake, I'm more about speed & efficiency. I had to hunt round the house for something I could leave in the bag that measures out the correct amount in one go.If you don't realise & just use a full scoop each serving, not only are you getting 3X the calories but you'll get 3X fewer servings than advertised on the bag - shifty marketing strategy, no?


I’ve tried different flavours of this brand of protein powder and the peanut butter cup is by far the most tastiest. In fact it’s easily as nice if not nicer than traditional sweet milkshakes you can buy branded by mars or snickers etc. The trick however I would say is to make sure you blend it rather than just shake it in a bottle - also I don’t know if this makes a huge difference or not but I always blend it with milk not water. The taste is heavenly. I would definitely recommend. I would also recommend their peanut butter cup protein bars - again as delicious as a normal chocolate bar, other brands’ protein bars don’t even come close to the flavour.


Review for Chocolate Brownie.I was a little sceptical of PhD, mainly because their bars push the level of what is helpful in that they have lower protein and more sugar than comparable bars. However the shake protein powder is really quite nice tasting and it’s not to bad when it comes to sugar. Calories are just over a hundred and it does taste good so a thumbs up from me and with these calories you can probably get away with have a couple of drinks over the morning depending on your goals of course.I can suggest mixing these with porridge oats ... that gets a bit nice and certainly tastes a lot better than it looks.


PhD really does make fantastic tasting whey protein powder. I had been using the Diet Whey cherry bakewell flavour for a while (which is also delicious), so was excited to try another fruity flavour that’s not the usual sickly strawberry. The lemon drizzle is absolutely delicious. I blend mine with Greek yogurt, oats and milk after a workout and it feels like a real treat. Also makes great pancakes.I’ve found that some whey powders don’t agree with my stomach (probably due to all of the rubbish in them) but don’t get that with PhD. I’ll definitely re-purchase this flavour.


Over the years I've tried several chocolate-flavoured protein powders and this has to be one of the better brands.It mixes very easily and tastes good when mixed with water. Using a protein-shaker it was mixed in about two shakes and rather thick (with the mousse mixture). No powdery residue that I've had with others.It isn't the highest protein ratio that I've ever had but these days I'll trade protein for flavour. It is about 59g of whey protein for 100g of mixture.A scoop is included in the resealable bag and the shelf-life is about 18 months.


I mixed this with almond milk and a spoonful of almond nut butter and it was amazing. It makes a really indulgent mousse that helps we manage my sweet tooth and get my protein levels up. I've also made protein pancakes, which were the best I've ever made as this protein powder mixes so well I've tried the salted caramel and am going to buy the lemon drizzle next. I would highly recommend to anyone who is looking for a simple protein powder that tastes great and you can use in lots of recipes.


I have tried so many different vegan proteins,most of which tasted like mud. This one actually tastes great and mixes well,both the chocolate cookie and the eton mess are lovely. It's not too sweet either.I blend it with half water and half soya milk with some ice. I add some frozen strawberries to the eton mess one too. The only downside is that it is mostly made from soya protein, which can be an issue for some people,but that's why it's cheap and tastes good!


This is versatile - you can drinking as a normal protein shake and it tastes pretty good, or you can use it as an ingredient with sample recipe printed on the back.We made the chocolate brownies from the recipe - and were pleased to see you don't need any dairy products, just the likes of peanut butter and bananas. Worked out REALLY well and was super tasty.No question this is being reserved for making high protein treats. Drinking it seems like a waste.


Iv tried quite a few vegan protein powders and most have been quite nasty, but the salted caramel is really nice. It's still quite grainy like most vegan protein powders but its fine if you give it a good shake. One tip though, dont use milk! If you use milk it turns into a moose and its so thick its a struggle to swallow. Its lovely with just water which is great for less caloriesAlso make sure you order the 500g! the 900g ones are whey and not vegan.
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