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I rode a 68-mile bike ride around the coast, a huge yearly event here in Corpus Christi (Conquer the Coast), and I packed fruit strips, peanuts, and these black cherry shot bloks. I tried gels before and nearly gagged swallowing them--yuk!! But these shot bloks are like chunky gummy bears, and chewing down 3 per hour (with water, of course) really does the trick for me, giving me a half-cup's worth of caffeine to give me that little extra energy to go the distance whatever comes.This year's ride brought with it a 30-45 mph wind, mountains of clouds, and sporadic rain which we managed to miss. We could not avoid the wind, and my legs were screaming as we rode up 3 bridges on the route, all against the wind, one right off the bat at mile 2! Yikes! But these shot bloks got me over and onward, and I always recommend these to anyone who asks. I am 56, and have been cycling for a year. Really! That's it! However, I do want to encourage anyone wanting to try something adventurous: put in your time with training, or a distance like this could eat your lunch! I rode twice a week and a long ride on a weekend day, for about 3 months in prep. Start where you can, riding with local bike groups till you get used to cycling, signals, warnings, etc., and increase your distance, with a rest day in between. And make sure you stay hydrated at all times, riding or not. I got my distance to 50-mile long-distance rides for 3 weekends in a row, and kept my two other days a week to 25 miles each, just concentrating on position, drinking on the go, eating on the go, and learning to ride down in the drops against the wind. Without these shot bloks, I think it would have been a little big of a drag. Buy one package to try it out, and then come back and buy a box when you see how great they work! If you want to try different flavors, remember that they don't all contain caffeine, and one or two only have half the amount compared to the black cherry. Enjoy life, and take the black cherry shot bloks along! :o)
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I've used both thesee Clif Bloks and the Gatorade Energy Chews. They both give me a nice boost when I'm out on my 3-hour bike rides. I could honestly care less about the flavor, but both of these taste pretty good. There is a big difference between texture. The Clif Blok is smooth like most gummies, but the Gatorade chew is a bit gritty. You can feel the sugar granules, so it gives it a texture like you're eating something with a bit of sand in it. I'm not super picky, so this wouldn't stop me from buying them again.What would stop me from buying them again is how sticky the Gatorade Chews get, even in cool weather. The main reason I buy energy cubes like these are so I can pull them out of my pocket during a long ride and get a little energy boost without having to stop. The Clif Bloks slide out easily. I can pull the package out of my pocket and squeeze an individual cube up and out of the wrapper, even if it's the last cube in the bottom of the package. Even after it's been sitting in my pocket for 2 hours in the 90-degree heat. Now this is where the Gatorade Energy Chews fail in my opinion. I can usually get the first Energy chew out fairly easily, but after that they're a real pain. They get extremely sticky, even when it's not that hot out. This makes them extremely difficult to get out of the package without using two hands. The Clif Bloks can easily be squeezed out of the wrapper, even after 3 hours of riding in the heat, but the Gatorade Energy Chews get sticky after sitting in my pocket for just a matter of minutes, even in cool weather. On a side note, I also snip the ends of the wrappers off using scissors before I leave for a ride, just to make it a bit easier.
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They taste good, deliver caffeine, and give you some energy.The bloks themselves have an odd semi-gummy consistency. It's basically a very firm gummy. If you were to try to squish a blok, it would bend a bit, then softly break into two pieces. Hard to describe. I like it, but not everyone will.My biggest gripe is with how each package opens. I'm not sure why Clif thinks their packaging is good -- it's pretty obviously awful.The plastic usually does not tear cleanly. Instead,it will just stretches to the point that the ink in the plastic starts to rub off on you. Eventually you'll strecth a part of it thin enough that it will tear, in which case you need to hope the tear will travel in a direction conducive to creating a hole large enough for the bloks to come out. Sometimes you win, sometimes you lose. If you lose, you need to pry the hole open with your finger.In either case, you're left with a flap of inky plastic hanging over where the hole is, and it'll be up in your face when you try to squeeze a blok out into your mouth. It's really just annoying and stupid.I eat these at the climbing gym with chalky hands, and it's very difficult to open and/or plop one into your mouth without getting some chalk on it, because the whole process is way too involved for what it is.I don't know why they just don't let it open like a bag of potato chips -- where you just pull it apart and leave a hole in the top of the package. Seems very obvious to me.
