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This is a study inflatable sofa which fits me and my husband with ease as well as coping when the toddler bounces on it. I would give 5 star rating but our first one had a small hole in it, that said it was replaced with ease and the second one is great. Looks good in the corner of our tent and can be used outside in the garden too. It takes about 2 mins to blow up and comes with a repair patch. so far I have also been able to get it back in the box for storage too!


This is a really great, sturdy product. We bought this for a Christmas gift but decided to test it out before hand and it has stood the test of time. Our 2 kids have used this as a sofa for their playroom and haven’t been very gentle with it to say the least. However I’m pleased to say it is still very well inflated after 4 days. This was bought for camping, but after seeing how well it works in the house I think I will be buying another. Good job Vango!


This is an excellent product, after having read some bad reviews I was concerned but took the plunge and bought it. We either got lucky with this one as its been solid for three days with no additional pumping, or some people just don't use it with care, it is after all an inflatable without any super valves and I would expect it to go down gradually each day, but this has been brilliant. Well done Vango.


Good comfy seat, needs topping up with air every 2 days but doesn't go down as easy as expected, 3 kids can sit easily on it a bit cosy for two adults tho but still adds comfort to camping and surprisingly fits back in the box when packing up! Better than a cheap blow up seat, and fits well inside 4-5 man tents and the Coleman sun shelter for a bit of luxury in the great outdoors


I wanted to review these as some of the reviews were poor which almost put me off buying them.However my experience has been great. They look good, are easy to inflate and are a great price.Yes they need topping up every few days if you are using them heavily but that’s only a 30 seconds job.Great buy and wouldn’t hesitate to recommend.


Really comfortable, easy to inflate and pack up againI have however suffered the same deflating issues as reported by others. Nothing drastic but it does go down quite a bit over the course of a day even sitting there with no weight on it. Daily top ups are required


i am thrilled with purchase i bought 2 for when we go camping , the quality of material is eccellant easy to blow up and take down fitted back in the box no problem , we will use them as well for family parties , totally recommend vango sofa 10 out of 10 whoopee!


Wasnt sure about this one but decided to take a chance on it and it was worth it! Fantastic item, very comfortable, sturdy and drew a lot of admiring glances round the camp site. Even fitted in the porch of our tent which was a bonus. Would highly recommend


Bought this for my holiday to go in my tent was good, deflated a little each day but not much more than you would expect and easy to inflate only needing a few seconds of extra air to inflate back, found our air bed deflated more than this sofa did!


Seems solid and comfortable. Sadly the trim on mine (excess material where two pieces are heat sealed together) looks like it was chewed off by a small angry dog! It does not leave any dangerous edges but it does make it look a bit rubbish.


I thought I might regret buying this after reading some bad reviews, but so far it seems great! Blew up easily enough with an electric pump. Big enough for both men and my boyfriend. Bought this as a makeshift as we've just got a new flat.


Nice addition to the camping set up. Needs topped with air every other day. Could be the heat in the tent though. Kids love it. Covered with fleecy blankets to keep us all cosy. Easy cleaned when kids spill. Happy with sofa.


Really nice addition to our camping setup, but it does go down quite a lot quite quickly, hence just 4 stars. A quick pump up though and it's good to go again and lovely and comfy considering it's just a blow-up thing!


Pretty good. Its comfortable, stable and inflated quickly. Kids have been jumping on it and stood up to the rough treatment. Although, not sure it would take it constantly, so have asked them to stop. We'll see!


SuperbIt's Vango so the quality isn't in doubt!The look on friends faces when we pulled it out of awning for communal sit round was priceless. Funny how they gravitated towards it if a space was left free.
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