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my only complaint about this kit is that there arent enough o-rings in the kit. i am in the military and have used my stove numerous times on deployments, no better way to heat up GOOD coffee, and JP-8 is quite though on the o-rings and the pump. when i have used this with regular white gas, it runs much better and the components last longer.


This kit gives you everything needed for field repairs of the Optimus Nova stove, including the flame spreader which is hard to find if you lose it among the pine needles and twigs.


Good selection of spares, already used the leather seal for the pump, and the bottle seal, works fine.Small and easy to pack away in supplied pouch. Highly recommended.


Advanced set of spare parts for the Optimus Nova, including the nozzle and nozzle needle. Nova is already for years on every vacation, we cook there every day.


Some hard to find replacement items are included, some of the parts should never be included but overall - EXCELLENT


Factory original parts, I only wish it had more instructions on how to replace the parts.


Pretty thorough kit. Comes with all wear items necessary to rebuild stove and pump.


This is a must have set. You may need somthing from it somewhere remote someday


Item is perfect for keeping the stove functioning.


Has a few extra parts that don't fit on my stove.


just as describe. was able to repair my stove


This is a really well-thought-out spares kit.


Needed this kit to rebuild $$$ stove.


Useful spares to have.


no problems
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