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This is a much better sheet than my previous one which I wore out from lots of usage. There are (3) areas that I was careful about in purchasing this sheet1) This is larger than my previous sheet which allows me to roll around while sleeping and not get all tangled up2) The opening is reinforced with an extra rib of fabric which allows easier entry and a more durable seam at the weakest point3) The pillow area is larger than my previous sheet so when I am in a hotel the larger pillows fit.As with my previous sheet there is a velcro closure which immediately bonds itself to me when I am sleeping. This is a problem that I have solved in both sheets by removing the velcro.I'm not sure why they keep doing this as it serves no real function that I can see.I expect to get a lot of good use out of this sheet, JW
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The Cocoon is quickly unpacked, can be ideally complemented with pillow and sleeping bag or a pad and keeps its promise with the label "Insect Shield". Slightly heavier than the Egyptian Cotton Sand is the normal cotton sand. Both are however ideal, we have both ordered and tried. For travel luggage in the backpack where every gram counts, I would only recommend the Egyptian or as an alternative also the silk. In the market there are currently few similar good products - therefore there are 5 stars (also the description and the material is perfect and without allergic ingredients processed).


We were recommended the Egyptian cotton inlay to upgrade our sleeping bag for possible colder nights during our tour in November. And we were not disappointed. A pleasant feeling of sleep, and the Inlett has excellently served his service. I've selected the blue Inlett - the recommendation to wash the Inlett before the use is very useful. It has lost color during the first wash, no more during the second washing (for safety, did not want to discolor me and my sleeping bag). The color quality has not suffered, and in the use after the two washings it has not dyed.


I love this item. I went on a two well trip to Italy and Greece. Used it in every hotel. It's soft, it's cool, and it's convenient. The only thing I didn't like was that if you don't roll it up right it's hard to figure it out later and my pillow didn't fit. But I have an abnormally large pillow so nothing to do with the project. Just know it's for a standard pillow. My king fit but not well. Other than wresting with it after I tangled it up it's perfect. Just make sure you roll it up neatly!


Really solid product! I have had extremely good experiences in the last Thailand holiday and the TravelSheet mainly used as hygiene protection. For this it was definitely super suitable and just as a backpacker on the small islands it sleeps in so many guest house better in the own sheet than the existing bed linen! Thumbs up, for the next vacation I buy again one in stock!


Based upon good reviews, bought this for use on service program trip to Europe. Staying in dorm-like accomodations, so wanted a lightweight layer between bed and body. Egyptian cotton is very lightweight - some think it is flimsy - but that is what egyptian cotton is. I think it should be very good for the 5 week trip.


Compared to a microfibre inlet, we find this cotton variety much more comfortable on the skin. In contrast to other cotton products, the part is really much lighter and smaller. The only flaw is the mini velcro closure, which does not really hold together. Otherwise - recommendation!


Light, nice sleeping bag, neatly processed, good material. Smell-free and small pack size. And cotton is better for me than silk. My only problem: How do I get him back into his pack bag? This is a bit arduous ...  For insect protection I can not make a statement at this time.


I chose the version egyptn cotton as this material is much softer than pure cotton. In the meantime, I use my inner sleeping bag not only for mountain huts, but also in our summer temperatures as megaleichte covers! Its size makes it perfect. I would by it anytime again!!!


Travel sheet came in handy while backpacking Europe, but sheet is nothing extraordinary. The material is thin to keep the sheet thin and lightweight, but I was expecting something softer with the Egyptian cotton. Overall, very good product and it serves the purpose well.


I bought the Cotton Inlet for an Africa trip and am very satisfied with the fabric quality and workmanship. At home I washed it once before use. I would like the product even better, if the fabric were darker, so in the direction of olive green, would be less sensitive.


Nice, light, comfortable, and lots of room to flip-flop. Only minus is that it does not open up for the full-length, so need to scuch-down into the "bag". Also, a full length zipper would be better than the single velcro-type button at the top-corner (that I removed).


The sleeping bag is very comfortable because of a good width and rectangular. A nice opening on the side allows to slip easily. The fabric is nice and the pocket to cover the pillow is perfect. In addition, the bag allows storage with little space. I recommend.


i have traveled the world with this cocoon i even woke up COVERED in bed bugs at a hostel once but i did get a SINGLE bite thanks to this cocoon - i washed it in hot water and sprayed it and still use it :-) its been to over 50 countries with me


As a sleeping bag for hot nights highly recommended. In particular the material (Egyptian cotton) is a real plus for those who are too expensive for the silk sleeping bags. Takes little space in the backpack and falls barely with 260 grams.
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