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Great little Taiwanese stove, works exactly like the original ones that were once made in Sweden.I wouldn't have bothered pointing out the manufacturing origin but the Katadyn Group owners of the Optimus brand name have done their best to hide the Manufactured in Taiwan notice by placing it under a glued down flap on the bottom of the box.The stove itself works as expected and after fueling up and priming worked on the first try out of the box. I've used the stove on about a dozen occasions and it has worked well even in some quite appalling weather conditions (more wet and wind were I am than cold). This is not a stove to buy and take out without ever trying it at home outside in ideal conditions.Lighting is easy when you get the knack of it (the eye dropper method is excellent) but the stove is a bit fiddly until you get the hang of it however it shouldn't let you down.There is a wealth of information about the 123R stove online so I won't bother you with details which haven't changed much over the years. Try searching the forums at spiritburner.com for 123R where you will find that the 123R is a well loved stove along with much information on getting the best out of them.I've paired it with a Chinese Optimus Terra Weekend HE pot set and I'm surprised they aren't marketed as a pair they work so well together.Sorry but hiding the stoves manufacturing origins looses a star.EDIT> I started to have issues with this stove after a couple of months when the pulsing of the flame increased to the point where I wondered if it on the next pulse it would go out or not. The fix took a while to discover so I'll mention it here in case anyone else has the same problem. When the flame pulses slowly its because the petrol vapour isn't getting through continuously and in my case this seems to have been due to the wick being too thick so that the fuel couldn't make it fast enough thought the section where the wick goes into the riser tube. Removing the wick and pulling 4-5 threads out of it and replacing it fixed the problem. I emailed Katadyn through the Optimus website with a full description of the problem but they didn't bother replying.I believe the same issue can be caused by continuously running the stove dry which can cause charring of the wick, the fix in that case is to replace the wick.
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I used this during the autumn on a motorcycling holiday in Wales and it worked very well. I had a problem originally because the instructions specifically advise against the use of forecourt petrol but don't say why. Coleman fuel is commonly used in this type of device but it is ridiculously expensive and not all that easy to find. In the end I bought five litres of Aspen fuel and used some of that -- both Coleman and Aspen are examples of white gasoline or naptha and have no additives, unlike petrol.Now I have the Aspen fuel I will use it until it has gone but like many others who have bought this stove I shall start to use normal petrol as I think the only downside might be the smell.Lightingcan be spectacular -- this is definitely an outside stove -- and I got many looks as I brought the device to life. Pour a small amount of fuel into the little depression around the valve and light it, this heats the petrol and causes petrol gas to pressurize the unit which is then lit at the valve. I defy anyone to put just enough petrol in the depression to light the stove and not have any spill over the side which, when lit, causes the whole stove to be covered in flames for a short time. Once pressurized and functioning you will get about fifteen minutes of slightly noisy fire before it is necessary to refill but it's cheap to run and you can get petrol anywhere and of course it especially useful if you are on a motorbike holiday as you never run out of fuel for it, no more searching late-night for Camping Gaz canisters.There are probably better petrol stoves out there but none so simple and reliable as this one. If you want instant heat and always camp near a campsite shop that sells camping gas then this probably isn't for you but if you want long-term reliability and even 'just a bit of fun' then buy this one, even if only for a back-up stove that lights anywhere.
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As good as always. I bought my first Svea123 in 1972 and as near as I can tell, Optimus has retained the quality as this new one (with a slight design change in the stove neck) feels just as sturdy as the old one. I've seen comments about not being able to turn it down as much as the old ones but I don't see much of a difference (before you ask, my original has the downward throttle valve and this new one the horizontal one.)I heartily recommend it as it's light and powerful and equal friendly.By the way, I've seen some people complain about getting enough pressure at times. I wonder if they've remembered to put an insulating pad under the stove to keep the tank heat from leaching out into the ground underneath (especially in winter).Priming is easy. ( just open the value a bit and tip sideways gently until a bit of fuel runs down the neck into the priming pan (top bit of the tank). Remember to close the valve again before you light the priming pan.
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The first thing you notice when you take the Svea 123 out of the box, is the quality of the product. It is constructed of solid brass and engineered to a very high standard, and unlike so many of the modern ultra light stoves on sale to day this one will last you a lifetime.It's design has been proven and tested by some of the most eminent climbers and hill-walkers over the last sixty years. It's a white gas stove only, and I would recommend you spend time getting to know it, before taking it out on the trail. Using the stove requires a definite technique, I personally use an eye dropper to feed priming fuel into the well. However, you will find that a little practice, will produce excellent results.I cannot recommend this product highly enough, if you buy one you will not be disappointed.
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This is my first ever review. I love my little stove. It is very reliable. Lights first time even after being stuck in shed for six moons. I use a small srynge to prime the pot. It will only take you a few go's to get it running smoothly. I've used this at top of high mountains on beaches in the rain. Yep I love my stove.simple but effective and very cool to look at more importantly. Buy one.


Run and buy, have been completely saved on this simple burner. Preheat a little, then simmer until the food / coffee is done. This is the best primus I have had - simple and uncomplicated to use, cheap in operation compared to gas that I also use, but Optimus Svea 123 is the first choice. And thanks to Bikester who always delivers


After 35 years (!) In use, the stove is still something of the most versatile, the most uncomplicated, the most efficient, the lightest and the most spare, what you can buy for the mountains, bike tours, canoe trips. That is why a second has been at home for a couple of days.


Fantastic product. One of the best stoves I've used and I have many. Controllable high power and self pressurising. Very efficient fuel consumption. Does NOT work with petrol! (Not recommended) Lighter fluid or white gas , primus power fuel best.


This needs no review, the stove is of excellent quality, as good today as it ever was, to keep it to pass on to the Grandchildren, use coleman fuel and clean on a reguler basis. My last stove had lasted me 30 years, before being stolen.


This works best even if it is winter and cold outside. Slightly warming and then it's fast full effect. Can be recommended as it is also light and small in volume.


Actually, you don't really need anything like that, but he is fully hipster and warms the coffee even when it gets below zero when cutting wood.


awesome stove, very easy to use, looks stunning, sounds great, a little expensive at full price, but you get what you pay for I suppose.


Brilliant little self contained stove, ultra reliable, so good I bought another one


Small compact pressure stove. Does what it says on the box.


Just superb bit of kit! Expensive but brilliant!
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