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Being a T1 diabetic I'm always on the lookout for convenient products that I can stash in my coat/drawer/car so if I go hypo (low blood sugar) I always have something to hand. These 'pouches' (similar construction to CapriSun pouches) hold 50ml of apple flavoured drink containing 25% dextrose (18g glucose) which provide 24g carbohydrate. The screw on lid is easily removed and seems unlikely to come off accidentally but I wouldn't want to put any sharp objects near the pouch itself (it would be fine in your drawer or coat pocket but probably not suitable for in the bottom of your bag or jeans pocket where things will get put on top of them).They only arrived yesterday but this morning I woke with low blood sugar so ideal time to give them a go:07:34 Woke up,blood sugar 2.8mmol/L - within a couple of minutes had a full 50ml pouch07:50 Blood sugar 4.4mmol/L08:05 Blood sugar 8.3mmol/LSo they certainly give a quick boost as you would expect from liquid dextrose. Personally I don't think they taste great (far too intense, like drinking neat cordial - certainly wouldn't want to drink it for pleasure! - the GlucoJuice drinks are far more palitable) but when you are going hypo this is a minor concern and to be honest 50ml is nothing more than a couple of gulps. Pretty expensive but quite convenient and very effective.
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These energy dextrose drinks are just the thing for a diabetic (type 1 and type 2), very useful and possibly life saving if you take one when you feel a hypo coming on. There are twenty four small foil packed juice drinks in the box, each one containing 18g/18ml of a fast acting apple flavoured dextrose drink and they are the perfect size to be able to keep one in your bag, your pocket, bedside drawer, car glove compartment, office drawer and anywhere else you want.My friends husband is diabetic (type 1) and I gave him some to try a couple of weeks ago. He said they were excellent and much faster acting than the rich tea biscuits he keeps on hand for emergencies in a hypo situation.He felt one coming on when he was out walking their dog as he hadn't had any breakfast and luckily he had placed one of these pouches in his pocket just before he left the house. He sat down on the park bench, quickly twisted off the easy to remove lid and drank it down in one. A few minutes later hypo averted he was able to get on with his walk.Taste wise this dextrose drink is very sweet (as to be expected), has a strong taste of apple and is not unpleasant.I would happily recommend these to anyone who suffers with diabetes.
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I have Type 1 diabetes and around 1-2 hypos per week. My go to treatment if my blood sugar falls below 3.8mmol/L is a small (150ml) can of coke. This has always worked well at bringing my sugars quickly back in range.I was excited to try the Dextro Energy pouches as an alternative. The pros are that these pouches are small, lightweight and at 50ml, perfect for taking in hand luggage on a plane (the small cans of coke are not allowed).One pouch contains 24g of carbs but there’s a halfway marker showing you how much 25ml is in case you don’t want the whole pouch. After drinking most of the pouch my blood sugar rose from 3.8mmol/L to 6.2 within 15 minutes.The main downside for me is the taste.It’s a very sickly sweet apple flavour, a bit too syrupy for me. However at the end of the day i’ll happily drink it if it sorts a hypo and makes me feel better.There’s a long expiry which is great news if buying in bulk (mine expires April 2020).Overall, a good option. Lightweight for carrying around and sorted out my hypo.
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Dextro Energy Dextrose Drink, Apple, Pack of 24 is a very strong apple flavoured drink which it did take me a couple of drinks to get used to the strong, concentrated taste. These drinks are excellent to have close at hand when your sugars are low or even for those times if when out running and you are beginning to run out of steam.I love these for drinking first thing in the morning as they wake me up fully after one sip plus excellent to have close at hand if you or a family member are a diabetic as if the patient takes too much insulin or even calculates it wrongly and their sugars drop which can be very dangerous for diabetics as this can lead to coma if not careful.I love the packaging of the drinks as they are individually wrapped in silver foil juice bag,there are only about two mouthfuls in each drink therefore very easy to hide in your bag or even in your pocket if out and about.A great solution for dips in sugar, happy to recommend.
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My partner is a type 1 diabetic and as never liked the chalky consistency of the dextrose tablets; despite liking the taste of the flavours and finding them effective. His go to at the moment when his blood sugars run low is a can of full sugar coke; but the fizziness and quantity means it’s something he can’t gulp straight down. Well this Dextrose energy drink is just the trick. At just 50ml, the entire dink can be consumed in a couple of gulps, and this small quantity contains almost the same amount of sugar as a 330ml can of pop. You would expect an apple drink to taste a little sharp, but this one doesn’t. Despite the apple flavour, there is a very sweet taste,but this is understandable considering the 18g of glucose in it. Great for hypoglycaemic moments or for a quick pick me up for non-diabetics, the few quick swigs to finish this energy drink and its aftertaste of apples makes the high sweetness level more tolerable
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For those that suffer from diabetes this is a very useful little drink to carry around for low blood sugars. They are quite small, will easily fit in a handbag/backpack/glove compartment and the pouch format will take some punishment. They do have quite a bit of sugar in them too, enough to get you back into a normal enough range that you can then have enough sense to get some proper food and stabilise sugars.Taste is sweet and apply, I wouldn't want to drink them all day but are fine for the one off. It is more a liquid than a gel so easy to drink too.At 50ml they will also pass through airport security, great when you have to dump a sugary drink and wait until you can get airside before buying another.They're not cheap,but hopefully you won't need them regularly so will last a long time. The expiry on mine is over two years, realistically they'll go beyond that.
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It's jelly babies for me. They're the sweet that I often use to correct hypos, the sweet I can get very sick of, and the last thing I want to be cramming into my mouth if I happen to have a hypo in the night. So these dextrose drink pouches are absolutely perfect. They contain 18g of fast-acting carbohydrate and 24g of carbs in total. I used one when I went very low the other day and when my meter asked me to retest 15 minutes later I was safely above 5 again. I won't pretend the taste is lovely - imagine a very concentrated apple flavour, sweet to the max - but at the stage I'm likely to use them I want something I can knock back and know is working fast.


