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This is the Goldilocks of penknives - not too small to be useful, not too large to carry in the pocket, every tool on it is useful, and nothing important is missing. I bought my SAK Executive in the early 80's, and, except when legally prevented, e.g. travelling by air, I have carried it ever since.This is not because I have not tried others - I have a small heap of penknives and multi-tools, some now illegal to carry in public places because they have locking blades, some verging on being pieces of personal adornment,but nothing is as useful and unobtrusive as the SAK Executive. In a Darwinian sense it has won out against all the others. After nearly 30 years of constant use, it is still in good condition, and the only reason I have had for buying another is to give away as a present.
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In my opinion this is one of the most useful and practical knives ever made by Victorinox.It is compact and easy on the pocket; it has two sizes of blade; a very useful pair of (nail) scissors; a proper cross-cut nail file; tooth pick and tweezers; and an ORANGE PEELER!! Just how amazing is that!!!!I have had one of these on and off for thirty years - I keep loosing them!! For a while this model was not available so I had to put-up with a different one. Now I've found this one again,it's like an old friend has come home - it is just perfect. Even the orange peeler that I never use!!!!
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The best pocket knife for uk everyday carry full stop. It's uk legal too.I am a collector of pocket knives and have some very expensive examples but this one gets a lot of pocket time as its so useful for all those small daily cutting chores such as opening letters and parcels to slicing an apple. People don't run a mile when they see it.If you're looking for a knife for camping or survival this isn't the best model for you but if you want a small knife to take to the office,buy one you wont regret it.
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Wonderful things, these, endlessly useful. Wouldnt be without it. Tip: if it appears to have gone off on holiday on its own because you cant find it anywhere, try looking down the back of the sofa. That's where it was. Also taking a holiday down there in Sofaland was the Victorinix it was bought to replace. There must be a moral to this story. CHECK DOWN THE SOFA BEFORE YOU BUY ANYTHING. Apart from a new car. Obvs.


I have had a Victorinox Executive penknife on my keyring for 45 years - I use it every single day ... the plastic cover has at long last decided to break-up at one end so I acquired a new one, exactly the same as the old one as a replacement. It's a fabulous tool and I never go anywhere without it. Small enough to carry round with my keys but versatile enough to be useful for an infinite number of tasks.


It seems strange to praise one blade of a pen knife, but for me the orange peeler( I like oranges) distinguishes this penknife from others in that alongside the scissors tweezers and sharp blades it becomes a really useful item for use at the office during the working day. Not too big or so small I wouldn't be without it


I was going to buy this to replace my husband's lost one (he bought it 30 years ago and used it daily ever since). We were reading the reviews. Got to J Morrison's in 2015. We took his advice to look down the sofa. There it was! Much rejoicing. Sorry Amazon, not buying today after all. Thanks J Morrison. Amazing.


Possibly the most useful Victorinox I own for city EDC. Small enough to go on key chain but also big enough to be a stand alone EDC. Very useful tool, although not sure when I'll use the orange peeler but still a nice one to have. Great little pen knife!


Compact easy to use with good quality blades. Sprung scissors and proper nail file sold it for me and did not disappoint. Far from the cheapest on the market but quality is worth it in my opinion.


The ideal replacement for the identical pocket knife that I lost after years of never being without it in my pocket. A good ultra quick delivery added the icing to the cake.
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