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Had this phone a couple of months now, quick summary awesome phone with very few faults !I'm coming from the OnePlus 6t so there will be a fair few comparisons against that, which I think is fair with them been very similar in both their price range, spec and target audience.I bought this from Amazon, you may be able to buy from somewhere else slightly cheaper. But like having Amazon to fall back on (Note: There are actually 2 ‘Global versions’ of this phone. The one from Amazon is the EEA version (European economic area)The ones from eglobal and AliExpress are likely to be the 'standard’ global. There is very little difference in the two as far as I can tell. One thing I do know is that the EEA version must comply with EU regs so you won't be getting any baked in system adverts…..Positives-The screen on this is fantastic. It's 'only’ a 1080 screen, but it's more than enough. Nice colours and does a really good job in bright sunlight. I always have automatic brightness set to on, my old Mi 5 was very 'jerky’ when adjusting brightness, with this mi 9 it's very smooth and you hardly notice it changing. If your not a fan of the default colours you can play around with saturation, and so on.-Build quality / form factor. Again brilliant. It's basically all glass, but feels very sturdy and premium. I'm so glad that Xiaomi hasn't gone down the horrible curved screen setup like Huawei have with their P30 pro.Coming from the 6T it's slightly thinner and slightly lighter. Only by 12g but it certainly seems to make a difference.A few reviews I have seen commented on the camera bump. But what do you expect. I just recommend getting a decent case that has a lip to protect the camera. (See Pictures)-Charging, this was something I was a bit apprehensive about coming from dash charge. There was no need!, I bought a QC3 Ravpower charger from Amazon for £8.99 and it powers through. Just did a quick test and got from 5% to 55% in half a hour. Would be even quicker with a 28w Charger-Speed. Damn this thing is fast, again coming from oneplus which has such a focus on speed I half expected a slight drop in fluidity, if anything it’s even snappier (And this is without changing any of the transitions effects which would make it even quicker). I’m not a gamer so can’t really comment on that, but day to say stuff (Opening maps playing music, taking pics) it hasn't slowed down once.-Finger print scanner. Underscreen so never going to be as good as the ‘standard’ ones. I would say definitely quicker than the under display one on the Oneplus 6T. I have however put a glass screen protector on which has slowed it down somewhat, but still very quick and reliable, you also have face unlock which is very fast (Probs sames as the oneplus, and like the oneplus probs not that secure as it just uses the camera)- Camera, Very Very good. Better quality and more options than oneplus, before this I also had the p20 Pro, which as you will know was a very good camera, but I found the Ai mode to be too aggressive, (Would way over saturate and sharpen images) the mi 9 has an Ai mode which works well and isn’t as ott as the p20, (The camera app is also much nicer than the p20, its V similar to Oxygen OS but with more features). It has night mode which is ‘ok’ Gcam works really well, and there is a good active community for it already (Xtreme and Marian two people involved in Gcam dev both have the mi 9 so that's a plus)-Software….. If im been totally honest with myself I still prefer Oxygen OS. However it’s a lot closer than expected, MIUI has matured a lot over the years, it nice to have one handed mode back (Why oneplus refuse to add this I never know!!), plus other features like always on display, a better recents view, and more customisation.With it been miui there are of course a few annoyances……...-Pre installed apps / unnecessary system apps, some can be removed, others just have to be tucked in a corner.-Default apps, initially it likes to push you towards using the system apps, like the built in browser rather than chrome, it’s pretty easy to ‘fix’ but for first time users they may not know they can change-on the home screen you can swipe down on notifications to expand them, however if you have something else open you can’t. You can click on them to open. But can’t swipe down to expand (Very minor) just something i’m used to with OP-There is a bug where notification icons disappear from the top nav bar, this is fixed in a beta and will be in stable soon.-Smart Unlock / trusted devices does not work with non Xiaomi devices. For example on my OP6T it would auto unlock when connected to my cars bluetooth. However Xiaomi block this, so I can no longer say ‘ok google navigate home’ unless my device is locked. Not a deal breaker but it was handy.In summary an excellent phone for around £400 to say that the samsung Galaxy s10 is double the price with a worse processor (If you don’t get the Snapdragon one) is pretty shocking.Think that covers most points but if anyone has any questions feel free to ask.
