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For Vango Comfort 5 Single, 5 customer reviews collected from 2 e-commerce sites, and the average score is 3.8.

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Argos has 2 customer reviews and the average score is 3. Go to this seller.
Very has 3 customer reviews and the average score is 4.3. Go to this seller.

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Having used very many different products over the years in many weather conditions, I have to say that this is an incredibly comfortable and easy to use air mat. The value is by far the easiest I have ever used. So I can thoroughly recommend this product.


It’s so comfy you can put it on top when using and hide it under the cushions were not you don’t need to put air into it but you count the only drawback I see is where you blow the air it’s a big row and hard to get airing For me As I have asthma


The mattress is comfortable and I sleep very well on it.
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