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Most self inflating camping mats are standard size and being a large person at 6' tall and 18 stone in weight I had yet to find a suitable mat that was large enough and comfortable. That was until now, this item is extra wide and long and is extremely comfortable to lie on. I thought 7.5cm thick might not be enough and considered the heavier 10cm one but this mat is more than comfy enough. I opened it up and left to fully inflate overnight, it was comfortable enough at that but I then put about 3 extra breaths in just to firm it up a bit more and that was more than enough. Tried out on living room floor overnight and had a great nights sleep. The valve was easy to operate both in inflate and deflate mode,it didn't go down overnight and I even put a few small items (non sharp) underneath to represent stones/uneven surface and didn't feel them. Not cheap at £55 but the price was worth it for a good nights sleep. I also purchased a Canyon Cruise extra wide 7.5cm mat for a side by side comparison, it was half the price and exactly the same size so had it been as good I would have returned the Vango one and kept the Canyon. You could feel the quality difference straight away and whilst having 2 valves instead of one like the Vango they were not non return valves so difficult to blow extra air in without then losing pressure while fiddling to screw the valves shut.I sent the Cruise mat back and kept the more expensive Vango one which felt firmer and had a better valve arrangement. Only improvement could be a lower price and I would have then given it 5 stars.Read full review...
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Brilliant product, one of my favourite camping purchases simply because of the humongous difference it makes to comfort and being able to sleep. Expensive but worth it. Two grande mattresses side by side is equivalent to a king size mattress which is ideal for two. I find the doubles far too small for me and my husband. We lay them together and then cover with a king size fitted sheet. Highly recommended.


After using canvas camp beds, foam mats and supermarket self inflating mats for years I bought one of these. Oh my god heaven! Bulky and heavy but if you don't need to carry it at all it's great. Would work well for guests stay over at home as well. Have used it several times now and seems durable.


Suitable for base camping but far to big to hike with; as a side sleeper I found it very comfortable, easy to inflate/deflate with the special valve. Camped in February with the scouts and found it insulated well. I wish I had invested in one ages ago!


Looks like the answer to a decent nights sleep u derived canvas, easy to inflate and deflate and not too bulky when packed. The grande is wider than most and that makes a big difference


Brilliant easy to inflate and deflate.Very comfy to sleep on.Good thickness and I got the wide one.A bit tricky to deflate but with patience went back in the bag.Not for backpacking


Bought 2 of these. They fit the width of the Rib 150cm wide rock an roll bed in my T5. The valve is good at helping to roll them up after use.


Confortable. I just wish it came with clear instructions on how to inflate and deflate.


Best camp mattress comfortable not to heavy
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