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Not really a foot pump… What they've done is put the sponge in a special cavity in the corner of this. In order to inflate it I had to get down on my hands and knees, make sure that there was a airtight connection between the bottom of the tent in the bottom of the air bed, and then massaged the sponge up and down, lifting it off the bottom of the tent to allow air into the inflation cavity, and then pushing down hard to create the seal on the bottom of the air bed with the bottom of the tent in order to push the air out of the cavity into the air bed. Basically it did work but it required a fair amount of umphh.Once inflated it kept it's pressure and did the job.


This comes with no instructions - so we took a good 30 mins figuring it out. Once you know it's quite straightforward - all you need to do is remove the small pump cap and the silicon plug, then create a seal over the pump hole and begin pumping. 10 mins later the airbed is inflated!


Very comfortable it’s a good mattress once pumped up even though it’s a foot pump it does need a head start with an actual air pump or else you’d be there all day trying to pump it up. Other then that great quality, great comfort and a great quick buy


Great value for money item.Well tested over the xmas period and comfy everytime.Totally able to recommend to anyone buying this product.It inflates quicker with an electricpump if you have one but otherwise it is a good item.


Bought urgently just before xmas and was perfect. Would take along time to pump up manually but with an electric pump inflated in a few minutes. It didn't go down the whole night, very comfortable and at a great price.


Bought this when had guests staying over at Xmas. Cheaper than buying beds .Easy to inflate with foot pump and comfy to sleep on very good for price


The mattress is very good but using the internal pump is not as simple as one would hope, Overall though a very good purchase.


This is fantastic it's takes a while to pump if you don't have a electric one but tough big and comfy great buy worth it.


Decent inflateable mattress. Pumps up well and holds the air in for at least a couple of nights.


it did go down a bit overnight but was still comfortable and i wasn't on the ground


Didn't take so long to inflate once I got the technique. Comfortable too!


Still using now. Comfy and been a great use when staying round mates.


Came just in time my daughter slept well on it.


Brilliant value for money, good quality.


easy to use and a comfortable night
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