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Great. Invention. Totally worth it--getting it, and the price.At first, I didn't quite understand what went where or how, but after a few uses it will become clearer (I also did not want to examiine it too much in the hostel rooms because that would mean more contact with the floor or beds (they weren't literally dirty, I just still wanted to keep the travelsheet "clean" for my own peace of mind.The pillow cover is incredibly handy, even though I didn't expect to use it.If you flip the travelsheet over, so you're looking at the exterior back side, you will see that the entire top part is a sort of large open pocket. You slide the pillow into this pocket,keeping the pillow only touching the interior of the pocket and the exterior back sheet. Nothing else besides you comes into contact with the interior sides of the sheets if you don't want it to, and when you're folding it up, fold it into itself so that the top side is "kissing" itself, which prevents the interior of the sheet to come in contact with the exterior of the sheet that you were trying to avoid touching in the first place.People have mentioned the difficulty getting it back into the little sack. I did too at first, but here is what you have to do:Lay it out flat, on a bed or on the floor and make sure it is its' rectangular shape. Fold it in half once the long way, like a hot dog bun. Smooth out large bumps or gathers of fabric, and fold it once more the long way. Then, start at the bottom slowly rolling it up, making sure to keep it pretty tight and straight (keep adjusting the sheet as it will not stay completely folded during this process), smoothing out the next part you are going to roll to get the air out. At the end, you will have a cylindrical shape that may seem too big for the sack, but it is not. I usually put it in between my knees so it doesn't unroll as I grab the sack, and work the rolled up sheet into the bag. And Voila!I haven't really used the velcro. It attaches to the top left corner (if looking down at it from above). I would prefer if it attached a little lower down, maybe shoulder height or a little above.
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I had one for years that I used throughout Asia (daily use in nearly 7 years on the road there). I had to resew seams a few times, and I added some velcro to keep it closed at the top. It definitely doesn't keep you warm (which was the point in SE Asia!). I like it because I felt like I always had clean sheets, and if I was in shared accommodations (staying with a family or in a hostel), I felt it provided some modesty that just sheets do not. On really hot nights, I could sleep nude without worrying that a sheet might fall off and leave me exposed in the middle of the night. It finally got lost with a suitcase and I replaced it with a mummy style trying to save a few ounces of travel weight.However, the mummy style wouldn't let me bend one knee (without bending both) and just felt tight and cramped, so I returned it and got this rectangle style one. The new one is much bulkier than the old one, but maybe it just hasn't worn down enough with so much use. It's about the size of a rolled up sweatshirt.
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Just bought this for a backpacking trip to Italy. I did HOURS of research trying to find a reasonably priced travel sheet and ultimately settled on this one, and I'm happy with it. As another reviewer noted, it's not a super tightly woven Egyptian cotton--I wouldn't go so far as to say it's like "cheesecloth", but it's a slightly wider weave than your traditional sheets. This didn't bother me though, and the sheets washed up really nice and soft after the first wash. I liked that there is an opening about halfway down, because I feel claustrophobic and trapped in the travel sheets that only open from the top. GOOD decision on my part. I also got the larger size,because I sleep on my side in the fetal position and wanted plenty of room for my legs/knees. I am a 5'7" and 140 pound female and there is **PLENTY** of room. I couldn't be happier. The sheet rolls up and squeezes back into the original little carry bag, and is much lighter than I expected. A-OK for backpacking.
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I ordered this cocoon sheet because I often don't feel comfortable with the cleanliness of the linens in motels, specifically the blankets and bedspreads.This cocoon sheet helps me sleep more peacefully knowing I'm not always touching something that who-knows-who touched before and did who-knows-what! Theonly place I did felt uncomfortable with was where my arms touched, so it might be better to have it a little wider for that reason (I'm an average sizedtho short person). This would not work well for anyone who is stiff & finds it hard to move your legs to get out of it.Also, the fabric isn't the softest but I went a lower priced product to try it out. It will never squeeze back into the little fabricbag it comes in,but it folds down small enough to easily pack in your luggage and you can use the bag to hold jewelry, etc. Overall, I am pleased withthis product.
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We were looking for a couchette sheet set for our daybed that could unfold and be ready to slide into at night without having to make up. This is what we found. The fabric is a little thin, and stitching maybe needs some thread adjustment, but is well made and overall I think this is a great product and well engineered for a backpacker. It comes in a cinched roll w lots of options to hang the package from an overstuffed pack. It packs down small and compact. It's roomy inside provided you don't expect to separate your legs too much, and has a wide flap to shimmy in and Velcro close. There's a fold over flap to slip a pillow under, this part could use a rethink...This item could be 5 stars if it had a better quality fabric. It's really quite well designed. I would love to see this in bamboo, and would happily pay a bit more! I do recommend it!! Excellent price.
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I purchased this to travel to India, where the quality/availability of sheets was questionable in some hostels. I now bring it on every trip with me, as it rolls up very small, and it's nice to have something familiar to sleep with. I even use this for camping in colder weather as a sleeping bag liner for extra warmth.I'm a side sleeper and its wide enough for me to sleep like a flamingo (one leg up) if needed. I purchased the 86 x 35 in size in Nile. I love the color and it's colorful enough for me to remember to grab as I'm packing my things.As for the price, it's a little more than a king size flat sheet - which is what it basically is with some seams sewn into it. If you have the skills and an extra flat sheet,you can replicate this at home. If you don't, it's worth the cost.
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I bought this for my backpacking trip through Europe last year and it got me through the adventure in one piece. Staying in hostels can be quite a worrisome thought if one isn't prepared. Some of the hostels I stayed at supplied us with relatively clean looking rooms and beds, but others were just atrocious. I used this travel sheet on every bed I slept on including the ones that looked fine. It was better to be safe than sorry when travelling abroad.Aside from being on the thin side, there wasn't anything I'd complain about. There is a small slot for you to hook it over a pillow and it acts as a thin sleeping bag that is easily folded for storage in your bag.I recommend this for anyone staying at hostels or older rooms.
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Before using it I ran Cactus Blue sheet through the washer/dyer with no trouble. Came out soft and comfortable. Fits perfectly in my XL sleeping bag. Slept in it for four nights without it ever becoming tangled or wrapped up in it. The long opening made it very easy to get in and out of and the velcro closure stayed closed all night. The pillow pocket keep the smallish inflatable camping pillow in place all night! Plus the cotton felt nicer than the pillows' covering.The only "cons" are the velcro patches are small and the same color as the sheet so finding the one on the bottom can be a little difficult in the dark or in low lighting.And the color muted slightly after washing in warm water.
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I ordered the giant size (94-inch) and it was very roomy and comfortable. I used this a few times during my trip abroad. One place I stayed (a BnB) did not have clean sheets -- and this was the perfect solution. Made me feel clean and fresh. Backpackers: My only complaint -- it that it is heavy. If you are traveling super light, be prepared for something that takes a lot of space and weight. I had a resentment every time I packed because I kept looking at how much space it took up in my pack. If you stay in BnB and hostels -- probably perfect for you. It you stay in hotels -- maybe not. ALSO -- I didn't think I would be able to fold it back up -- but I figured it out.


