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The rave reviews didn't disappoint. This mattress is really comfortable and feels like I'm sleeping on our rather expensive mattress at home. It was easy to unroll and self-inflate, and the pack away process was fine too. And it was obviously warmer to sleep on than our cheap inflatable mattress (about 20cm high). It is huge though. Almost as big as our massive tent. Our children commandeered it, recognizing quality for what it is over a normal inflatable, so we might be buying a second.It's pricey but worth it.
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This is a bit on the expensive side but if you like sleeping as much as I do then get this mattress! It doesn’t feel like you’re sleeping on an air bed or air mattress. The beauty of this mattress is you can adjust the firmness to your preference after it has self inflated by releasing air or blowing a little more air in manually which requires minimal effort. Rolling back up takes a bit of effort, just make sure you have the valves in the vents turned the right way round to assist.Easy 5 stars!
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So big, so comfortable. So self-inflating. No more pumps, no more waking up lying on the ground. No more wobbling about as you crawl to bed. This really does feel like sleeping on a proper (if very firm) home mattress. Only chink in its armour is that it is big and bulky even when fully deflated so this is only really for camping when you have good vehicle / wheel barrow access. Aside from that, perfect.


Best nights sleep while camping that I've had. When inflated it feels like memory foam.You need to top up with a few breath's then it's good to go.It is very large as camp mats go (about the size of a 4 man tent!) So it's definitely not for carrying any distance.Feels good quality. Wife loved it too.


It takes a lot to get close to my mattress and topper on my bed at home - but this product is fab!Used on 3 camping trips this summer - sleeping was a joy! Warm, cozy and none of the undesired movement as you climb on.Well worth the investment.


Just came back from 3 nights’ sleeping on this and my usually-achey back is completely fine. Best sleep camping I’ve ever had. Warm, easy to inflate and deflate. It’s big but worth the space - just leave something else at home or get a top box!


Superbly comfy camping mattress. Also ideal for guests or sleepovers. Love the square sides - it means you can use the whole width without falling off the side. Tricky to deflate unless you have a heavy person to kneel on it!


Totally recommend. This is so comfy and keeps you warm and snug. Getting it back in the bag is a 2 person job but still absolutely worth the effort for the comfortable sleep. Would buy again ?


Excellent product, very comfortable and as close to your own bed as you can get whilst out camping. Firmness can be varied simply by blowing in a little more air.


Fantastic, very comfortable and excellent insulation when camping. I paid £163, don’t pay any more than that.
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