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Seems to work well, although I haven't used it much - just a quick test. The manual says it's good for indoor use so long as there's ventilation, which is useful.The gas cylinders for this cooker are here: Bright Spark BS3656 Catering Gas Cartridge 220 g, Pack of 4There's also a toaster accessory for it: Bright Spark ToasterNo batteries or matches needed, it sparks when you turn the hob on. (May take a few tries to ignite).The cooker comes with a plastic carry case. The pan support can be turned upside-down and slots into the cooker, so the top is flat; this makes the cooker smaller so it fits in the case. The toaster accessory will also fit in the case with the cooker.You're supposed to take the gas cylinder out for storage, and they will NOT fit in the case - you have to store them separately.Two hints on getting started with this cooker:1) You have to make sure the top plate of the hob is fitted correctly, don't leave it in the upside-down storage position, or you can't even fit the gas cylinder.2) You have to make sure the gas cylinder is the right way up. Around the outlet of the gas cylinder there's a metal ring with a cut in it, and that cut has to be at the top, lined up with a little lever on the gas hob. If it's not lined up then that lever won't go down, so the gas won't come out, so the cooker won't work. Once you know about this it's easy to put the cylinders in correctly, there's even a "this way up" marker on the gas cylinder to help you. It's just frustrating if you don't know the trick! To be fair, this is documented in the manual if you read it carefully.
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The recommended cylinders for this cooker are not that easy to come by for some reason. You might be able to get the actual cooker the very next day, but you might find that it will take you much longer to get the actual gas. The maker's website rubbish: the telephone number won't taker messages and email queries bounce back, so you'll be forced to find third party suppliers. So don't buy this cooker as a last minute thing. It'll probably take you a while to get the vital last element - the gas!


This is far superior than the cheaper ones. The last time I bought a cheap one and it was very dangerous it must have leaked by the canister and burst into flames! This one does not make “whoof” noises when lit and turned off. Far safer so do yourself a favour spend that little bit more on this one and you will agree


It's a great piece of kitchen equipment if you need gas to cook certain types of cuisines. This product is essentially one for outdoor use so I found it surprising that it did not come with a wind protection shield! Anyway, since I intend to use it indoors it doesn't matter to me.


I bought this product as a 'stand by' in case of power cuts during the coming winter. Fortunately I have not had reason to use it so far. I did test it and it boiled a kettle fairly quickly, so I'm reassured that should the lights go out, I'll still be able to have a cup of tea.


I use it on my small sailing cruiser & being concerned about butane escaping into the bilges settled on this. The cartridge automatically seals when removed & the flame failure device also ensures no leakage. Excellent product


Seems to work well, although I haven't used it much - just a quick test. The manual says it's good for indoor use so long as there's ventilation, which is useful.The gas cylinders for this cooker are here:


Had one for years and it still works, bought another one just because !Can be used indoors in a ventilated room, ideal in a power cut to make a much needed drink .


Very pleased with this little stove. We have been using it for tea breaks down in the garden whilst gardening. It's been great!


Easy to use...works perfect. Just remember to remove gas container when done...not a problem...highly recommend!!!!


Very well packaged, and now i use it for cooking my claypotwares. Very satisfied with it, ts so easy and practical.


Just as advertised. Really good flame and easy to set up and use. Really quite happy with this purchase.


Tested and working. Just what I wanted to supplement my existing double burner.


Sadly when mine item came the case had a big chip out the corner ?


Couldn’t get a better single burner, so so pleased. Buy buy buy!!!
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