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This stayed up for five days at the larmer tree festival. Everything it was hoped to be and good value. But the fishing chair that i bought at the same time lasted one hour before a sharp sheared metal tube snapped and missed tearing my elbow/upper arm by a whisker. I weigh ten and a half stone and was sitting still and upright when the brand new chair snapped to the astonishment of my freinds. Lucky i am slim an not heavy because if i was wider it could have been much more serious.


i used this air bed for ten days, and although it did inevitably need to be pumped up a little more on occasion, out of everyone (there was a group of 8 of us camping) i had the bed that deflated least, only needing a little more air every few days. i'd highly recommend an electric pump, the bed seems to be compatible with any usual pump, and then you can't go wrong. money well spent.


Bought this product a little apprehensively as I had read about stories of airbeds going down.None of that happened and all was ok... I did find that the first night I used it I kept rolling off it, however after blowing up a little harder this did not re-occur so it was obviously my fault to begin with.Not bad for the price I paid.....


I bought this for my adult son when he comes to stay.He found it hard and difficult to stay on as he rolled off when turning over. He said it was like sleeping on a lie low.When he uses it again, we will try putting less air in it so its not as hard and see if that is any more comfortable.


When filled properly is sufficiently comfortable; the quality is standard and works perfectly well. So far only young and light persons have used it. Haven't tried with heavier adults but I am confident it would be ok for them as well. Is single sized so it doesn't take much space.


This air bed is good. I was worried about punctures but i used it for 7 days and it was fine and stayed inflated. I did top up the air a few times over the week but it kept airtight quite well and was comfortable. The width isn't very wide but this wasn't a problem for me.


Was very pleased with the speedy delivery on this item.My only criticism is that the stopper is located on the side of the item - I managed to "unstop" in my sleep which I feel would not have occured if the stopper was on the short side.


Was pleasantly surprised when I woke up after a night on this that I wasn't laying on the ground, this one unlike many others I've used doesn't seem to leak air and was just as strong as when I pumped it up the night before.


For the price you can't grumble ... I read the reviews (after I purchased) so was worried that it was going to go flat on me when it arrived. However, my 11 year old niece slept on it and it stayed fully inflated all night


Bought for my partners kids to stay over, came in good time and was apparently comfy only had to top up once in the fortnight good quality for the price, now how to pack back in box for storing?!?


Perfect for our 4 year old. Not yet used overnight but have inflated to test and seems fine. Ok size for an adult as long as they aren't prone to thrashing around in their sleep too much!


i have been using this product for a few months now and i have had many friends sleeping over and using this product. It does not leak and very comfy! Would recommend this to others.


Was better than i could have imagined. Had a great time at the festival and after a long day was fantastic to come back to the tent to this comfortable air bed.


A really well constructed air bed, fits my requirements completely. Folds away into a neat size too.Would have no hesitation in recommending this product


Inflated this bed up right away and a few days later it is still fully inflated. Not used it or put weight on it yet, but very pleased with this bed.
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