When you need energy (or sugar) in a hurry, then a quick drink is more speedily ingested than a pack of jelly babies or a Mars bar. These tasty apple flavoured drinks get sugar into you in a hurry making them ideal as handbag or pocket equipment for your diabetic loved one, Avoid hypos - carry one of these with you at all times - sleep with one next to your bed - when you feel a hypo coming one drink immediately. They are not unpleasant, in fact, quite the opposite - refreshing and ideal.They are also good for a quick sugary drink after a run, if you need a top-up!These have been so helpful to my diabetic daughter - I can't recommend them enough!


As a Type 2 Diabetic I find this Dextro Energy Drink handy and easy to carry in its 50 ml pack. I prefer this drink format to conventional glucose tablets as I find it acts more quickly and tablets are more inclined to make you thirsty too. You will need to judge through experience and circumstance how much you of the pack you need to drink to normalise your blood sugar level. I tend to use them if I’m out and meals are delayed or i misjudge a balancing dose of insulin. The apple flavour of these packs is quite strong but pleasant, and after all they are essentially medicinal.


As I am an avid runner, I do appreciate a little shots such as this that you can slip into your side bag. On a long run, I find it useful to have drinks on hand to ensure that your body doesnt hit the proverbial "wall".The energy drink is a great tasting enjoyable shot of energy that doesnt linger. The Apple is great tasting and goes down easily and does give you a boost after about 10 minutes or so.Useful on long runs for sure.Recommended.


I am not diabetic but I use this for running, either after a run or during longer sessions. It's very sweet and really easy to swallow. I prefer the more liquidy drinks, the more solid ones I sometimes struggle to swallow. I like the screw top it makes it a lot easier to open on the move, and it also means you don't have to have it all at once (although I always do!).


My son has tried these for when he has a long cycle run to give him a boost. I am keeping some handy for an emergency as I am diabetic. They are just the right size to keep one in my bag and also in the glove-box of the car. They are really sweet so I would not want to drink them regularly but they do have a nice apple taste and long shelf life. (end of 2020 )


These are a very convenient size and are perfect for getting a quick energy boost. The apple taste is also very appetising, it's quite a strong taste but as the pouches aren't particularly big then the taste isn't too overwhelming. These are perfect for diabetics or for anyone looking for a healthy energy boost.


My mom is a diabetic and these are good for her when her sugar levels are low. She keeps one in every room and bag. She likes the apple flavour and it works straight away. It's a comfort knowing she has access to this rather than having to struggle down the stairs to make herself a glucose drink.


I got this product to bring with me when I'm cycling as I am a Type 1 diabetic and needed something small and easy to consume, but still effective at raising blood sugar levels. These little packs are perfect as they are quick to elevate the sugar levels and also taste nice. Full marks
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