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The only thing about this kettle I can't quite bring myself to give 5 stars for is the lid. I would have liked it to be a snugger fit; perhaps have some kind of seal to prevent it scratching around in the hole (the sound grated on me a little and when pouring, I had to keep one finger on the knob to stop the lid coming off.)Contrary to other reviews, I see no problem with the handle becoming too hot. Granted my hands are callused from handling hot metal but in the 10 minutes or so my little ethanol-burning stove (A Trangia 28) took to heat this kettle to boiling, the handle hardly even became warm. The reviewer who claimed this may have simply heated the kettle for too long. Easy done,since it's hard to detect steam coming from the spout and there's no considerable noise indication that the kettle's reached boiling. As with any outdoor cooking equipment, you need to monitor it constantly.On the really positive side, this kettle is far flatter than a lot of similar models, making it much easier & more practical to pack into a rucksack, etc.Completely draining it after use is very easy... no water gets trapped in corners anywhere, so keeping it clean & in good condition is no problem.The drawstring bag it comes in is also really useful, allowing the kettle to hang outside of a backpack, freeing up space inside. Also handy for stopping small items blowing or rolling away while the kettle & stove are in use.Sadly there's just not enough room inside my Trangia 28 for the kettle to fit without making the whole set too wide for my bag. Instead they travel side by side.Over all an excellent little kettle. Very pleased.
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I love this kettle. I had one for probably 8 years and lost it (long story. a motorcycle side case actually came off my bike and disappeared, carrying this kettle with it), and went shopping for another kettle. I wasn't determined to get this exact one, but after looking at what was available, even at REI where I'm sure I'd bought my original one, there was nothing comparable. Most are larger capacity, and even the smaller ones have a dumb shape that is a narrow cylinder. It takes up more room in your pack/luggage, plus doesn't transfer heat from your stove as efficiently. This one is perfect, with a relatively wide base that covers the whole burner of a Whisperlite backpacking stove.And being made of anodized aluminum, it's light. It holds 23.7 oz or 0.7 liters per the box label, and that seems right based on what I measured. This is perfect for two serving freeze dried meals. I've attached a photo of the label from the box, showing the capacity.
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This is not really meant as a home kettle. This is a personal water boiler for hiking, camping, and lightweight portable gear situations. I purchased my first kettle almost two years ago. I have since purchased two more. These are ideal for alcohol stove kits. I have found nothing wanting with this kettle. . . it is the perfect water boiler for small light weight setups. Nothing is built poorly or leaves me wanting something. It all depends on what you want the kettle for to say the least. But as I said. . . I bought to more for my emergency kits quite satisfied that this will service my needs. Very pleased with this product.


This is a good vessel for warming water for dehyrated meals or simply making hot drinks. I believe this holds somewhere around .6L of water, so it is not too big to carry into the backcountry. This kettle is light weight and if paired with the Optimus Terra HE 3 piece cookset, makes a top shelf, outdoor, cook/drink system. If a person only wanted to use this as a lightweight option to boil water for excursions and was not looking to use stainless steel, then this will definitely do the trick.


This is a great little kettle. It is super lightweight and small, smaller than I expected but that is not a bad thing. Works great for one or two people, can make two mugs worth of tea in one use. If you are going campground camping don't get this, its not big, and there are better bargains out there for what you need. A little on the expensive side for what you get, but fantastic for lightweight backpacking and bringing the comforts of a good old spot o' tea to the trail.Get one!


So this is smaller and lighter than I actually had expected, but since it is intended as a backpacking item than makes sense. I have used it once, on an electric burner, to boil water. Yes, water boils in it just fine. My only concern is that it won't stand up to hard, rough use. I purchased this to stay permanently in my pop-up camper. I have not used this yet over a flame such as a propane camping stove so I'll be interested to see how it performs then.


After 15 years of using one of these kettles, I decided I needed one in reserve for when this one goes, as it is beginning to flake inside. I have used it almost continuously for the past 6 years, and several times a year for the previous 9 years. The low shape of the kettle is the best thing about it as well as it seems to bring water to a boil fairly quickly, although that is probably more in how I regulate the stove.


So light, and so low profile. It's amazing how much water this fits for how small it is. I churned out many many cups of tea during a recent camping trip, mainly since it was so quick to heat up water. Also, the spout is nice and small, so the water retains heat longer than an open pot and is less dangerous if it were to tip over.


Have not used yet but very well made and a great size. My weekender cook set is probably more practical for backpacking and used for that purpose because the fuel canister and stove fits inside. Expect to use this kettle for multi-day kayak trips where weight and size are not as much of a consideration.


I like this little kettle. It does a great job for a solo trip. It boils water fast and is easy to pour. The lid really locks into place unlike other pots that may I have used where you are afraid if the lid is going to pop off. It is small and holds two cups of water MAX, but that is why I got it.


this is a stylish small kettle which holds enough water (~0.7L) for two-three mugs of coffee. i like the fact that it is not shiny and comes in anodized grey aluminum color. it's very light weight and comes in a very nice mesh bag. i really cant find a problem with it. i'd highly recommend it.


Cool kettle! Heats up 2 and a half cups of water, and it does it fast! The very bottom did get stained, though that was because we placed it directly over the campfire flame. I actually like that, it gives it a neat character. The soot wiped off the sides and top.


Awesome!Very light weight, water seems to boil quicker on my coleman stove vs my msr stainless kettle. They are the same volume, but the msr is taller with a smaller base. I really like the wide base of the optimus kettle for fuel efficiency.


Great solution for optimizing alcohol stove output. This boils quickly and is light and compact. The base is wide to catch the flame perfectly and the shallow shape exposes more surface area to direct heat than a taller, narrower pot.


this little kettle is awesome. Small but well thought design. The handle folds over for transportability and it fits in a cute mesh little bag. We use it for camping only to boil water for coffee and are very pleased with it.
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