This sleep sack feels like taking my sheets from home along with me on a trip! I had ordered a silk sleep sack from another source, but my dog got to the package before I did - so I had silk sheeting all over the yard. ? As I cleaned up the mess, I found I didn't like the texture or feel of the silk. So it was an expensive mistake. I ordered this cotton sack instead in an XL and am very happy with it. It washed up great and is ample for my 5'9", 220 lb frame to fit comfortably -- I like to sleep on my side with my knees up and sprawling. I am pairing this sleep sack to use with the Sansbug mosquito tent for a mission trip -- both are roomy and comfortable!


This bed cover was simple to use and was perfect for what I've needed it for. I've used this on two separate backpacking trips (Thai/Japan trip and London/Greece/Egypt trip) and it's worked great. It was small and easy to pack (perfect for backpacking where space is essential). It was also a simple design, so it was easy to figure out. I love how it's a "cocoon" and you slip in and don't have to touch any of the hotel (questionable) sheets. It's great that it has a pillow cover so you're not sleeping on any dirty pillows.Great purchase to give me that extra peace of mind (I'm a little germaphobic)


My husband has very sensitive skin and always comes home from business trips with skin problems from sleeping on the hotel sheets. This travel sheet worked like a dream for him. The only problem was that he managed to leave it behind on his very first trip! He had the natural, which was a light off-white and blended in a little too easily with the white hotel sheets, so this time I ordered a brighter color in hopes that it won't happen again. He is 6'3" and would have liked a slightly longer sheet (he had the 86"x35"), but found this to be adequate in terms of size, and excellent for his purpose.


I used it recently on a two week trip abroad. The cocoon is very light weight and comfortable. It is easy to get in and out of, and there is plenty of room to turn over in the cocoon. I sleep on an angle and did not feel constricted. Many of my travel mates were envious and wish they had a travel sheet with them. I will order at least one additional one for myself. I previously purchased two for my niece who travels frequently for work and was having difficulty sleeping on hotel sheets. The cocoon made the difference, allowing her to get a good night's sleep. I highly recommend the product.


I bought this for a stay in a Central American hostel. I bought the large size and the natural color.HIGHLIGHTS:- The fabric is great. Very sturdy without being rough.- It compresses down to a perfect size, even after you've taken apart the way that it was packaged by the manufacturer (I know sometimes that can be tough.) I throw it in an average size backpack and it takes up the room of about one sneaker. Ideal.- I love that there is a spot to insert a pillow. That saves me from having to carry a pillow around while still having a reasonable amount of peace of mind.I would recommend


I used this for a homestay in Nicaragua. Have stayed there before and never had one of these. I SUPER LIKED IT. It's cotton, unlike some of the others. In a high humidity environment I thought I would like this better and I did. It added only a small amount of heat, and I could easily stick one leg out for a little slightly cooler air. I didn't do this but I recommend washing first and putting in some of your favorite fabric softener so you have a little smell of home. It was just a comforting thing to have between me and the environment. Also many are bland colors, I like the blue color.
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