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Last year I left a review on the mi9 which I gave 5 stars. so after having a go with the mi10 thought I would follow that one up (Since them I have owned a pixel 3xl oneplus 7t and Huawei p30. Nothing wrong with the mi9 just like trying new phones :D, so will use them as some comparisons)Thought I would break this out into a few bullet points with some comments.-Build quality maybe not people's first 'go to' in a world of 100+ megapixels and performance benchmarks , but think I have to comment on this first.The build quality is absolutely fantastic. It really does stand with the best, I have owned pretty much every main line if Xiaomi from the mi4, and always felt a bit 'buget' compared to the equivalent iPhone or Samsung. But not anymore. The glass 'sandwich' feels absolutely premium (same design as the mi pro too so nice to see they haven't cut corners on the 'standard' model) and the curved lines fit really well in the hand.-Display, a lovely OLED display with great peak brightness, copes absolutely fine outside in bright sunlight. Also has 90hz which is really smooth it's 'only' a fhd+ display, but honestly there is no need to go above this at these screen sizes. Your eyes won't notice and will just reduce battery life. Also has HDR10+ support so can get some really impressive video displays.-Camera, using a top of the line Samsung 108mp sensor with OIS (optical image stabilization so it helps keep images sharp if your not fully steady when taking a pic). It's able to take some great click and shoot shots. Occasionally it can be guilty of over saturating. (But most people seem to like this anyway) compared with the p30 7t and pixel 3xl if certainly goes toe to toe with them all and probably just eeks it out at the top.(The also included a 'macro lens' which is a bit of a trend at the moment, but tbh isn't the best). Certainly takes better shots than the wife's iPhone 11-Software. Hmmmmm I wish miui (the software Xiaomi uses) would just stop trying to be iOS. Miui has always had it quirks, thankfully it's nowhere near as bad as it used to be. Still not in oxygen OS league (oneplus version of Android). But it's much better and still adds really handy features like one handed mode.Tip: I would really recommend using a different launcher like nova to get more if a stock feel :), and proper app drawer.-Battery / charging. This comes with a whopping 4780mah battery (mi9 had 3300mah so a noticeable jump), So easily lasts a full day (check out battery tests on YouTube)Charging is lovely and quick something I really missed moving from my 7t to pixel which felt really slow!! Will get to 100% in around a hours time. Totally changed the way I charge my phone. No more leaving on all night!(Note; the huge battery does make it pretty weighty at 208g!!)Also has 30W wireless charging (never seen use for wireless chargin myself. But good to have the option)-Perfomance. I think that we are reaching a point now where this doesn't really need reviewing too much unless your a heavy gamer. This comes with the latest Snapdragon processor and 8gb ram. So absolutely flies through tasks. Switches apps in the blink of an eye and handles multi tasking like a breeze.Finally thoughts.Although the display is beautiful, I still don't like the trend of curved screens, ckntacnly worrying I would break it!Xiaomi is really showing itself as a premium phone manufacturer. Yes the price has jumped a lot from the MI5 days (and even the mi9) when you compare against the prices of other flagships (Samsung iPhone) and even 'flagship killer' brands like oneplus and oppo, it still represents good value. Unless your looking for a bump in camera specs. Don't really see why you would go for the pro model over this.Thanks :)
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I got this while it was down at £525, and to be honest I wouldn't pull the trigger at £700. But, having used it now for a couple weeks I don't know if you'd be wasting the extra money if you did. So let's see why.If you're familiar with Xiaomi you'll know they make great phones but things like speakers, vibrations and selfie quality varies from decent to poor. No longer. The vibrations are as clucky and precise as any device I've used, the speakers are very clear and well balanced,if a little quieter than anticipated but that may just be because they don't face you, and the selfie camera is fantastic.So the rest of the phone? Just as premium. I recently got updated to MIUI 12, and so I can no longer even say I dislike the software as it's absolutely beautiful and even has me no longer using Nova Launcher. The battery is EASILY a 24 hour off charge and 10 hours SOT. YouTube literally sips this even on mobile data. 5% used per hour, that's insane.The camera needs to be understood to get the best out of it. There's a very very narrow plane of focus, so usually for close ups I resort to the 2x crop in and stand further back (as seen in the cat pic) you still get the great bokeh effect naturally (I never use portrait mode now) but you retain the area you want sharp. The dynamic range is definitely admirable as it controls noise well and preserves good detail in direct sun. Low light is handled very well but I would say the night mode only really seems worth it to control highlights, as the extra detail in shadows isn't a whole lot, and sometimes there's this fluffy noise that creeps in.Really it's exactly what Xiaomi wanted. Sure the Pro would be nice in the UK, but certainly at this price, I have zero complaints. Even the macro sensor is pretty good if you actually know what macro lenses should be used for.Side note, charging is within 58 mins to 1 hr 10 depending if you leave the phone sat still or use it actively. And the case in the box is great, high quality, clear, grippy and provides a lip so to keep the camera lens off flat surfaces.If you see this below £600 buy it.
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The good-1. Latest Snapdragon 865 chipset ( this is much better than proprietary chipsets)2. Good screen. It's only FHD+, but this is enough for this size of 6.67" screen.3. Good, solid camera. This loses out on the full offering which is included in the Mi 10 pro, but this is still very good for everyday use, fir both day and night photos.4. Has good fast 30W wired and wireless charging. This is very much adequate.5. Good solid design. Looks good.The " not so" good-1. The screen has a punch-hole for the selfie camera.This interrupts the full screen experience ( but that's the case with most 2020 flagship phones)2. Slightly thicker in size than rivals.3. The MIUI overlay in Android is not the best, comes with bloatware.4. The after sales service in UK is not as robust of Samsung or Apple.Final words-This phone is a good all-rounder, no two words about it.Currently this comes bundled with a £100 Amazon gift card for £699 ( for both), which is a good package.Think of things like after sales service ( if you are worried about a breakdown) and re-sale value ( if you change your phone frequently) before buying.If these phones came with stock android, they would have been 5 stars!
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Got this for £525 before it dropped again to £475. So for £75 more than the Poco F2 you get a better screen, better speakers, more and faster RAM and I've enjoyed the phone as an upgrade from the Poco F1 after one week of use


Great phone, went from S20 plus and this is better in all aspects battery life by far.


I love this phone, it's fast and has great battery life. The cameras are amazing!


Very attractive deal plus been waiting for Mi 10 for UK market for a while now!


Like i expect.
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