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Very pleased with size of this set. I purchased another before this one, which was tiny and not adequate for a family. This one is much better. The large saucepan is an excellent, generous size as is the lid, which doubles as a practical and good sized frying pan. Perfect for a family of 4 or 5. Not too sure how it would be practicable for 8 people though, as it says on the box, but much better than the cooksets I have been seeing everywhere else and a very good offer price.I haven't actually used it yet for cooking, but it seems good quality, sturdy, looks durable, not 'tinny' at all and the handles, which fold down, are good quality.So far, very pleased.


So pleased with this set. I chose Vango as it's a known and trusted make but the main selling point of it was that the pans are big enough to cater for our family of 8. It's the first set I've come across with a really good size pan (great for boiling up some pasta or rice) as well as another good size pan and frying pan. The eight cups are small but are ideal for soup or similar.I would definitely recommend it. It was cheaper on here than in a big catalogue store beginning with A and the auction site beginning with E ;-).Sent quickly too!Thank you.


Good product, arrived on time and already used. My one issue with it is the frying pan which is too thin, so you probably want a separate frying pan for longer trips. The non-stick layer is coming off the saucepan already. This is not really a cooking set for hikers unless you just take one or two of the pans. Didn't use the cups, they look pretty useless but good for extras.


I bought these as an addition to a new full camping set up. They are very compact and are as stated a 1 person cook set. I think you could probably get away with using these if cooking for a pair also but not much more.They have been used several times and haven't marked and clean easily.Good quality just wish I had bought a larger set but that is not the product I bought.


Purchased for a ten day backpacking trip, this cooking kit is lightweight and versatile for the task in hand. Like all non-stick pans it probably won't last very long, but at the price it represents good value for money. Definately fit for purpose - it won't be going in a kitchen cupboard for daily use, but will stay with my camping kit for some time yet!


This kit is ok for a weekend camping trip but the frying pan could have done with being a little larger. It was designed to be compact, which it is but I would have preferred to have given up a little space in my rucksack for a slightly larger kit.


We bought this to take to the V Festival as we hadn't been camping in years. It did the job for heating up tinned food but I would not like to try serious cooking due to its thinness. Overall it was good for what we needed it for.


I got these to use with a little camping stove while my house is a building site, used them a fair few times and very happy with them. Not 100% sure how long the none stick will last but seems good for the moment.


Vary nice I like the way everything is in the bag so will not take up much room in car also it non stick will look nice on my camp cooker thank you


I bought these as my old camping set have had it, and they are spot on. Can cook everything I need to for all 4 of us and they pack away perfectly


The height of camping catering as far as I'm concerned. Great quality, packs down really well and almost good enough to use inside!


Everything I need to pretend I'm at home and cook almost anything I like. A great little cookset - and it really is non-stick!


Worked brilliantly on a camp stove feeding a family of four. Packs away neatly saving space. Washes well.


Havnt got round to using them yet but they look good, all fit into one with handy carry bag


Nice compact set, easy clean and just big enough to cook a bacon sarnie, so I'm happy
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