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Had this for just a few days but so far I am blown away by it. It is is so fast, great screen, great control. The Xiaomi interface is good. I am told some phones have lots of bloatware but mine is a global version and I've seen nothing so far.It feels nice to hold, comes with a transparent phone case which fits nicely, an adapter to fit wired headphones into the USB C port and a USB C cable and plug.Its the best phone I've ever had or seen. And I've had a few good ones.I have avoided Chinese phones so far,but bought a cheap Xiaomi phone on holiday to keep me connected after I walked into the sea with mine. Although a little slow because it was a budget phone, I was very impressed with how it worked. I decided to take a chance and get a high end Xiaomi and I'm glad I did.This is a rival to anything out there. The camera is brilliant (48MP), tonnes of control or automation and it just keeps getting better as I discover more about this little beast.Very highly recommended.
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Product arrived ahead of time, via Royal Mail.In the box - Handset, UK plug and USB-C cable, USB-C to 3.5mm adapter, trans-black silicone case, and information regarding the phone / warranty.Only 24 hours in from upgrading from an S7edge, and already in love with this phone. Was worried the switch to MIUI would be drastic but it is very user friendly.As the stats prove, screen is fantastic, camera is amazing (very impressed with camera apps usability) and the phone is super quick at opening apps,responding to actions etc.A plus was how easy it was to move over all information from old phone. Simply pick option (From android, from iPhone or from Cloud) and it does it all wirelessly.Only downside so far would be the lack of a MicroSD slot. But 128gb internal and OTG USB-C to SD reader will hopefully be an easy way around needing mass storage.
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I've been using the phone for 3 days now and I am very impressed. I am a quite heavy user multitasking and flipping apps constantly and the phone response is phenomenal.So far the fingerprint is the only thing I can complain abut and it's not that bad but Xiaiomi could improve it for the next update.The interface is very intuitive so if you are coming from another Android phone or even iOS it won't take long to get used to it.The phone has a perfect weight to not be heavy but giving you the feeling of handleing a high-end device.The quality overall is fantastic. Camera and cam software are top class.I'd say there is little to no difference with other flagship phones that you might end up paying €300/400 more. Honestly, a regular user and even a very picky one would be very satisfied with the Xiaiomi MI 9.
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I've had this smartphone for almost a month now, and -I liked THE PRICE, because it has -1. Latest Snapdragon Android platform, so best performance and low battery use2. The BEST camera for taking videos (see DxOMark, the industry trusted site)!3. The OLED screen - the industry leader4. The latest Android operating system, Android Pie6. 62 Gb or 128 Gb storage7. 6 Gb memory for superfast processing8. The 6.39" screen - although the mobile is hardly any bigger than an old fashioned mobile witha 5.1" screen!....in short,the sort of specifications on smartphone twice the price! It's an absolute bargain!Btw, I have no connection with anyone inviolved with selling of manufacturing this phone.
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This is a nice phone, but.......it won't connect to a laptop. There are serious and extensively documented problems with the MiPC Suite that is supposed to resolve these issues, but doesn't. So if you want to transfer music or files, you can't do this via usb.Its a USB c-type phone, so older chargers wont work. On the other hand, it charges really quickly, and you can get a wireless charger too. All in all, a good phone with some limitations due to poor development support.


I have been an apple iPhone user since the beginning of time. I thought it was time to try an Android phone as apples quality has steadily been getting worse and worse. Bought this phone phone on a recommendation from a friend... and it's awesome. So much faster than the latest and greatest iPhone, charges super fast, camera is superb, I can't say enough good things about this phone.


I bought this phone as a Christmas present for my girlfriend to replace her ageing Huawei P9 ..this is a great upgrade although it doesn't have some of the high spec options like the Huawei or similar phones have....yet!The fingerprint scanner is pretty hit and miss sometimes but apart from that it's a great smartphone.Let's just hope it stands the test of time like her last phone.


So far i am loving the phone. Awesome camera, smooth operation and interface. Haven't tried the Xiaomi apps yet. Nice bright screen. Battery lasts a full day without needing a charge which is great. I'm normally a Sony fan having had the Z5 and Z3 Xperia and numerous Sonys prior to that but I can't fault this phone yet for the price I've paid.


The screen size and display specification meets my requirments. The sound capabilities are better than I expected. Very happy with the camera systems which was the motivation for choosing this product.The battery does not last as long as I was expecting. Needs to be improved upon.
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