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I have a pretty high caffeine tolerance, and drink a pitcher of coffee a day. When I'm out in a park or the beach for the day I don't have any coffee with me, so I started bringing some of the Bloks out with me. When I'm running around for 5-8 hours playing frisbee and not eating - my energy can start flagging, when I need a boost, I take 2 bloks and within 15 minutes I'm revved up - I feel like they give a much smoother energy boost than when I was taking caffeine pills with my water (which has sometimes given me jitters along with the energy),somehow the extra sugar energy that goes with them gives a more balanced boost from both the sugar and the caffeine together, the Clif Bloks have never given me that edgy jittery feeling even when I've taken too much (6 at once! not recommended!) and on top of that, the taste and texture is just plain scrumptious. They taste like great gummy candy. I'd tried caffeinated gum and mints also in the past and they tend to range from gross to disgusting to intolerable. Somehow Clif Bloks made caffeine supplements that taste fantastic and work fantastic as well.
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Here is the story of how these saved my grandpa's and my lives.... okay, not LIVES... but from a serious amount of pain and agony!We were hiking steeply uphill, gear and water on our backs, through forests of poison oak. The blazing heat felt like it was evaporating all of the life from our bodies. We were falling far behind the rest of the group. The leader of our caving group handed us each one of these and said it would help us get back some of the electrolytes we burned and give us a mini caffeine boost.After awhile, my grandpa and I were trekking up the mountain again. My grandpa said that these "magic energy cubes" (as we call them) "saved his life" once before, when he "pooped out in a cave" during a past caving expedition.Other comments: They taste good. The serving size is 3 cubes, and the amount of caffeine in 1 serving is 50mg (so not more than a cup of coffee). I only eat 1 cube at a time.
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I'm a runner and this was my first time purchasing any kind of blok/gel/snack to eat during a run. I only knew about this product because I did a 10K and they were giving away free samples at the end (and the samples were black cherry flavor too). I loved them, and so when it came time to finally buy something I could eat during long runs, I bought these. I really like them! A lot. They taste great – sweet, but not too sweet – and I definitely know they're working. In fact, the first time I tried these on a run,I had two at about mile 7, and then 20 minutes later I had this huge surge of energy and was able to barrel up a hill.The packaging recommends having 6 an hour but I've always just had 3 or maybe 4 an hour and been fine with that. Also, I think you're supposed to drink water with these but I hate carrying water on runs so I never do, but I'm always fine.
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I use the Cliff Shot bloks black cherry for my endurance cycling. These supplements deliver a good steady energy flow with no stomach issues. I also mix in Cliff Shot gels (espresso flavor). I think the gels give a much quicker energy boost (say if you're bonking up a long climb), but, I find that if I use too many of the gels, that my stomach will start getting that queasy feeling (not good on long rides). So, I use the shot bloks for my main energy source and use the gels sparingly when I need that extra boost.Works well for metric/full century rides. I also give these to my 10 year old son before football games/practice. Not sure if it is more psychological for him, but it seems to give him a positive energy boost on those days he's feeling a little sluggish after school.
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I really like the taste of these, they're very sweet but with a lot of flavour and not sickly. They give me the energy I need for long runs without being difficult to digest, I find eating 'real' food really difficult and painful on a run.The blocks are fairly big though, I prefer to eat several small bites rather than fewer big ones. I don't find them that easy to carry and it's impossible to reseal the packet well if you've only eaten half.If you're sick of jellybabies these are probably a good option.But compared to this, jellybabies are way cheaper, small, and you can easily stick the amount you need in a pouch that's easy to carry and pick them out of!
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I bought these Clif BLOKS for my son who is a college athlete. His schedule is intense. He found these to be helpful, and they gave him a boost in the middle of the day. I tried one, and the taste was good. By the time I was going to try another, they were all gone! The only negative I have for this product is that it was soft and squishy when it arrived - I mean really soft (it was summer hot at the time). I ended up putting it in the fridge to firm it up a bit. Thought it could sit out after that,but it was soft again. Finally it seemed to stabilize. For a quick pick me up, this is a good option, particularly for those who have an intense workout schedule.
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I love these. They taste great ( think small bites of a dark cherry jello) and really do the job of giving you added alertness and energy. I have these at work regularly, and I notice more pep in my routine when I've had a few! They are low cal and low sugar, so there is no guilt in adding these to a routine. I am telling all my friends about these. They fit into your purse, pocket, or lunch bag with ease. No crash after the caffeine wears off either. Really good and amazing.The big box has lasted me a while and I will be back for more! A great product...not just for athletes! Anyone who needs caffeine will like these as a quick pick me up supplement.
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