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As someone who is slightly larger than your average (I so wanted to put bear in there but then realised a lot of people wouldn't have a clue what I was on about) person, I was glad when I found a chair that took a little extra weight, but not convinced it would really be comfortable or rugged. Gladly I was proved wrong. I had read it was quite heavy, but haven't found it to be myself, and it happily slings over my shoulder for me to carry without any issues at all. It's easy to open up and fold away again and when sitting on it, not only is it comfortable, it also feels sturdy enough not to worry about it breaking. I've used it most weekends this summer,it's been dragged backwards and forwards all over the place and still looks as good as new. It dries quickly when wet, and I love the positioning of the drinks holder - it's there if you want it, but can be tucked away if you don't.
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These are great camping chairs. They are very comfortable and a doddle to put up and fold away. The construction feels very sturdy and well made; these chairs feel like they are built to last. The carrying bag is well made and roomy so you can get the chair in and out in seconds.As to the weight; you wouldn't want to ascend Everest with this chair as it's over 4kg but with the carrying bag having a generous handle I'd happily carry two of these over my shoulder with a rucksack for a reasonable distance (a mile or two). They really aren't heavy at all considering their size and construction and most people drive to their camping location anyway.Finally, they have a high back so they really are good for tall,wide, heavy people (like me).
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So far, so good! I'm only 5ft 6in tall but rather broad in the beam and sick of squeezing into tiny plastic chairs, so thought I'd give this a go after reading good reviews. It arrived this morning and I'm still sitting in it in my lounge! Very comfy, perfect floor to knee height for me, very solid construction and I feel confident to relax in it as I know it's built to hold even heavier people than me! Someone said there was no cup holder, but there is - it swings out from under right front of seat. Solid arms to lean on too. I know it's early days yet, but I am extremely pleased with this purchase and the very fast Prime delivery. I'm sure I will enjoy being outdoors more now I am guaranteed somewhere comfortable to sit!:)
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I only received the chairs this evening but my initial impressions are very positive. Within seconds the chair is out of the bag and unfolded for use. I tried the chair out and found it to be comfortable. The build quality seems very good and it handled my weight with ease (I'm not small). Folding the chair up and packing it away took only marginally longer than unpacking. I am very pleased so far and the cost is very affordable.I'm looking forward to finishing my van and taking the chair out for a proper test in the wilds.


Excellent! I'm 6'4" and 20 stone and I wanted a chair that I felt comfortable sat in for long periods with the fear that it would slowly buckle underneath me and this chair delivers exactly that! I ordered a couple of different chairs to compare and this was head and shoulders above the other. I'm so impressed with this chair that I sent the other back and replaced it with another of these. Now after using it for a few days we have decided not to buy posh patio furniture but to buy more of these for our garden!


We've bought several of these chairs over the years and replace with the same when one finally dies (material rips or frame splits). So why five stars if they brake? We don't look after them and leave them out in all weathers yet they still last 3-4 years which for the price is excellent. Compared to many other similar style camping chairs, they're also comfortable, cope with 95kg and over 6ft of me and are also generously wide, something which doesn't apply to a lot of other chairs.


I bought two of these for our first camping trip of this summer. The chairs are very sturdy and really comfortable. There is a can holder which swings out from under the right hand side of the chair. The metal legs are strong and I can see these chairs lasting us a long time. The only downer of something this well built is that it is unfortunately heavier than many other chairs I have had in the past. But if you have a vehicle with you then it won't be a problem anyway!


Very comfortable chairs, sturdier than your average camping chair, and the back is nice and high so supportive for taller users, they also have a nice wide seat, so my sons can sit on my knee In comfort.I prefer the solid arms to the fabric sling type and they feel robust like they will last.A bit more expensive that your average camp chair..but then you get what you pay for, and if they last and they are comfortable then money well spent. Would Definitely recommend.


I needed a chair for the beach in a hurry after an unexpected invitation, as due to mobility issues, I wouldn't be able to lie on the beach. Also as a larger lady, I needed something sturdy. I sat in this chair all day and was perfectly comfortable and at ease knowing it would hold my weight. The case made it easy to carry and even with my wrist in a plaster cast I managed to open and close it and put back in case with minimal effort. The price was good too. Love it!


These were ideal this Christmas. Chosen because many reviews said they were wide and comfortable we hoped they world be. The reviews were right. These garden chairs have plenty of space, are comfortable and do not cut into the back of your thighs as some chairs do. They haven't been used on the garden yet, instead they were used indoors as extra seating over Christmas. With a throw and a couple of cushions, these chairs look as good in the lounge as on the grass.


Substantial chair - much better than the ones with 'swan-neck' arms and comfortable for the time I have used it - which is not that much, just yet.Yes, it is a little heavier than the lightweight ones, but I'll take that for comfort and longevity. The back seems to be very supportive and I think this will be welcome for a long stint at the Le Mans 24hr race.The swing out cup-holder is a novel thing, time will see if it's a major benefit.Overall, very pleased


It little heavier than some chairs I checked out, but it's higher off the ground and take much more weight..I'm a lady on the heavier side, 17st and have to say this chair can't be faulted its so comfortable better than my sofa..It has a cover and carrying strap, would be great if it was made with wheels Like a trolley, but I just placed it in my ruck sack which has wheels and a handle for easier travelling..But worth every penny...


I used this for an air show first, the day after it arrived, I found it to be very light weight and comfortable for the best part of a day. Just a short while after it was used for camping for four days. It was very comfortable and felt very stable for the whole time we were away and I'm no light weight, much bigger than the average person. Over all I was very happy with it's performance and great value for money.


This is my second chair I'm 6 foot 15 stone and it's comfortable to sit in. Had no problems until a guest gent of 22 stone used it with no problems just sitting in the chair until he decided to look over his shoulder leaning on the arm and two of the sliding brackets split open.I still gave it 5 stars because its a folding chair not meant for 22 stone of lard giving it unnatural stress


I bought this purposely for my kids' rugby tournament. I had to carry two once in the rain and walked quite a distance from the pitch to car park, they werent too heavy and very easy to unfold and use. It could take my weight and my son's weight as sometimes they like to snuggle up between the games esp. in the rain and cold. i would highly recommend this chair!
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